Welcome to Bertie Bott Writes!

Hello Readers!

Welcome to my new WordPress page *cue celebration music*!

First off, I’d like to thank Kittyinaz for her help and advice as I’ve stumbled through setting this up. She’s got some amazing stories on her account and I highly encourage everyone to check them out!

As many know, ff.net went crazy and started pulling adult fics, and while my stories were not impacted, I’ve decided to post my writing here, free of censorship. So please, kick back, relax, and enjoy reading!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Bertie Bott Writes!”

  1. HI. SO I’ve noticed that Carpe Diem is up. (I have every intention of reading this btw 😉 ) But I wanted to ask when you would be updating Thirsty For Your Love. I really love it and it makes me super sad to see you haven’y updated in a while!! I have so many ideas and guesses on what’s going to happen in the next chapter. I know I should put this in the place where the story is located but I thought it would be unfair to you because you’d probably be looking forward to a real review!! -.-. Sorry! I could totally see Stefan showing up and messing up EVERYTHING! Not that I want that to happen, but I know tough things are ahead for my favorite couple. I’m hoping that they will pack up, get to Mystic Falls, and there be a house he bought and fixed up when he wanted to get away or something and get them set up then but her in jeans and a shirt with the leather jacket and have them be matching then let them head out to the Mystic Grill and let his brother and Elena and Caroline and all them be like WWWOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! what’s going on. And a jelouse Elena is always super fun. She’s all like, “No I love Stefan but I want Damon’s attention and…” it’s funny!! But please take no offence I really don’t mean to direct you or anything I’m always throwing ideas around like that! Please let me know if it’s offensive and I won’t do it anymore. I say thins because I know other authors have gotten mad at me and said some stuff so I’m sorry if I offend you!!! But please update soon! I wouldn’t write if I didn’t care and it’s such an awesome story!! 🙂 Best of luck getting your muse to let you write!! 🙂

    1. Lol – thanks for your comments! I’ve been trying to update at 2 weeks at the latest, but unfortunately I’m having some health problems that is pushing that back more into the 3 week area. I hope to update this weekend, but that’s not a promise, so please be patient 🙂 If I can’t update, I’ll likely post a teaser of some sort to hold you and others over. Thanks again for reading!

      1. Oh my gosh, well as wonderful news as that is, I hope you feel better. Please don’t stress or anything that just makes things worse!! Take your time please!! 🙂

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