Upcoming Attractions

Featured here are banners for stories in the making. Some are one-shots, others will be multi-chaptered. Some are in an outline/rough draft phase, others are just ones I have the vague concept for and need to flesh out some. I make no guarantees about when they will be published, and all titles and summaries are tentative and subject to change…

Still, I’m real curious about the ones you may be looking forward to the most so do drop a comment and let me know. I won’t promise that the most popular will be worked on first (the muse controls all, after all) but that is my goal so please do let me know!

Nocking Point
Nocking Point

Summary: Nocking Point (noun) – The point on a bow string over which an arrow nock is placed… Oliver arrives home from the Island, troubled but with new conviction and a plan for saving his city. Will the nurse treating him upon his arrival prove a distraction from his mission? Or will she perhaps serve as this Arrow’s nocking point and click him in place? A Bella/Oliver short multi-chaptered fic.


Oceans of Time

Summary: Loki knows that timing is everything… Having been alone for so long, rightfully alienated from both his birth and adopted people, Loki sets out in search of a companion but what he finds turns out to be far more valuable. A Bella/Loki one-shot. Banner credit The Darkest Falling Star.

Original Sin

Original Sin

Summary: Castiel’s blossoming humanity flourishes when he meets a girl saved from possession by the Winchester brothers. But what is the secret behind her temptation and will he discover the true fruits of humanity? A Bella/Castiel multi-chaptered fic. Banner credit Kittyinaz.

Trial By Fire final
Trial By Fire

Summary: On the run from Victoria, a seemingly random act leads Bella Swan to a field with all the trees felled, the epicenter of which is an unmarked grave… What happens next is nothing short of both horrific and miraculous. But why was she led there and just what part will she play in the unraveling apocalypse? A Bella/Dean multi-chaptered fic.

Upcoming story - Bella/Joker

Chasing Cars

Summary: Dr. Quinzel gets into a car accident the day she is set to begin her sessions with the infamous villain known as the Joker. Dr. Swan is sent in her stead and what follows is a mind-bending, twisted fairytale of two wounded souls who set out to make the world burn along with them. A Bella/Joker multi-chaptered fic.


Feeling Good

Summary: Losing himself in a never ending stream of girls and alcohol after opening the tomb and learning of Katherine’s betrayal, Damon hits up a burlesque styled strip club in Richmond, but soon finds his attention drawn away from the stage and to the quiet brunette waiting tables… A Bella/Damon one-shot. Banner credit The Darkest Falling Star.

Feral Bonds Final
Feral Bonds

Summary: Deciding that an eternity abandoned and alone is truly a fate worse than death, Victoria turns Bella and leaves her. Nothing more than a ravenous newborn, Bella holds just enough sanity to run. But her new-found strength has her running straight into the wilderness of Canada where she stumbles across the Feral Brothers and they end up teaching her the true meaning behind the word ravenous… A Bella/Wolverine/Sabertooth multi-chaptered fic.

Just a Taste

Just A Taste

Summary: Sensing a kindred spirit, Elena makes it her mission to befriend the new girl in town. When Damon crashes her welcome party, he becomes obsessed, wanting – as he tells himself – just a small taste of Isabella Swan. But can he stop at just one taste? A Bella/Damon one-shot.

Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

Summary: Sookie finds more than just Godric when she infiltrates the Fellowship of the Sun… Bella Swan’s been unwillingly enrolled in the ‘summer camp’ and summarily held against her wishes when she refuses to conform to the zealot rhetoric. When things turn dangerous for Sookie and Bella, it’s Godric to the rescue… But in the end, who really ends up doing the saving? A Bella/Godric multi-chaptered fic. Banner credit Kittyinaz.

46 thoughts on “Upcoming Attractions”

  1. I would totally love to see what you could do with the Bella/Dean story! Just the summary itself is pulling me in! Then again, the Castiel/Bella one is too. It is not often I see her paired with him, and I think you could write a fabulous story. I know my choices will surprise you, given how much I do adore Damon! So with that in mind, my third choice should not surprise you! Feeling Good sounds like it’d be really good! You write so well that any of them that you do, will be a great read!

  2. All of these sound good. For the multi-chapter, I’d have to go with Trial by Fire very closely followed by Feral Bonds. Really it’s practically a tie. 🙂

    For the oneshots, I think Feeling Good has my vote for first.

  3. Oh, decisions, decisions…
    ~One shots:
    -Feeling Good
    -Just a Taste
    -Oceans of Time
    -Trial By Fire
    -Feral Bonds
    -Original Sin
    -Chasing Cars
    Yeahhhh, I couldnt pick just one. So, I puts them in order (though the one-shots dont HAVE to come first)….yup, your that good. 😉


  4. Okay they all sound good, but I have to agree a Bella /Dean story would be awesome. And of course anything Damon. We will see where your muse takes you.

  5. Can I just ask for them all? Because you are so awesome that anything you write just pulls me in!

    But if I had to choose at gunpoint: Hope Springs Eternal, Feral Bonds and Trial By Fire…

  6. I love me some Godric so I have to go for Hope Springs Eternal as my first pick but they are all tempting and I’ll end up reading whatever it is you pick anyways!!

  7. I’m torn between Hope Springs Eternal and Chasing Cars cause I love the Joker and Godric but I would be happy to read any of these stories 🙂

  8. I’d love to see Trial By Fire and Hope Springs Eternal cause I’m a sucker for the non traditional crossover pairings and I love both Dean and Godric.

  9. So what do we need to give your muse to bribe her into writhing all of them ?
    Italian ? Babysitting duty ? Chocolate ? Ice-cream ? Because I can get all of that except the baby sitting thing I live in Europe !

    Now choosing … Oh it’s really mean to make us choose there all so good !!!!
    But If I have to choose it will be Dean/Bella : Trial by Fire.
    Because Bella and Dean could have a bond over the fact that they could never have a normal live, Dean because he was raised. Hunter and knows all there is out there and he could never not help people who need it even if he stopped actively hunting.
    Bella because she knows about Vampires and shape-shifters and the Volturi and she knows that if they ever found out that she knew they would kill her and everyone she loves because she could have maybe told them about the vamps so no normal family and lets not even mention Victoria and her revenge. (Yes I though about this too much) and let’s be honest if you know the supernatural excist (or at least Vamps and SS) how hard is it to start getting paranoid and think all other stories are real and start researching wich Bella is good in.

    I really love that story and the idea and you haven’t even started yet !!!!

    So multi-chapters favorites
    Trial of Fire
    Hope Springs Eternal
    Original Sin
    Feral Bonds
    Chasing Cars

    And the one-shots favorites
    Just a Taste
    Oceans of Time
    Feeling Good

    I love you as a writher and because of that whatever story you will start, I just know that it will be beautifull and well writhen and that I will love it, just like I love your other stories !
    And I just know that your story (whichever one it will be) will make me stop studing, make me squil and run to my inbox to read the update (my parents and teachers thank you for that ….. ;S)

    So…. Hope your well and I will wait paciantly (not really I will stalk your website) untill your update from whatever story you decide to update !
    Love 1994omi.

    Ps. Love the banners cudos to the makers !

  10. I would read every single one! Haha. They all sound intriguing and have great potential. But, my top three multi-chapter would probably be…

    1. Original Sin: Cas/Bella
    2. Feral Bonds: Logan/Bella/Victor
    3. Hope Springs: Godric/Bella

    And my top 2 one-shot…

    1. Oceans of Time: Loki/Bella
    2. Feeling Good: Damon/Bella

    Either way I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye for these!

  11. I’m so excited about all the choices. I’m always happy to read anything you post, but I’d have to go with Hope Springs Eternal and Oceans of Time as my top picks.

  12. Oceans of Time
    Chasing Cars &
    Feral Bonds

    These are my top picks. All sound interesting and like something I would read though, so can’t wait to see what’s next!

  13. I can’t wait for all of them! Especially ‘Just a Taste’ and ‘Trial by Fire’…
    Screw it! I want them all! I can’t choose! * Whiny five year-old voice” It’s not fair!!!

  14. Nocking Point
    Oceans of Time
    Chasing Cars
    Feral Bonds
    Just a Taste
    Hope Springs Eternal
    In any order but those are the ones that I would want to read and the ideas that I threw your way if you don’t use them its cool but it’d be awesome if you could found some one that would.

  15. I’m definitely looking forward to the Bella/Oliver one but you are such a good writer that I’ll take whatever your muse feels like giving. All of them sound so wonderful. Castiel, Godric, Dean, I’m getting excited just thinking about all the possibilities!

  16. Nocking Point; Oceans of Time and Hope Springs Eternal. And One last hypothetical crossover of Bruce Banner (beast) and Bella (beauty) 😉

  17. I love them all but i know i hold a secret love for the bella joker fic. now that give me the darkest of shivers. but very happy ones 😀 i can’t for u to write them all up. i’ll be reading ever single one 😀

  18. My top three:
    1. Feral Bonds Amazing…it has my vote for next up
    2. Chasing Cars
    3. Oceans of Time
    I’ll be reading ever single one LOVEEEE!!!!

  19. Trial by fire and original sin. Anything Damon is good too but I just LOVE me a good supernatural/twilight and I know you would knock that out of the park!

  20. Trial by fire and Original Sin. I just love me a good supernatural/twilight. Though anything with Damon done by you is amazing as well.

  21. I absolutely can’t wait until these are posted! I want to read every single one! I love all of the ideas you have. Please start writing them. Is the story “Feral” going to be a threesome pairing or a love triangle? I wouldn’t mind the threesome but love triangles aren’t my favorite. So please start writing these fantastic ideas! 🙂 ❤

  22. Chasing Cars sounds very unique, and I would love to read a multi-chapter fiction about the meeting and interactions between Bella and The Joker.

  23. I was wondering when you were going to start the Bella and Joker story? I am really looking forward to that one, as well as the Damon, Dean and Godric ones.

  24. Hi there,
    All the stories I read from you were absolutely awesome. I’ve just finished reading Thirsty for your love for the third time and I’m wondering when we’ll see the sequel.

    Do you have plans on continuing that story?

    Thank you for letting us into your head. It’s been a real pleasure 🙂

    Take care,


  25. I love all of your work so I’m not to terribly picky about what one you want to start to work with just as long as it’s soon! Please! It’s just so hard to find good crossovers and you do such a good job! :p

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