Life’s Little Surprises

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I remember growing up, that I always felt so different from the others around me, to the point I couldn’t even make friends with the children of my age group, growing up.

I remember going home so many times crying to my parents and telling them that I would never be able to have friends, because no one would ever like me or ever understand me. I will never forget what my daddy told me, for it was him that told me what mattered most.

“Baby girl, when the time comes, you will find the friends who will have your back through out the rest of your life. So you don’t have them right now, just watch the ones that do, and learn how they take care of each other, that way when the time comes for you to have yours, you know what it means to take good care of yours. Because family and friends that mean something are very hard to come by, and the family and friends you choose are the ones the mean the most.”

You see, I always knew growing up that Charlie and Renee were not my parents by birth, but that they choose to be my parents. They often reminded me that it was the best choice they ever made. That was why the day my daddy, Charlie died in the line of duty, felt like a part of me was ripped out of my soul.

So when Renee packed us up, and moved us to Arizona to live with her mother, I felt it was a good choice. I always loved my Grandma Lily, she was another who chose to love me even though she was not my grandma by blood. She also knew I was different, and often reminded me that when I was older that no matter what people tried to tell me I was always going to be special and not to listen to the hate they would try to spread in the world. Also, to watch out for those who were also different, that would try to use their difference against those that hate.

That was 20 years ago, and to think back on it all I was really glad that they loved me so much. I’m just glad that they still do, and I hope they still do, for if what I suspect my dreams are telling me a lot of people will try to kill me for who my father is alone.


That Evening

“Oh Bella, the world just doesn’t understand that there is nothing wrong with you do they?” Renee cried out in frustration.

We were sitting down watching them announce live on the evening news the cure for those people out there that had the mutant “affliction”

“Sweetie, the world never does understand those that are different, look at what it went through with the colored people all those years ago, then it was the Japanese, then the Chinese, then the Gays, then anyone that had AIDS, now its anyone that’s a mutant. I think the world will fear anyone that is different, or not what they think is normal to their view point.” Grandma Lily’s voice shot from her chair next to Renee’s.

I just chuckled from my seat, but all of a sudden I felt something was off, a dread was forming in me that was calling to me, much different from the anxiety that I was having all day. This was a dread of my soul, and I knew what ever it was would end me if I didn’t change it.

“Mom, Grandma, you guys keep watching this and keep updated on it. I have to go somewhere.” I told them as I stood up to go to my room to change real quick.

I didn’t even give my mother a chance to argue with me. When I came out again is was in all black leather from my feet, to the very vest I was wearing. I had braided my hair back because it had gotten to long to leave it down other wise. When my mother saw me she opened her mouth to start bugging me, but my grandma saw her and shushed her.

“Renee she has something calling her, can’t you see that. She wouldn’t be going otherwise.”

I smiled at my Grandma and gave my mom a quick kiss on the cheek and told them, “I will let you know what I can.”

Then I teleported where I felt the dread pulling me towards.


Alkali Lake

When I came out again I noticed I was outside at a beautiful looking lake, even if the spot was a bit chilly. When I felt for my location mentally I was surprised to find I was in Canada. ‘No wonder its kinda of chilly out here.’

The next thing I noticed was the man that was stumbling around by the lake was holding his head like he was in pain. I was tempted to go to him, but I knew that I couldn’t. I proved correct when all of sudden he shot a very powerful red laser like power out towards the lake waters. The magnitude of it reminded me of what a canon would shoot if one could shoot laser’s. Once it was done, I almost went to him, but the water started reacting and from one second to the next there was a woman next to him. She was also a very beautiful woman, and if his reaction was to go by, he knew her. Bella could see that the woman was acting really strange and was trying hard to convince the gentleman to remove the glasses that was preventing his powers from taking over.

Bella just continued to watch, because she felt that the dread she had felt was for events that were about to unfold. She just hoped she could prevent what ever it was from happening, because she knew the gentleman, who ever he was; was someone special to Bella.

When she saw them kissing, she felt a shaft of pain go through her, but she continued watching because she knew something was going to happen. When the woman’s eyes snapped open and were glowing, Bella noticed the man’s snapped open and his held fear. When his started to hold pain, Bella started to moved forward, and when she saw his face start to ripple like the water would on the lake, she snapped her shield around him and yanked him away from the woman with a snarl.

“Not today you don’t.” Bella snarled out, after she had moved him shield still around him, behind her. She saw his glasses were on the ground by the woman and teleported them into the shield with him.

“I believe those belong to you.” She said when she heard him make a noise of surprise.

Bella heard the woman make a snarl screech noise before saying with venom in her voice, “Why can’t I get into your head? I can’t read your thoughts.”

“So your a telepath? Well you wouldn’t be the first I’ve dealt with in my life, and you won’t be the last.” Bella told her sounding very calm on the outside, but on the inside her mind was in turmoil because she had no clue how she was able to keep her out of her mind. Unless she was shielding that also.

Bella noticed the woman coming towards her, and that stuff around her was starting to float and move like it had a life of its own.

Bella chuckled darkly, “You think your powers are going to scare me sweetie, I’ve been moving things around all my life, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed that I could do it with larger amounts of stuff. Watch!”

After she said that she flattened everything that had been floating in the air, she flattened the fog, she flattened the trees around her, and when she did it you could her she load bang like she had set off a bomb but no sound had been made from what she had done. It had been a sound within the very makeup of the ones around. No one said anything though because when she had flattened the fog she had revealed two others that had been sneaking up on them.

“Oh hello, are you here to play also?” Bella snarked, then she teleported behind the woman that had tried to kill the man in her shield.

Once she was behind her she set her fingers on her neck, and told the others, “She is unstable, and plans on disintegrating Mr. Sexy Sunglasses over there the first chance she gets. So, pick her poison. She dies my way or your way there is no fixing her?”


Scott’s POV

To say I was surprised to be alive was an understatement, but the fact I was stuck in this invisible bubble by the girl who saved me was shocking also. I was still in shock that Jean was alive, but that she was the one that tried to kill me. When I felt the power wake in her, and her thoughts scourer through my mind, I felt terror like I had never felt before. It was soul deep terror, not because I didn’t want to die, because I didn’t and not because I didn’t want to leave Jean and not because I don’t love her, I do but this soul terror tells me that my love for Jean is not the kind of love that will last through the ages. Which I hate to even think to my self, and I will probably hate myself for later. Right now I was still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that a mutant that I had never met before had showed up and saved me, and was able to teleport my glasses into the shield she held around me.

I watched as the standoff went back and forth between her and Jean, and was shocked again when Jean said she couldn’t read the girl. What really shocked me though was the girls response, it was so calm, like telepath’s were common place when she was growing up.

I began to worry when Jean started to use her other powers though, because I didn’t want this petite little girl to die after she saved my life, but I was shocked again when she stopped Jean’s powers cold with what seemed to be a sneezes worth of power.

When she did she also revealed that Wolverine and Storm had been sneaking through the fog to try and help. I almost laughed when the girl asked if they were her to play, but when she outright teleported behind Jean and said what she did I froze.

I knew Jean was sick but to say she was unstable was stretching it a bit wasn’t it? I also didn’t understand what she meant by disintegrating me, but I would be sure to ask. I wasn’t sure I wanted to touch her name for me, but I did have to say I was flattered because not to many people noticed me when they first saw people like us. I was the one that was usually ignored.

“What do you mean by disintegrating him, darlin’?” Wolverine asked her in his gruff Southern voice and it sounded completely confused but not worried about Jean at all.

It was in that moment I knew that he had loved her only as a friend, and I felt like an ass for all the shit I had put him through for it.

“Just what I meant. She was going to use her power to blow him up to tiny little pieces to were no one would have known he had been here at all. All you would have found was his glasses floating in the air from the residual power that would have been left over. She probably would have been passed out on the ground because the personality in her that is in control of this power, what ever she is called, would have been “sleeping” again. You would have taken her back where ever you guys live and all would have been alright until she woke up again, and someone else tried to kiss her. The personality would have woken up again and she would have attacked again, and on it goes. You getting the picture? So you might want to contact who ever put the block on her all those years ago, they may know what the personality is called, and what we are dealing with. All I can tell you is that she will continue to kill. Because the personality is all vengeance, and I would hate to endanger all those precious children back where you live. So please call first.” The girl told us, then stopped talking, and just stood there with her hand on Jeans neck.

It was then that I noticed that Jean seemed to be in a trance like state. Like she was being hypnotized.

I guess the girl noticed, because she spoke.

“Don’t worry. I’m giving them a chance to save your precious girlfriend.” She said with heavy sarcasm

“Why do you hate her so much?” I snapped at her.

“I don’t hate her. I just don’t think that she deserves someone like you, someone that has obviously been grieving her loss, only to have her try and kill you.” She snarled at me.

I froze and just looked at her a moment, startled at the way she had said it, then asked, “Why does she not deserve someone like me, specifically me?”

She froze, and blushed but answered anyway, “Not all of us are lucky in life to have a relationship of any kind. I would love to be able to have someone in my life, but I have never been around others like me ever. Until today I have never met anyone like me. So when I felt this dread in my soul like something very important to my existence was going to be taken away I followed the pull to where it took me. When I saw what was going on, I saw you here by this lake and saw you struggling with something before your powers shot into the water. I wanted to go to you before the water reacted but by then it was to late, and she came out. Then I saw that you knew her, and you had obviously missed her and for some time. So when I saw how she tried to kill you, the one my soul told me is so important to me, well something in me told me that she can not continue to live, because as long as she does, your life will be in danger. I am sorry if that upsets you, but like I said not all of us have been lucky to have someone in our life like you have been. Let alone meet their soul mate, and the fact that mine seems to want to save the woman that wants him dead, well I don’t know what to think of that.”

There was complete silence after she said all that. I noticed she had gone back to looking at just Jean and making sure to keep her in what ever trance she had her under.

I was frozen, in complete shock, I mean it’s not everyday you get told you had been saved by your soul mate, but also the fact that she had never been around others like her said a lot also.

I jumped when I heard a gruff throat being cleared and I shot a look towards Wolverine and Storm and I must have looked shocked; because Storm put her hand over her mouth to hide the fact she was trying not the laugh.

I watched Wolverine’s lips twitch a bit before he said, “Chuck said that the powers in Jean are called the Phoenix.”

“Like the fucking bird? Dies and is reborn over and over again. Never dieing?” I heard the girl say in complete frustration and shock.

Wolverine shot her a look of sympathy and understanding, before continuing on saying, “Yeah, he said that he doesn’t want us to bring her to the school, but he does want us to take her somewhere else. Also that we wouldn’t like it at all, because it would be the only way to shut off her powers without killing her.”

“The Cure.” The girl said in what sounded the curse.

Storm shot her a look of complete understanding and nodded, then said, “Yes, he then said that he wanted us to bring you back with us to the school. He wanted to meet you if you wouldn’t mind.”

She just stood there thinking, then a really sad look crossed her face before she answered, “Sure, but I need to let my mother and grandmother know where I am once we get there. By the way my name is Isabella Swan, please call me Bella though, and I really hope you want to be my friend once you know who my father is. Now where exactly are we taking Miss Birdy here?”

Wolverine snorted before saying, “Professor McCoy’s he has some of the cure waiting for us to use on her. Let’s get her into the jet and we can go.”

We all started walking towards were they had left the jet, Jean walking along without needing anyone to guide her. I tell you it was kind of creepy to watch her. It was like watching a puppet walking around.

All of a sudden I heard someone laughing, and looked and saw it was Bella. I realized I had said that out loud and blushed.

“It is a bit like it, but I figured it was safer this way.” She said with a sad sounding voice.

Once we got to the jet, we all got in and Bella strapped Jean into a seat, and sat next to her keeping her hand on Jean wrist. Then she sat back and closed her eyes, shutting everything and everyone else out.

I realized something in that moment, she expected us to send her away once we had all the information about who she was. Which meant she was going to tell us everything, which was nice in a way, but it made me uneasy also. I wasn’t sure why though, I just knew something told me I didn’t want Bella to leave before I was able to get to know her.

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7 thoughts on “Life’s Little Surprises”

  1. This Bella seems like a stronger, more controlled version of the Phoenix.
    Love how frank she is with Scott about her thoughts and feelings.

  2. Like this, bella would be a lot better than Jean, I’m curious about whom bella’s father is, hope there will be more of this.

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