Chapter 4: Falling

Chapter 4: Falling

He fell. Through the cracks within space and the divide between the realms, Loki Laufeyson fell – out of favor, out of love, with his home and people.

Forsaken, the word rose unbidden. Abandoned. Forever cold in the shadow of Thor, the favored son.

Falling through a wormhole gave perspective, time for thought and reflection. Loki fell, kept alive only by his magic, sheer willfulness, and the power radiating in Odin’s spear which he had caught when it’d fallen after him. He indulged in such contemplation until his mind went numb with the terrible burden of a lie fed to him from his infancy shattering, leaving the truth glimmering amongst the shards. Odinson and Asgardian he may not be, but he was still a prince by birthright and deserving of the throne so long dangled before him.

As Odin, his once father, had taken away the throne of Asgard and handed it to his bumbling oaf of a brother – well, Loki was just going to have to create his own throne. His own kingdom united under the glory of his rule.

Cocooned in the safety of his magic, he envisioned it meticulously. Without a conscious decision, he pictured his dominion to be over Midgard, the Earth Thor so coveted. Thor had never been good at sharing his toys as a child and so Loki had long since learned to take what he wanted, not by force, but through the magic of his silver-tongue.

Yes, he decided, he would take Midgard right out from under his idiot brother. The thrumming vibration of his magic sounded in approval.

For all of Thor’s brute strength, he understood little of the nature and power of the type of magic Loki and their mother, Frigga, possessed. Magic was sentient and had a will to thrive. It was more of a partnership or symbiotic relationship between magic and wielder. When Loki tired, his magic buoyed him. It had saved him more times than he was willing to admit, guided him throughout the years to his rightful path.

It protected him now, along with the energy in Odin’s spear, keeping him alive after he had fallen from the Bifrost bridge and into the wormhole caused by its destruction. He’d counted on it, naturally, which is why he had let go in the face of his once father’s denial. Thor had roared his name as he’d fallen weightlessly into the void but Loki’s heart had already hardened against him.

He would show him. He would show them all what vengeance they had wrought by betraying him.

Again, his magic hummed but it tasted more of acceptance rather than approval. This was the correct path, Loki sensed, but the intuition his magic afforded him seemed to say it would not be the destination he predicted.

“Show me,” he commanded, and like liquid fire, he felt his magic increase tenfold and searing heat shot through the spear, images rapidly overtaking his vision.

He saw much as he anticipated. Him with an army, conquering Midgard.

But then the vision turned and the expression on his future self’s face smacked of remorse, of all the senseless emotions. From behind him, a figure moved forward. A woman, he could tell by the shape and silhouette of her curves. He could not make out her features but she had long, brown hair with a slight curl that blew in the breeze. The brown locks reached for him, latching onto his shoulder in a visible line connecting them. He saw his vision self tense at her approach before he relaxed in silent surrender. The woman slid her hand into his and Loki returned her grasp with equal fervor.

Loki hissed in denial and the vision cut off. Foolish magic, he sneered, knowing that his knack for trickery and illusions likely meant the vision was false.

False, he told himself as the picture lingered and he clung to the image of brown hair and curves, the silent show of support and affection in their clasped hands. False.

Never before had he been shown something so specific. More often than not, he was led by the increased intuition that magic gifted its casters, but had never been shown such images. He was unsure of what the new development in his magic meant, but suspected wielding Odin’s spear, even for such a short time, had been like using a conduit, strengthening the wild nature of his sorcery.

Regardless, Loki pushed all thoughts away and concentrated on the sensation of falling, the sense of freedom it brought. He fell for a long time before he felt a force, similar to magic, but feeling vaguely sinister, stretch out and latch upon him, pulling him until he landed with a smacking thud on grey dirt, his breath heaving and limbs weary.

“Loki of Asgard,” a voice hissed gratingly.

“No,” Loki snarled, his fist curling around the spear. “I am Loki of Jotunheim.”

“Hm,” the hooded figure intoned. “Come with me. The master is expecting you.”

Loki rose and despite a vague sense of misgiving, followed the creature to what he knew would be his destiny.

There was not an inch of her that didn’t ache.

Bella laid in bed, focusing on the monotonous spin of the ceiling fan while trying to ignore the dull ache of muscles never used. Muscles she never knew she had.

Natasha had been predictably unsympathetic in their workout. Immediately after Tony Stark’s departure she’d hustled Bella out from under Clint’s wing and into a locker room, silently handing her a pair of yoga pants and a tank top. Wordlessly, Bella had changed, eager to prove herself an obedient student, part in thanks to Natasha for taking the commitment into whipping her into shape, but also in hopes that it might make easier to get to know the woman her brother loved, even if he had not confessed as much yet.

In her mind, she’d imagined a scene similar to Army movies when they cover boot camp training, but what had really occurred was something far more normal, though no less painful. After copious amounts of stretching, Natasha had her running laps until the cramp in her side threatened to have her vomit all over the pretty gym S.H.I.E.L.D. stocked to the nines.

“Keep going,” Natasha had intoned as Bella started to lag, and gritting her teeth, Bella had stubbornly pushed the pain to the back of her mind and continued at her brisk jog.

When Natasha bid her stop, she handed her a towel and some water, instructing her to start stretching again.

“You’re good with pain,” she noted, stretching alongside her.

Bella was mildly annoyed, but not even remotely surprised, that the woman had not even broken a sweat after their run. Shrugging, Bella said, “Not really. Just stubborn.”

She was reward with a small twitch of Natasha’s lips. “Like your brother,” she noted coolly, but Bella could detect the humor there.

Snorting, Bella said, “Everything I learned, I learned from him.”

“Do you have his coordination?” Natasha asked and blinked slowly as Bella broke out into gasping laughs.

“Lord no,” she chuckled. “I can trip over air. But I am observant,” she confessed, giving Natasha a pointed look intended to inform the woman that she knew just what she meant to her brother. And more importantly, what Clint meant to her.

Of course, Natasha was nonplussed. “I’ve noticed,” she said dryly.

Changing the subject, Bella asked, “So, what next?”

“We need to work on your core muscles, basically your stomach down to your thighs. Endurance is important, so we’ll keep with the running as your warm up, but endurance won’t mean a thing if you can’t put any strength behind it.”

“Are you going to teach me to fight?” Bella asked curiously, mildly excited at the thought. It vaguely reminded her of the time Clint had taught her how to throw a punch when Tim, their then neighbor, had tried to steal a kiss. Renee was a strong advocate of make love, not war and had forbidden Clint to show her such things, but that hadn’t stopped her brother once Renee had left for a date, or whatever artsy class she’d signed up for, leaving Clint to watch over her.

“Yes,” Natasha said mildly, smiling slightly at Bella’s small grin. “But only after we get you into shape and build your strength. There’s a certain art form to fighting, at least the style I’ll be teaching you. It’s fluid and you have to understand and control each part of your body. Whereas some would teach you to rely on strength alone, I’m going to show you how to use someone’s strength against them.”

Seemed appropriate, Bella thought, as she may be fighting vampires and would be hopelessly out matched in the strength department.

“Why do I need to build up strength if the way I’ll be fighting turns strength into a weakness?” she asked curiously.

“Because it’ll turn their strength into weakness, not yours. And you should never feel less than perfectly strong when faced with an opponent, especially as a woman. We will hone your entire body and you will adapt your fighting methods based on whatever scenario you find yourself in.”

She knew it would be involved and while her excitement was still there, it was dimmed in the face of self-doubt. “Sounds intense,” she said, biting her lip nervously.

Natasha read her perfectly. “It is, but it’s doable. You have a lot of promise, Isabella. You listen to orders and don’t hesitate to follow through, even when your body protests. Stubbornness will help you go far.”

Bella relaxed somewhat. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“Don’t thank me,” Natasha said. “It’s not a compliment, but a fact. Besides, we’re not done yet and you may be cursing me before the hour’s up.”

She’d laughed lightly, but little did she know how true Natasha was. Bella hadn’t cursed her out loud, but with every squat, every push up and sit up Natasha barked at her to do, a new swear word flashed in her head and tickled her tongue. That handy stubbornness Natasha had praised was the only thing that’d kept them from flying from her lips.

That didn’t stop her now that she was in her room, though.

“Son of a bitch,” she moaned, giving her neck a testing stretch, frowning as it twinged.

There was a light knock on the door and Clint stuck his head in.

“How you feeling, Eyas?” he asked knowingly.

Bella snorted. “Like everything hurts. Even my toe nails hurt.”

He chuckled and came into her room dangling a small bag in front of him as he closed the door behind him. “Who’s your hero?”

“Depends… what’s in the bag?”

He set the bag down on her nightstand and took a seat on the edge of the bed. “Lotion, drugs and a heating pack.”

Bella grinned. “Then you are my hero, big brother,” she said, sitting up and propping herself up against the headboard.

“I’m sorry we have to sleep here at S.H.I.E.L.D.” Clint said softly. “I know it’s not the most welcoming of places, but without knowing where Victoria is, it’s safer here. When we get her sorted, I’ll take you to my super secret lair.”

Bella sighed and smiled at his half-hearted joke. “It’s not so bad. Room’s actually bigger than the one at Forks.”

Which was true. As cold and impersonal as the room was, it was surprisingly well accommodated. There was a full sized bed, a small attached bathroom with a standing shower, and even a TV attached to the wall. It was done in tones of grey which made the room detached from warmth, like a blank canvas waiting for color. It made her slightly more depressed. She had some photos taken with them from Forks, but she was scared to look at the smiling family portraits and kept them packed up, hidden under her clothes.

Clint smiled knowingly. “I’m staying here too, Eyas, just across the hall. I hate to tell you, but until we handle this Victoria situation, you’re stuck with me.”

“Oh the horror,” she said in exaggerated disgust.

He bumped shoulders with her as he moved to sit up against the headboard next to her. “Pest,” he smiled.

Smothering a laugh, Bella rested her head against Clint’s shoulder, thankful for his comforting presence in this new environment.

“How you holding up, kid? We haven’t really had much time to talk, need to know basics aside.”

Bella shrugged in false indifference.

“Hey,” Clint wrapped his arm around her shoulders and squeezed comfortingly. “Don’t be like that. This is me, Eyas. You know you can tell me anything.”

“I’m just,” she started, stopping briefly to clear her throat. “I just wish I could go back in time to when I met Edward Cullen and told him to go straight to hell like I should’ve done. I know you say it isn’t, but how can it not be my fault? Mom and dad are dead because I fell in love with the wrong person.”

“Mom and dad are dead because of a psychotic bitch, Isabella. Not because you fell in love. If you want someone to blame, Victoria’s your target. Or better yet, we can blame that fucking vampire family that should have known better than to bring a young girl into their world and then abandon her to its mercy.”

She sniffed. “Abandoned. That’s exactly how I felt when he left me collapsed in the woods by Charlie’s house. Abandoned and forsaken by them all. I think that’s why I lost myself to grief so completely. It wasn’t just Edward who’d discarded me like a toy, but the entire family. I thought,” she took a deep breath as her voice quivered. “They made me believe they all loved me and yet they deserted me. Everything I had thought was true turned into this ugly lie. The others didn’t even say goodbye, only Edward. If you can call what he did a goodbye.”

“That wasn’t a goodbye, Eyas. That was an act of cowardice. The fucker played on your insecurities and fucked with your mind. He’d probably been doing it the whole time you were together and you were just too innocent to know the difference.”

A part of her wanted to deny it, but she could see the truth behind his words. Edward had always made her feel weak and helplessness, made her dependent on him in an unhealthy way, not just for approval, but protection. But she’d lived for seventeen years without his interference, without him there preventing her from tripping and stumbling through life. He’d always taken it upon himself to catch her in such moments of clumsiness and because of it she’d fallen more often, unable to find her own balance. He’d made her rely on him for even such basic things in her life as walking.

“I feel used, Clint,” she confessed. “I don’t even think I know who I am anymore. I’m such an idiot.”

“Hey now,” he whispered as she started to cry lightly. “It’ll be alright, you’ll see. I’ll help you find yourself, Eyas.”

Bella sniffled. “And I also feel guilty,” she said lowly against his shoulder. “Because a part of me is so happy that you’re here, that we’re together again. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve miss you too, little sister, and I guess I feel guilty because I’m happy we’re together too.”

“I know you blame yourself for this too, Clint, for not being there,” she said.

“If I had,” he started.

“No. If you won’t let me blame myself, then you’re not allowed to blame yourself,” she said firmly.

“Is that how this works?” he murmured dryly into her hair.

“Yes,” she said stubbornly.

“Brat,” he called her, pinching her side.

“Ow!” she yelped. “Careful! Your girlfriend packs a punch.”

“Girlfriend,” he muttered, pulling away. “That obvious?”

Bella grinned. “It is to me. You love each other very much. It shows in little ways. You’ve been through a lot with her, haven’t you?”

He nodded. “Natasha and I have a long history. I’ve always been able to count on her for everything. She’s saved my life many times.”

“I’m glad you have her, and that she has you. It was always one of the things I was worried about after you disappeared. You were clearly into some serious business and I worried that you wouldn’t have anyone you can trust or who would look out for you. It made me want to find you and hug you,” she smiled.

“You know,” Clint began quietly. “Just about everyone here has a codename, an alias of sorts. Natasha is called Black Widow – appropriate, I know. What do you think they call me?”

“I don’t know,” she said with a grin. “Angry beaver?”

He snorted at the reference of one of her favorite cartoon shows that he’d often humored her with watching. “Ha, ha,” he said sarcastically. “But no. They call me Hawkeye, Isabella.”

Bella froze, her mind going back to a summer with their father. He and Clint had wanted to go hunting and she’d tagged along with a book. Clint had always favored the bow and arrow. He’d been unerringly accurate and Charlie had crowed, “You’ve got the eyes of a hawk, boy!”

And without looking up from her book, Bella had chimed, “Yep. He’s Hawkeye.”

It’d been her nickname for him ever since, something she often called him teasingly but always with strong affection. He’d pretended to hate it at first, but on the rare occasions they’d fight and she was angry with him, he’d secretly long to hear the nickname from her lips. When she dropped Clinton and went back to Hawkeye he always knew he’d been forgiven.

Bella sniffled at the revelation.

“So you see,” Clint said, his voice suspiciously hoarse. “You were always there with me. Every time I heard the name, I heard your voice and saw your face. It gave me strength and comfort.”

There was a heavy, emotional silence between them until Bella said, “Well, do I get a codename? Is everyone going to start calling me Eyas?”

Clint snorted a laugh. “Nope. That’s my name for you.”

She nudged him with her shoulder again. “That hardly seems fair.”

“Tough,” he said. “Besides, do you really want to be known as baby hawk to everyone else? Once you’re ready, you’ll find a codename that reflects your inner strength and shows it to the world. But to me, Isabella, you’ll always be Eyas.”

“I love you, Clint,” she murmured. “It feels like I’ve finally come home now that we’re together again.”

“I know, me too, kiddo,” he said. “I’ll leave you to get some rest. You probably need it after an hour in the gym with Natasha.”

“Seriously,” she playfully groaned. “That woman is deadly. But I like her,” she smiled at him reassuringly.

“She’s not so tough,” Clint huffed. “I can take her.”

“Bullshit,” Bella called.

Clint laughed. “You only ever curse when I’m around, Eyas. I must be a bad influence.”

Shaking her head, Bella gave him a hug even as she pushed him out of her bed. “You’re the best influence, big brother. I can say whatever I want without fear of repercussion or judgment. Don’t ever doubt that you make me better, not worse.”

“You’re so sappy, Isabella,” he teased, but she saw the glint of pride in his eyes. “Now get some sleep. Take those pills and use the lotion – it’ll help, I promise. We’ve got a big day at Stark Tower with your boyfriend tomorrow.”

“Clint!” she hissed, tossing her pillow at him.

Laughing, he caught it and threw it back to her. “What? I think it’s cute, Eyas. Your first celebrity crush. So adorable.”

A wicked curse was poised to fly from her lips, but Clint quickly ducked out of her room in retreat. She could hear him chuckling in the hall.

“Mother fucker,” she said under her breath, but found herself grinning at the comfort the familiar scene lent.

Quickly, she took the ibuprofen and used the lotion. She was too tired to bother with the heating pack, so she left it in the bag to use another day as she burrowed under the covers.

Though she was exhausted, sleep proved elusive. With every strange creak or thump, Bella found herself jumping or tensing in preparation for some unseen attacker. Eventually, exhaustion won out and she drifted off to a fretful sleep.

It was Clint bouncing on her bed that startled her awake the next morning.

“You jerk,” she groaned sleepily, hiding her head under the pillow.

“Rise and shine, Eyas. Big day ahead of us.”

She growled.

“Well, isn’t that the cutest thing,” he said mockingly. “Whatsa’ matter? Did you not sleep alright?”

Bella shrugged, still refusing to come out from under the pillow. “It took a while to fall asleep, but when I did, I had some weird dreams.”

Clint snickered. “Well, that’s all a part of growing up, little Eyas. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Tony about how you…”

A pillow smacking him in the face cut him off. “You’re such a jerk!”

“Alright, alright,” he said lightly, taking her hand and hauling her upright. “I’ll stop teasing. What were your dreams really about then?”

Bella frowned and looked off to the side. “It was the strangest thing. There was so much darkness, but it was broken up by bits of random shards of colorful light… and I was falling. It was a never-ending free fall and I felt so – so lost. Betrayed even. But also very angry.”

“Strange,” Clint murmured. “If only I had one of Renee’s dream interpretation books,” he teased.

Bella sniffed a laugh, shaking off the vestiges of the powerful images she’d dreamt. “Who really believes in that stuff anyway.”

They shared a fond smile in remembrance of their mother.

“Come on, little bird. Time to start the day.”

Stark Tower was every bit as obnoxious on the inside as it was on the out. Everything was so shiny that it almost hurt to look at it. Bella imagined Tony paid a fortune just for a cleaning crew to come in and wipe away fingerprints from the glaring surfaces. It made her want to draw happy faces for them to find.

“Hello Agents Romanoff, Barton,” a brisk but friendly voice called out.

Bella turned towards an elevator and saw a tall, thin woman with ginger hair. She recognized her easily as Pepper Potts, Tony Stark’s go-to gal.

“And you must be Isabella,” Pepper smiled warmly with an outstretched hand.

“Bella,” she corrected with a smile, accepting the handshake as she looked wide eyed around.

“A bit ostentatious, isn’t it?” Pepper smiled confidingly.

Bella suppressed a grin and shrugged politely.

“Yes, well, that’s Tony for you,” Pepper said airily. Bella saw her eyes twinkle when she said Tony’s name and felt a simultaneous jolt of warmth and jealousy over their obvious relationship. The warmth was a genuine happiness that they were obviously happy together, and the jealousy didn’t have so much to do with the fact that Pepper was dating her silly crush so much as it was that Bella found herself slowly being surrounded by people deeply in love. It only highlighted her lonesomeness and made her heart twinge with envy.

Nonetheless, Bella smiled at Pepper as she led them all to the elevator punching in a special code to take them to Tony’s lab. The elevator doors slid shut with a familiar ding, but once it started moving, Bella could help but laugh.

“Black Sabbath as elevator music, really?” she giggled as Ozzy Osbourne sang Iron Man.

Natasha rolled her eyes and Clint was smothering a grin. Pepper beamed and shrugged with a dismissive, “Tony,” as if that explained it all.

It rather did.

When the elevator came to a smooth stop and the doors opened, Bella went wide-eyed in amazement. Controlled chaos was probably the best way to describe it. There were tools everywhere, loud tinkering sounds coming from one corner of the room where someone, presumably Tony, was tossing chunks of metal behind him.

“Jarvis, run diagnostics,” Tony called out.

“Very good, sir,” a disembodied voice intoned, radiating English politeness. “Tests show a probability of fifty-five percent success rate.”

“That’s not good enough,” Tony said.

“No sir,” Jarvis agreed.

“Tony,” Pepper called out. “Your guests are here.”

Breaking him out of whatever train of thought he was lost in, Tony started and looked over at them, a charming grin quirking his lips as he spotted her.

“Well don’t be shy, Hells Bells, take a look around. Pretty cool isn’t it?”

Bella smiled. “Yeah, actually it is pretty nifty.”

Tony snorts. “Nifty she says.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” Bella rolled her eyes. “I meant to say messy.”

“Sheath those claws, sweetheart. Come see what Uncle Tony made you.”

Bella walked over, the others trailing behind her. In his hands, Tony held a contraption that vaguely resembled a gun.

“Um,” Bella bit her lip. “It looks… complicated.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “See this?” he pointed to a small piece of metal. “That’s the trigger. You pull it and it goes bang, bang. Simple as that.”

“Though it doesn’t sound quite ready yet,” Natasha pointed out, referencing the probability reading they’d come in hearing.

“Well who invited you, party pooper?” Tony quipped. “It’s not quite ready, if you must know. I think it’s time for a break. Anyone hungry? I’m hungry. Let’s go get breakfast.”

“But we just got here,” Bella said.

“Yes,” Tony agreed, setting the gun down. “And now we’re leaving. I feel like crepes, anyone want crepes? Let’s go to Ihop and get some crepes. Or maybe the rooty tooty fresh and fruity.”

“Tony,” Pepper said. “They just got here. Don’t you want to show them what you’ve been up all night working on before you highjack their day?”

“I thought that’s what I just did,” he deadpanned. “Time for food now. I’m hungry, isn’t anyone else hungry?” he asked, turning his eyes right at Bella.

Bella bit her lip. She actually was rather hungry. She hadn’t been eating properly for weeks now and with recent events, her appetite had been even more absent and fickle.

“I am a little hungry,” she confessed quietly.

Tony grinned. “See? She’s hungry. Food first, work later, Pepper. Call a car.”

Pepper arched a brow at him. “Call a car… what?”

He widened his eyes playfully and tugged a strand of her strawberry blonde hair. “Call a car please.”

She rewarded him with a smile. “Very well.”

“Man, she’s got your number, doesn’t she?” Clint asked wryly.

“Like you’re one to talk, bird man,” Tony retorted with a pointed look at Natasha.

They exchanged a few well meaning barbs, but Bella was distracted by the Iron Man suit against the wall. Slowly, she moved towards it and studied it. She’d seen it often enough on the television, but it really didn’t do it much justice.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” Tony asked, coming up behind her.

“That’s one of many adjectives I’d use, yes,” she admitted.

“You know,” he said, his tone low and uncharacteristically serious. “Not all armor is made of metal. Sometimes the best thing to shield ourselves comes from within.”

Bella half-smiled. “You sound like a psychologist.”

“Well, I am a doctor, if that helps. I’ve got a couple doctorates lying around here somewhere.”

“Is that what you do?” she asked abruptly before she could lose the nerve. “Shield yourself with your mind and wit, not so much with the suit.”

Quirking his head to the side, Tony gave her a pointed look. “It’s what we all do, Bella. Anyone who has seen the sort of things we have.”

Bella nodded, accepting his silent show of support and not terribly surprised when he changed the subject. “Let’s go before the Iceman Cometh.”

“You have ADD, don’t you?” she joked.

“Nope, I’m just ahead of the curve.”

They turned to join the others. “And what do you mean Iceman Cometh… who are you talking about?”

“The Captain, of course,” he said haughtily. “Big ole stick in the mud, that one. I say we ditch him.”

A throat cleared over by the door and a voice said dryly, “Too late, Stark.”

Bella turned and saw a tall man wearing average clothes, a button down shirt tucked neatly into kakis. His light hair was neatly combed and his blue eyes glinted with the air of someone in command. He was glaring lightly at Tony, but his gaze softened when it turned to her and he smiled politely.

“What’s this I hear about a vampire?” the newcomer asked.

“They suck,” Tony quipped. “More on that later, Rogers. We’re getting breakfast.”

Tony looped Bella’s arm through his and marched towards the elevator.

“I really don’t think now’s the time,” the new guy started, but Tony cut him off.

Pulling Bella into the elevator with him, he gave the whole room a cheeky smile before arching a brow at Rogers. “That’s why no one asked you, Capsicle. And no one said any of you losers were invited.”

With that, he hit the door close button and the elevator propelled them down.

“We’re going to be in so much trouble.”

“Yes,” Tony grinned. “That’s half the fun.”

Despite her misgivings, Bella decided to throw caution to the wind and let Tony lead her to some extravagant car in his underground garage. Clint was already working to heal her shattered heart and Natasha was going to mold her body into the epitome of strength.

But Tony, she could tell, was going to teach her how to live wildly and without abandon.

She couldn’t wait.

(A/N): So… Loki is a tough nut to crack, as I’m sure you can imagine. I knew he would be, so in preparation for tackling his POV, I watched several interviews of Tom Hiddleston talking about his take on Loki. It brought a lot of insight and even helped smooth out a plot point further along in the story… also, I got to watch Tom Hiddleston so yay! I really hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please leave a review and let me know what you think!



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  10. loki!loki!loki!…yey, he’s there…almost…kinda…hmmm…that training session was grueling…esp for a first timer like bella but yey! for her stubbornness…love the banter between the sibs…oh, & the story behind “hawkeye”…awww…so sweet…wonder what would be bella’s codename…love the moments with tony…looking forward to the mischief the both of them would get into…love the chappie..please update sooner?…me want more loki!…teehee…thankies.. 😉


  11. Loved it, and seriously it’s worming it’s way into my heart as a favorite deeper and deeper with every chapter! The look into Loki was awesome but to have her dream tie into his journey was brilliant his magic is already reaching out and calling her. Love the group you have circling around her and building her up, Loki is going to have a hell of a time with her but I have a feeling this metamorphosis we’ve already begun to see is going to be crucial in her battle against Victoria, Loki and his barriers, the Cullen’s, and herself!

  12. I love you! This is such a kick ass story! LOVE TONY! I love the friendship going here! Very cool! And LMAO@ angry beaver and Clint teasing her about her first celebrity crush. Ok I gotta go write now will have to read more later. Cannot wait for LOKI!

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