Shadowed Arrows

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I was laying on the ground looking up at the sky wondering how I got here. How I got to this point in my life, looking to my right I knew he was the reason but i was still uncertain how this all came to be. Thinking back to that fateful day makes me realize, I’ve grown and changed from the person I was then to the women who now looks out at me from a reflective surface.

I was in so much pain when he left me that day in the woods, all I could think was that he was gone and that my heart was being shattered more and more each time it beat. 6 months after he had left I became a shadow of myself, seclusive, hidden with the key tossed away never to be the same again.

My father Charlie finally broke down those chains and pulled me out of my own abyss, I finally started living again only to feel the sting of life’s betrayal once more in the form of losing my father’s life to a vengeful vampire who prayed on the weaker person as if a bully in high school.

After losing charlie I felt angry and sought a way to get my revenge in any way possible on those responsible. Unleashing a nature I never knew existed inside myself. I became what I am now today. You never saw me until I decided to reveal myself. After going down a dangerous path, I got myself on what I like to call the goody goodies radar. That’s when I met him the one who changed everything for me, made me see I was more than what I had become. Made me see there was still good in this world I had felt forsaken by.

The beginning:

My eyes were on my target, not enough to be obvious but enough to track his movements, looking for the perfect time to strike. This was my favorite part the build up, it was like being in a bubble of slight arousal that climaxed to satisfaction when the kill was made.

From the corner of my eye I could see my target moving towards the restrooms feeling a smirk take hold across my red stained lips, blending into the shadows, I made my move. After killing my target and reporting that was job was done, I was in my hotel room across town packing my bag that I brought with me when I felt a shift in the air. I could hear the whistle of a bullet flying towards me.

Just before it could hit me I disappeared in a cloud of black smoke only to reappear next to my attacker. Pulling my blade free from its sheath I held it up to his neck.

“Just who exactly are you? and just what the fuck do you want?”

Giving him a quick once over I noticed he wore an eye patch and was bald other than that it was his stillness and confidence in his posture that made me question him before ending his life. Not waiting for his answer I made to draw the blade across his throat when he spoke.

“My name is Colonel Nick Fury and unless you don’t wish to have a bullet in your skull I wouldn’t do what you are thinking of. As to what I want, I’ll answer you question once your knife has been removed from my throat and my agent has apprehended you.”

“What agent there is no one here but you and I. Besides I could slit your throat faster than your bullet leaving the barrel of your gun.”

Just as I was about to follow through on my threat, “You could slit his throat but I assure you my arrow will be piercing your heart the second you moved.”

The voice made me pause not because of the threat because I knew his arrow would never make it to me but because of the husky quality to it, turning my head slightly I saw the man behind the husky voice pointing his bow and arrow at me. He was quite honestly the most attractive man I have ever seen, he just oozed confidence and an attractiveness that made me feel hesitant about being the one to cause his death.

Moving my arm down and to stand farther away from both men, “I’m listening, now talk.” I demanded.

“Very well, you see we have been watching you for a long time now Ms. Swan and we would like you to join our agency as we are in need of people with your certain skill set and power in a coming war.”

“I don’t do wars and I don’t work for anyone but myself, I may take the odd job here or there but never a permanent occupation, besides nothing you can say further will be of interest to me.”

Turning my back towards them I grabbed my bag and walked towards the door.

“Not even the location of a certain vampire you have been hunting for?”

Stopping short of opening the door, I turned my head towards them, “and just how did you know about that?”

“It’s like I said we have been watching you, now I will be glad to pass on this information but how about a bit of quid pro quo, you help us and I tell you what you want to know, or we kill you now and stop you from continuing on the way you have been.”

I took a minute to think over his proposal I knew if Charlie could see me now he would be one angry man at what I had become an assassin killing people for hire, innocent or no innocent I killed whoever made it onto my list. Feeling the guilt of what Charlie would think as well as my need for revenge well up inside me I gave my answer, “I will agree to this on one condition, I will have the vampires location and death before I start working for you.”

“Agreed Agent Barton will assist you on what you will need, from here on out you will both be partners.”

With those final words he exited the room and left me with agent barton. Looking at agent barton I had no idea how this one man would become much more than just my partner, he would become the very man that would soothe the never ending bloodlust inside me and I’d become his reason to live.

The middle:

After getting my revenge on Victoria for the murder of my father I began working with shield. Not many of the other agents trusted my given my history but none would outright challenge me or say anything to my face. Barton and I have been partners for going on 4 years already, the initial attraction that was there to being with has grown to more. I have grown fond of him and knew I could trust him to have my back just as he could trust me to have his.

At the moment we were both on separate missions him watching over what Fury has called a tesseract. Fury has me working with another agent called black widow in collecting intelligence on weapons, currently black widow had allowed herself to be captured while I am waiting in the wings for her signal. We have worked together before not often due to not always being able to get along but we got the job done. She was mid interrogation when her phone started ringing, curious as to who would call her and interrupt our work I paid more attention.

“Are you kidding I am working, I am in the middle of an interrogation and this moron is giving me everything” I heard her respond to the person on the phone.

The man who thought he was interrogating her tried to deny he wasn’t giving everything up.

After a beat of silence I heard her mutter my codename shadow then tell whoever was on the phone she was going to have to put them on hold. After a nod to dumbass general as i have come to call him, he grabbed the phone from her and she headbutted him and kicked him. Taking that as my cue I appeared behind good 2 with my legs around his neck and flipped him towards the ground hard then flipped back up. I made my way towards the general as Widow was still beating on goon 1 then goon 2 when he got up. I grabbed the general pushed him into the rail and wrapped the chain around his leg then shoved him over the rail to let him hang.

Turning around to see what widow was up to I saw her pick up her phone and say that we were on our way. Turning towards me she announced that we needed to leave and she would explain on the way.

Feeling a bit confused but not wanting to get into it about leaving a job incomplete, I moved past her towards the entrance of the warehouse. Behind me I could hear her mention the name Coulson, seems Fury may be calling us back consider Coulson is his right hand man. I heard her exhale in a trembling breath a russian phrase.

Once outside and inside a car I took a side glance at her and saw she looked pale as a ghose, seems whatever Coulson said to her has her spooked.

“What seems to have you all spooked, I thought you never get scared. Why are we being called back, we have yet to finish this mission.”

“Barton has been compromised and I am shaken because our new mission is to go and get the hulk.”

“So let me get this straight instead of having one of us get the green man and the other go help locate barton they are sending both of us after the jolly green giant. Now I’d rather go after barton but seeing your face I am sending you back to the carrier and I will go get the jolly green giant. Beside out of the two of us, I’d be more likely to come out un scratch you’d get all spooked if he so much as raised his voice.”

Before she could utter a word we had already arrived at the airport. She gave me a head nod and went to another group of agents to a helicopter while I got on a jet to calcutta, India.

Arriving in India I did quick surveillance and notice dr. banner was acting as a doctor to sick people while honorable I knew we needed his assistance. After seeing a little girl wandering the street looking for food, i went up to get and offered her money to get dr. banner to follow her to an abandoned house where no damage could be done to anyone.

I also told my fellow agents to stay on the plane and leave me to it. I could see they wanted to protest but with a glare from me they quickly shut up and did as they were told.

Waiting out in the abandoned house, i hid in the shadows waiting for the 2 guests. I saw the little girl run through and out the window with dr. banner looking at her and mutter something under his breath.

“Hello Bruce for someone who reacts badly to stress, you are right in the middle of a stressful environment.”

He did a slight jump in the air and whirl around to face me as i suprised him.

“You have me at a slight disadvantage who know me but I do not know you or what it is that you want.”

“My name is Bella Swan and it’s not what I want, quite frankly I don’t really care to feel anything but indifference towards you. I am here as a request from Nick Fury, he needs you to come in”

Motioning my hand towards the chairs at the table for us to sit, i walked over and sat, waiting for him to do the same. Once he did i went to explain further on what he was needed for.

“We need you to come in and help us locate a cube called a tesseract it has the potential to wipe of the planet. It also emits gamma radiation and from what I have read on your file, no one knows gamma radiation like you do.”

I passed him my phone with the image of the tesseract.

“What does Fury want me to do with it swallow it?”

I smirked at him “ No that would be a sight to see but no, we just need you to locate it since it has been stolen and in the wrong hands can cause un parallel damage.”

“So Nick isn’t interested in the monster?”

“Not that I know of but then again I’m not told much info to begin with, I’m only told where to go and whom to get otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

He slams his hands down on the table and exclaimed, “Stop lying to me!”

I didn’t even flinch, I just looked up in his eyes and have him a blank and cold look, “have I passed your test? I’m not scared of you, if anything you amuse me. Now shall we continue this conversation on the way to the plane? We really must be going.”

He seemed taken aback that I didn’t even react to him in fear that he just agreed and followed me out to the car. Once at the hanger and in the plane he turned to look at me,

“Why aren’t you scared of me? Everyone else has always had some negative emotion towards me that i can just sense it in the air.”

“It’s like I said you amuse me and because the last person I was ever scared of I killed, it’s called conquering your fear. I haven’t been scared of anything since. The only thing that troubles me right now is my missing friend. I will assure you of one thing, if Fury intends to lock you away into a cage I will personally promise to help you out and get you out.”

“Why would you help me though?” he questioned in perplexity.

“Lets just say you remind me of someone I knew once.” After my response he sat back and we waited in silence until we arrived on the aircraft carrier.

“Welcome to our current base of operations Dr. Banner, remember what I said. Also do try to keep you jolly green self in check, I’d rather not have to over exert myself at the moment.” I said with a laugh as we got off the jet and onto the aircraft.

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13 thoughts on “Shadowed Arrows”

  1. One vampire left on her list? I wonder who that could be?

    ha ha ha ha ha

    Now, Hulk, Bella, get back to base and go help Clint!

  2. Like this, I think Bruce and Clint will help bring back the real but stronger Bella thats hiding behind the cold and indifferent mask, I think Bruce will be the brother she needs but never got, she seems a lot more genuine than Natasha, there something about Natasha that screams untrustworthy, I think she might be for hydra and spying on Sheild for them.

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