The First Meeting

Category: Batman/Once Upon A Time

The penthouse was quiet and dark when a shadow was seen opening the floor to ceiling windows. No noise was heard when the window opened and the shadow stepped into the room and yet the person inhabitation the penthouse, woke up all the same. He slowly set up and listened to the sounds that were normally heard in his house. And then he heard the sound of something being put down into his study. He got out of bed and slowly and quietly walked to his study. When he looked into the room, he saw a woman in a cat suit slowly trying to crack open his safe.

“You know, that might be easier to do with the password.” The man said while leaning against the doorway. The woman didn’t jump or gave any indication that she heard him, which told him that she had heard him long before he talked.

“Easier but a lot less fun.”

He made a small smile, while he looked her over. She was a young woman around mid-twenties he guessed. She was wearing a black formed suit, that was probably very lightweight if she could use it to climb into his penthouse on the 24th floor and not sweat through it. She had two “cat ears” on her head, which probably had a function besides framing her fake brown hair. He could see that her hair that reached the middle of her back was one color everywhere instead of different colors because of the sun, genes and other environmental things, which told him her hair was painted brown. Her shoes were long knee high shoes that could have been worn by every debutant on his parties if it wasn’t for the sharp looking heels that looked like they could kill a man.

“Like the view, Mr. Wayne?”

“Well you are the prettiest thief I have ever seen, but I feel a little disadvantage with you knowing my name but me not knowing yours.”

“I’m sorry you’ll have to have at least two dates before you’ll get my name. And I’m not a thief. I procure unique items for select clients.’

“So a thief.”

She looked over her shoulder at him with a smile on her red lips and said “No… a great thief.1” And then she opened the save.

“I don’t think there are any unique items in there that anyone would be interested in.”

“You’d be surprised in the items people are interested in, but who am I to judge, after all a girl got to pay her bills.”

“I’m sure. But maybe if you tell me what it is you’re looking for I can tell you where it is.”

She stood up with a smirk on her face and turned to face him, while holding a small 10 cm round egg in both hands. The egg was made of mauve enamel with gold trim. The egg had been in his family since his great-great-grandfather Alan Wayne bought the Fabergé egg for his great-great-grandmother Catherine Van Derm-Wayne.

He had forgotten Alfred had put that in the penthouse save while Wayne manor was under construction.


He looked up and shakes himself out of his taught. “Excuse me?”

“My name it’s Selina Kyle.”

‘That’s not your real name. No thief, especially one as good as you are would every willingly give up their real name to someone who could get them arrested.”

“Maybe I’m just not worried about you getting me arrested. After all a normal person who hears a burglar in their home would call the police and hide themselves instead of going to talk to said bugler.”

“What makes you think I haven’t called the police and then came here to talk to you so would still be here when the police come here to arrest you?” He asked generally curious why she thought he hadn’t talked the police.

She laughed

“I don’t think Batman needs the police’s help against one little thief, do you?”

All amusement he had felt during the conversation they had instantly vanished and he was across the room in the blink of an eye holding her against the wall.

“I don’t know what you think you know but you’re going to tell me everything… now!”

She could see now why Batman was feared by most of Gotham’s criminal underworld. He turned from a amused no-care attitude into a dark, intimidating personality in the blink of an eye. His eyes which had been amused during her attempt and success to break into the vault, were now cold and determined to get his answers. She looked into his eyes for a couple of minutes and just before his eyes turned to irritation, she decided she’d rather chose for the save and honorable one than for the insane one who would probably murder her.

“I was hired by a man who called himself Ra’s al Ghul to follow Bruce Wayne also known as Batman. He wanted me to find out everything I could about you, love interests, current enemies, your financial situation, living situation, you name it, he wanted it. From what I figured out it’s because he wants you to become his heir and he hopes to accomplish that by getting you to marry his daughter, and if that doesn’t work for you to knock her up. Apparently you’re one of the honorable ones who would stay with the mom to raise the child. No matter how insane the mother is. And honestly I don’t think you deserve any of their plans so here I am to see if you are as honorable and detectibly as you were made out to be.”

He turned his penetrating eyes on her boring them into her eyes to see if she was telling the truth.

She sighed

“Look the best liars always speak the truth2 because no one would ever suspect them of telling the truth, so here are two truths and one lie: My name is Emma Swan. I’m a mother and I have never been in love.”

When she said her name her green eyes flashed with memories, the second part was defiantly truth because no one could fake the hurt that was in her eyes with that statement. The third part was false, she had been in love once her grimace told him, and it looked like that love had hurt her as much as it had hurt him once. Before he could ask or even think about his reply, she twisted out of his arms and ran out of the room with the egg still in her hands. He shuck himself out of his shock and ran after her to the living room. One of the windows in the living room was open and Emma was standing in front of it.

“A cat in the corner makes strange jumps3 Mr. Wayne, and I have told you everything about what I know, the rest is up to you now. But I’m not planning to stick around to find out which one of you would win. Besides Ra’s al Ghul may suspect me, but they’ll never see me. They may chase me, but they’ll never catch me. Never, never, ever catch me.4

“The league of assassins isn’t for amateurs, they’ve been trained better than any navy seal. Once they decide you’re their target it’s almost impossible to escape them. And if they don’t find you than I will !”

“I have always been able to beat the odds. And almost is one of the best odds I have ever heard. Besides it fits beautifully with my live motto: Live fast. Love hard. Die young. Leave a good-smelling corpse.5 Don’t you think?

Before he could answer, she turned and jumped out the window. He ran to the window and was just in time to see her use a whip to land on the building next to his hotel.

“What are you going to do, sir?” Alfred asked from behind him.

Bruce turned to Alfred and smirked at him before saying “I’ll give her a day, so I can research Emma Swan, before I will find her. After all she did give me a challenge and I have an Swan Egg to get back!”

Quotes used in story:

1. Bela Talbot: I procure unique items for a select clientle.
Dean Winchester: Yeah. A thief.
Bela Talbot: No… A great thief.

Quote from Supernatural: Bad Day at Black Rock (#3.3) (2007) between Dean Winchester and Bela Talbot

2. “Selina Kyle: the best liars always tell the truth”

Gotham TV series, season 2: Rise of the Villains: The Son of Gotham. (2015)

3. “A cat in the corner makes strange jumps”

Dutch quote. “Een kat in het nauw maakt rare sprongen.”

4. “They may suspect me, but they’ll never see me. They may chase me, but they’ll never catch me. Never, never, ever catch me.”

Quote from catwoman vol.2 #19

5. : “Live fast. Love hard. Die young. Leave a good-smelling corpse.”

Quote from catwoman vol.2 #18

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