Chapter 2: The Almost-Sister

Chapter Two: The Almost-Sister

The pads of his fingers bit into the smooth leather of the steering wheel as his hands clenched viciously before he caught himself. Inhaling slowly, one by one Dean forced his fingers to relax, smoothing his hands down the sides of the steering wheel in silent apology.

You know I’d never hurt you, Baby

From the corner of his eye he spied at Sam again but his little brother was looking resolutely out the window, ignoring him and lost in his own thoughts. A dangerous place to be, Dean well knew.

Opening his mouth, the empty words of comfort poised on his tongue froze and crawled back up inside. Thinking better of it, he sighed and his grip tightened on the wheel again until he repeated the process of calming himself down once more. It’d been the cycle the entire drive ever since Bobby had called. Work himself up to speak, glance at Sam, think better of it and then get lost in his thoughts again. Lather, rinse, repeat. He felt like he should say something but what the hell could he say? The whole chick flick heart-to-heart moment was more Sammy’s scene and he wasn’t exactly hopping at the chance to talk it out like he usually was…

But then, little Bella Swan had always thrown Sam for a loop and had him acting out of character.

Just her name had Dean’s heart clenching and hands gripping again, his foot turning to lead as it sank even more against the gas pedal.

In his mind she was still the little girl with the gap in her teeth. She’d showed it off proudly to him, big dopey smile as she looked up at him with her bright eyes, chattering about the tooth fairy and the five dollars she got. Whenever he thought of her, which was more than he’d ever admit, he pictured her as that little kid even though he knew she was in her twenties now. Man, that thought alone had him feeling old… Little Bella Swan a grown woman? It felt wrong. He found himself wondering, as he was often guilty of doing, how her life was… What did she look like now? Did she go to college – she’d always been a smart little tyke – and was there some asshole guy in her life that needed a good scare? Because Dean was more than happy to have a little chat with any dude trying to pull a Dean on her – especially if he could use his fists to for the conversation.

More recently, however, his thoughts had become less curious and more paranoid. Like an itch in the back of his mind, a small inkling bloomed and little Bella Swan who’d never left his heart even if he hadn’t seen her in years, took up perpetual residence in his mind. It’d only gotten worst in recent events too.

He should’ve trusted his instincts, he thought, seething with anger. Gritting his teeth, Dean pushed back a wave of fury and self-hate. For weeks now he’d been thinking of her more than usual and then when Bobby had called… Dean harbored more issues than he’d ever own up to but with rare exceptions had he ever hated himself more than he had in that moment. His gut had been telling him something wasn’t quite right for a while now. How many times did he have to learn to trust his gut instincts the hard way before he pulled his head outta his ass and actually listened?

It’d started off as a vague, shapeless thought, really. At first, when they’d been chasing after Lilith and trying to save seals, it’d just been in the back of his mind. Why did he keep fighting a hopeless battle when all he wanted to do was stop – throw in the towel and retire? Didn’t he deserve some rest – hadn’t he done enough – sacrificed enough?

Then her name had sprung to mind and he remembered how she would smile up at him with all the trust and faith in the world – like he was incapable of doing any wrong in her eyes. At that point, it was more than just the guilt for breaking the first seal that propelled him forward. He was reminded about why he truly kept fighting – so that others wouldn’t have to. So that the innocent Bella Swans of the world could go on living their apple pie lives without a care in the world. Besides, he was already a doomed bastard with no hope for a normal life so why not keep on trucking and take down as many of those evil sons of bitches with him as he can?

But then the thought of her began to take more form. Her name popped into the peripherals of his mind more often than not. When Sam had started listening to Ruby more than him – a bitch demon who’d been playing them all along – Dean couldn’t help the resentful idea that maybe if Bella had been there Sam would’ve been thinking clearer. Maybe he should’ve tossed out her name to slap some sense into the boy…

For a guy who hated talking about matters of the heart, Dean had always been well in touch with emotions. Right off the bat he could tell that while he saw Bella as a little sister, Sammy would never look at her in the same light. Boy had been half in love with her at first sight.

It was why when things had been at their worst between Sam and dad he hadn’t been all too surprised to see the college brochures hidden under the backseat in the Impala… all centered around Arizona and Washington. He also hadn’t been terribly surprised when it was Stanford out in California that won out in the end. Though he hated it, Sammy knew deep down he would never escape the hunt. He’d been protecting Bella even then by staying away from her.

Dean knew it made him a special kind of sick for even thinking it, but when Jessica had met the same fate as their mother, a small part of him had been relieved. Relieved because he very well knew it could have just as easily been Bella in her place. In a twisted way, he was grateful it’d been Jessica instead and he was willing to bet a small, dark corner of Sam’s heart felt the same. Probably hated himself for it, too, but he was sure his brother had thought it all the same.

After he’d left Sammy for a bit after he’d inadvertently cracked the last seal, Bella became even more of a fixture in his thoughts. When that douchebag angel Zachariah had sent him into the apocalyptic future, it’d been a real eyeopener for Dean in more ways than one. Certainly not in the way that dick angel had meant it to be, but he knew if he and his brother continued down their current paths then Sam would eventually say yes.

In that future, he’d seen all his fears for Sammy laid bare but even in that rose garden while he and Samifer had their little face off, Bella had crept into the fringes Dean’s mind – so subtle that it hadn’t even registered until days later. It’d been but a flash, but he remembered how his angel possessed brother’s eyes had flicked away for a moment, darting to the house behind him. It hadn’t clicked then, but Samifer had been looking at a nearby window where a silhouette of a woman stood, haloed against the light. Dean remembered how, not fondness exactly, but a softness had flickered in his eyes. A contradictory gleam of covet and possessiveness.

It’d been too quick to make sense of at the time but in the following days after he’d reunited with his brother, Dean couldn’t help but zero in with laser focus on that silhouette. He never told Sammy about it, but he constantly analyzed that future as he fought to avoid it, his mind constantly coming back to that woman and what it could possibly mean.

Stupid of him to debate it, though, when he had always known deep down it could only be one person. Now with the call to arms to go to her… Dean suspected it wasn’t just a monster of the week variety they’d be facing. Nothing was ever easy for them anymore and he suspected Bella was going to pay for that.

Gritting his teeth again, Dean spied a gas station on the outskirts of Seattle and swerved in. Throwing the car into park, he turned off the engine and climbed out.

“What the hell, man? Why are you stopping – we have to keep going,” Sam mouthed off looking half furious and ready for a fight.

Dean cut him a look. “And how are we going to get there on an empty tank? Ease up, Sammy – you’re not the only one worried but at least Cas is with her for now. She’ll be okay,” he said, half to reassure himself.

Not waiting for a response, he continued, “I gotta hit the head – fill her up for me,” and without a glance back to make sure Sam complied, Dean jogged into the convenience store.

Making quick work in the bathroom he decided to pick up some fuel for him and Sam while at it, loading his arms with hostess pies and beef jerky. Feeling generous he even grabbed one of those pre-made sandwiches for Sammy that looked halfway fresh, a peace offering he hoped would help thaw the lingering tension.

Laying his feast down at the register, his eyes spied a bag of jelly beans amongst the impulse buy items lined up.

Eyes crinkling, his thoughts faded to that first summer with Bella. Charlie had taken them to the store for her to spend the five bucks the tooth fairy had left her and instead of Barbies or dolls, Bella had bought the biggest bag of jelly beans her little hands could carry. When she learned it was Sam’s favorite candy she’d insisted it was hers also and all she wanted to do with her tooth money was buy a big bag for them to share.

Dean had teased her when he saw her juggling the super-sized candy bag – “You’ll turn into a jelly bean if you eat all of those, Jelly Belly!”

“It’s for us, Dean,” she said with a grin. “Just you’s and me and Sammy. No one else!”

His heart had melted. Kid really was a doll and always made sure to include Sam and Dean in whatever she was planning.

“C’mon sweetheart, lemme carry that for you,” he smiled, taking the bag easily from her and snorting when Sam gave him a glare for it. Kid was jealous but didn’t know it yet.

“And being a jelly bean would be cool,” she huffed as she handed it over.

Dean rolled his eyes but smiled down at her. “I’m gonna start calling you Belly your stomach is gonna get so stuffed with them that’s all we’ll see – just your Jelly Belly.”

Her eyes brightened. “And you can be the Bean. Belly Bean!”

Sam snickered and Dean was mortified at such an in-masculine nickname. Still, Bella smiled up unawares at him showing off that little gap in her teeth and he sighed. “I’ll be the Bean for you, Jelly Belly – just for you.”

“You’re the bestest,” she clapped, wrapping her arms around his stomach in a tight hug. Dean smiled more genuinely this time.

Feeling mischievous, he folded her up into his arms and leaned down to stage whisper, “But Sammy is gonna feel left out without a special nickname of his own. What should we call him, Belly?”

She pulled back with a long blink, cocking her head while looking to Sam. “But he’s Sammy,” she said, not understanding. “He’s my Sammy.”

Sam’s cheeks went pink and though it wasn’t an embarrassing nickname, Dean considered it a win nonetheless.

Especially as he convinced little Belly to call him ‘my Sammy’ for the rest of the summer.

Swallowing back at the memory, Dean inhaled shakily. Without another thought his hand swiped out and grabbed the bag of jelly beans, tossing it on top of the pile at the cashier.

“That too,” he mumbled, reaching back for his wallet and slapping one of his many fraudulent credit cards down on the counter.

“Cool man,” the teen cashier said, ringing him up and tossing everything into a bag.

Jogging back out to the car, he saw Sam had finished and was waiting impatiently for him. Crawling in, he threw the bag at Sam and started her up, darting back onto the highway.

“What the hell, dude? You buy the whole store?” Sam smarted, opening the bag and digging through Dean’s score.

Changing lanes, Dean glanced over and was about to give him a snide comment when he caught the wide-eyed look in his brother’s eyes as he stared down at the bag of jelly beans in his hands.

Swallowing dryly, Dean frowned and looked away when Sam gave him one of his puppy-dog, searching stares. Darting out his hand, he snatched the jelly beans away and shoved them back into the bag with a gruff, “Those aren’t for you.”

Sighing, Sam dropped the bag to the floor and looked back out the window. There was a long moment of tense silence before he asked quietly, “You think she remembers us?”

“Oh she remembers us,” Dean muttered darkly, not an ounce of hesitation behind the answer.

Sam frowned. “Why do you say it like that? Like it’s a bad thing.”

“That girl followed us everywhere,” Dean said, memories of the three of them paling around each summer making his fists clench again. “We were closer than friends – closer than family – and we up and left her without even a Dear John letter or a, ‘so long and thanks for all the fun,’” Dean glared, old anger from the day their dad told them they would not be returning to Forks for the summer rekindling. “You know how sensitive she always was – I’m sure she blamed herself. We probably scarred that girl for life, Sam.”

His brother blinked, looking mildly horrified. Dean could see how he was turning the words around in his head and slowly, the truth of them sank in as deflated with a sigh.

“But we never stopped thinking about her,” Sam mumbled, looking out the window. They hadn’t talked about Bella for years but that didn’t stop his words from being true. “We never stopped caring for her.”

Dean rubbed his face. “We both know that,” he sighed. “Doubt that ever occurred to her though.”

“Bella Swan,” her name tumbled off Sam’s lips softly, almost reverently, as he shook his head and stared out the window, likely lost to some memory involving his what-if girl.

“Bella Swan,” Dean agreed, foot pressing more insistently down on the gas pedal.

The rumbling purr of his Baby was not quite as comforting as it usually was, though.

They’d barely come to a rolling stop at the airport curbside arrival pickup when Bobby opened the door and threw himself in with a, “What are you waiting for, boy? Get back on the road.”

The gruff greeting and sense of urgency behind the words did nothing to reassure the brothers.

Once they were back on the highway and well on their way to Forks, Sam inhaled deeply and broke the tense silence.

“So,” he exhaled, finally looking away from the window. He visibly braced himself before he glanced back at Bobby. “What are we dealing with?” he asked.

“What aren’t we dealing with,” Bobby countered grimly, sounding exhausted. “Seems the supernatural is drawn to Forks – and to Bella.”

“Spit it out, Bobby,” Dean growled, unable to wait any longer.

“Watch your tongue, boy,” Bobby shot back, but then sighed, realizing they were all just pushed to their limits and him being vague wasn’t helping. In a more mild tone, he continued, “Charlie may have left the game years ago, but he was far from rusty. ‘Fraid not even he uncovered everything so we’ll have our work cut out for us but so far I know we’re dealing with two things in particular: wolves and Cold Ones.”

“Son of a bitch,” Dean spat. “Fucking werewolves?! Cold Ones?! What the hell, man!”

“Shape-shifters, to be precise,” Bobby clarified as if that helped things.

“You mean the Quileutes?” Sam cut in. “But they’re just tribal protectors – what fuss could they be causing?”

Bobby lifted a brow at Sam. “I’m not even going to ask how you already know about them,” he said dryly.

Sam looked down guiltily. Obviously, he wasn’t as out of touch with Forks as they had been and Dean was already planning on interrogating his brother over his knowledge – though he wasn’t even half-surprised by it. If Dean had always kept Bella close to his heart then of course Sam had done so as well; maybe even more so given they’d shared a bond that had never entirely been of the sibling variety. Knowing Sam and his penchant for research, Dean suspected his brother had always had Bella on his peripheral radar, eventually comparing the obituaries with local legends in her hometown to be sure her life could continue in blissful ignorance of the supernatural. Even knowing she’d had Charlie with her in Forks, Sam would not have left Bella’s safety to chance.

Now, though, Dean doubted little Bella had been all that naive to the things that went bump in the night. She’d always been so observant and once her interest was caught, she was damn tenacious.

“But yes, you’re right,” Bobby finally confirmed. “Charlie made friends with the tribe. They never knew his history with the hunt, but when he heard their legends he knew enough to see the truth of them. Seems these wolves have mainly been protecting Bella and Charlie wasn’t overly concerned by them.”

“Overly concerned?” Dean caught the implication that there was at least some concern there, though.

“Well, he mentioned one of the wolves was a bit fixated on Bella – more so than he thought was healthy.”

“As in,” Sam began, and Dean shot him a look when he caught the tentative, almost sad tone to the words. “As in one of them imprinted on her?”

“Imprinted? What the hell is that?” Dean barked. Some dog better not have imprinted on his Belly – no matter what the hell it meant.

Bobby gave Sam a knowing, reassuring smile even as it was Dean’s question he addressed. “Kind of like love at first sight or some mumbo-jumbo. A wolf looks at someone and becomes irrevocably tied to them – bound for life. Rather unhealthy if you ask me. Their legends say there’s only one imprint for a wolf and it’s a rare phenomenon.”

Ah, Dean thought. No wonder Sammy was concerned. Of course his brother had no real substantial claim to the girl – it having been years since they’d seen her and the both of them just having come into their feelings for the other when they’d been forced to separate – but she’d always been his what-if fantasy girl… The girl he compared all others to. Sam would be disappointed if they arrived to be confronted with her living happily ever after with some other guy; the life some part of Sam had always yearned for with her – especially with a guy of the supernatural variety.

“And no,” Bobby finally put the boy out of his misery. “None of them have imprinted on her. Charlie seemed to think one of them, though, was a bit too fixated on her. Almost to the point of possessive. Controlling – the wolves have terrible tempers.”

Sam looked relieved even as his eyes darkened at the mere idea of some wolf going even remotely obsessive stalker on their girl. Dean mentally agreed. Some dog was about to get neutered.

“Well, that’s easily handled,” Dean smirked, naked threat to the words and for once, Sam didn’t try to dissuade him. “What’s this about Cold Ones, now?”

Bobby sighed again. “That’s where things get tricky. Seems little Bella got mixed up in a coven of them – vegetarians, as they say – but they did not do right by our girl. Sounds like she dated one of them and he left her high and dry with a vengeful mate after her. It’s why the wolves got involved.”

“What the hell?! We left so she could have a nice, normal life and here she ends up caught in some tug-o-war with wolves and fucking leeches!”

“We still have Dead Man’s Blood on hand, right?” Sam asked, eyes narrowed as his mind already turned over on how to handle the larger of the two threats. Cold Ones were trickier to take out over the average vampire, but a machete laced with either their venom or Dead Man’s Blood (or for best results a combo of the two) worked rather nicely if you could catch them off guard.

“You bet your ass we do,” Dean said, already rearing to go.

“Maybe both of you want to cool your jets so I can finish?” Bobby said pointedly.

“Holy shit – there’s more?!” Dean asked.

“’Fraid so,” Bobby muttered grimly. “And here’s where it gets messy, boys, so try to keep up.”

Now it gets messy?” Dean muttered in disbelief. Just what had baby girl gotten herself into?

“Charlie suspects there was more going on around town. Strange occurrences that couldn’t really be explained by leech or wolf started occurring and by his account, Bella was spooked something good – more than the usual tension from the local supes.”

“So we’ve got Cold Ones, wolves and then possibly some other player in the game…? Great,” Dean said sarcastically.

“One thing is for certain though – it was the vengeful mate that got the jump on Charlie. Reports of his death were gruesome and bloodied. And it was Bella who found the body.”

“Son of a bitch,” Dean hissed while Sam’s shoulders tightened, hands clenching into fists.

His brother may have been a baby when their mother was murdered, but Dean was old enough to never forget the horror of their mother pinned to a ceiling set ablaze as their entire home caught fire. He’d caught the image for mere seconds before his dad had jolted into action but it was forever branded into his heart. Not a day went by where he didn’t feel the scars of it. The last thing he wanted for his almost sister was the same burden of knowing that comes with seeing a loved one suffer. The mere idea of little Bella Swan swimming in helplessness and guilt after finding her father had Dean wishing he could take his machete to anyone and anything standing in his way of getting to his Belly.

They drove in silence for a bit after that and as tense as they all were, for the first time in a long time they were all on the same page. Sucked it was at the cost of someone they all held so dear, but damned if it didn’t feel somewhat good having a direction again. In recent days, Dean would look at Sam and see a stranger; a man who looked like his brother but whose actions and mind were tainted by demon’s blood. An addict, he’d thought on several occasions. No matter Sam’s pure intentions, he’d become a slave to his drug of choice, ignoring Dean and all warning signs that said, ‘danger Will Robinson!’ in favor of that bitch demon. Dean told himself Sam had been manipulated and tricked into doing it, but all he saw lately when he looked at his little brother was a stranger who looked vaguely familiar. A demon his hunter instincts urged to strike down.

Things with Bobby had been strained lately too – what with him taking a knife to Dean while possessed but then breaking the demon’s hold, nearly paralyzing himself in the process. The man he considered to be like a father to him still hadn’t recovered from the ordeal. Physically, he was mostly healed though he walked with a now permanent limp but mentally… Well, Dean knew recent events weren’t so easy to shake off.

He supposed they all had their demons, he thought darkly.

An uneasy truce had settled between them. Learning that Dean was Michael’s vessel and Sam Lucifer’s forced things into perspective. No matter the shit between them; the tension, the burning sense of mistrust and betrayal… All of that turned to dust in the face of bastard angels trying to turn them into pawns on their giant apocalypse chessboard.

Family could piss you off and hurt you like none other – but they were still family and family always came first. Always. He hoped Bella took that into account when they reunited because family didn’t end in blood, as Bobby always said, and that girl may not have been Winchester by birth but she damn sure was family.

And he’d be damned, even more so than he already was, if anything happened to that girl.

Spying at Sam again, Dean was heartened by his expression. It was an echo from their youth; a look he wore often around Bella. The intensity was concerning given recent events, but the protectiveness and vague light of adoration balanced it well.

He remembered the first time he saw that look on his brother’s face and understood what was brewing between him and little Belly. After much begging and pleading on Bella’s part, Charlie had allowed Dean to take the two younger kids to the park without any adult supervision. Of course, John had taken him aside and slipped Dean his 9mm, but for the most part, it was a true moment of being able to sit back and act their age for the first time in years. Safe away from the prying, watchful eyes of the adults, even Dean had given into the urge to goof off, playing lava monster and chasing after Bella as she squealed and tried to hide behind Sammy. The sound of her laughter provoked Sam’s and watching the two of them laughing and smiling together had Dean feeling like a king. Like the weight of the gun in his jacket pocket was nonexistent and he’d found his true purpose in life.

Later, some kids had joined them and Bella, feeling tired from all the running, stepped aside to play in the mud and whatnot. Dean was always aware of where she was, but he’d been a bit distracted when a small game of kickball started so it wasn’t until Bella gave a warbling cry that he snapped to attention.

Too late, though. Sammy was already at her side, shoving a boy back from her and looking fit to spit nails. Jogging over, Dean took in Bella’s teary face and the smashed clumps of dirt around her. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what had happened.

Grabbing the back of Sam’s jacket, he hauled him back before he could do some serious damage to the stupid kid. Shoving him towards Bella in a silent command for him to see to her, Dean turned to the other boy and barked, “You better scram, kid, or I’ll finish what he started. Don’t come near our girl again!”

The boy swiped at his busted lip and ran off, figurative tail between his legs.

Turning back, Dean started slightly when he saw Bella wrapped up in little Sammy’s arms, her face burrowed into his neck as his hand ran through her hair. He clutched her to him as though afraid she’d disappear at any moment. As young as they were, they looked oddly serious and Dean felt like he was intruding when he continued over to check on her.

Bella looked up from where she was situated but didn’t move to let go of Sam.

“I was making you a mud pie, Bean. Uncle Bobby said you liked pie and I wanted to surprise you and he – he came over and stomped on it and pulled my hair,” she sniffled. “And now your pie is ruined.”

“Ah Belly,” Dean sighed, smiling at her reassuringly. “It’ll be okay – it’s nothing that can’t be fixed, right?”

She nodded, but burrowed back into Sam.

“C’mon Bella,” Sam murmured into her hair, his voice soft in a way Dean had never heard. “I brought some jelly beans for us – we can remake the mud pies and put some on top for Dean. I’m sure he’d love that,” he cut Dean a mischievous grin.

Dean glared at his brother, but dropped it with a smile when Bella shot up and beamed at him. “Would you like that, Bean? A jelly bean pie?! I can make it for you right now – it will be soooo good, I swears!”

Sighing, Dean decided to hell with it. “I’m sure it’ll be the best tasting pie I’ve ever had, Belly – I can’t wait!”

And damned if he didn’t force a bite or two of it down moments later, smiling in thanks at the beaming girl as Sam laughed. Even though dinner still tasted like dirt later that night, he decided bringing back Bella’s smile had been worth it.

Especially since he was quick to notice the effect her smile had on Sammy.

Pulling up to the house in Forks, Dean cut the engine. Anticipation settled over the three of them like a fog as they stared out at the house. It hadn’t changed, not one bit, and left a surreal feeling in the air. Almost like a dream he was having while still aware he was dreaming…

A lone light shone downstairs and Dean’s heart leapt like a teenage girl when a shadow stirred over the window. A young woman, pacing around the living room.


“What is she doing up so late?” Sam muttered, wide eyes staring unblinking at the window.

Bobby swallowed. “She’s expecting us.”

Dean flinched. “You called her?!”

He refused to analyze the twinge of jealousy that had him wanting to smack Bobby.

“You expect I was gonna let us roll up and steamroll that girl? Give her a heart-attack when we came waltzing up like no time had passed? Pull your head out of your ass, son. Charlie’s last wishes need sorting and he was my brother. I’m sure she was expecting at least me to show up before I even rang her.”

Sam ignored the tension and said, mostly to himself, “Things look quiet, at least. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Dean latched onto that thought, resisting the urge to smack his brother for having just jinxed them. “Yeah – because looks are never deceiving in our line of work. I wonder if Cas is still about or if he poofed off to go finish his search for God…”

There was a now familiar ruffle of wings and Cas’s mono-toned voiced announced from the backseat, “I’m here, Dean.”

Bobby – not as used to the angel’s abrupt arrivals and departures yet – flinched and grabbed at his heart. “Why don’t you warn a fellow next time – some of us aren’t as young as we used to be.”

Castiel ignored him, his eyes trained on the innocent house that loomed before them.

“This girl you sent me to,” he began, frowning in thought. “Who is she?”

Hearing the slight note of trepidation, Dean frowned and gave Cas a searching look. “A family friend,” he muttered, trying to put his finger on what had the usually unflappable looking a bit worried. “Why?”

“This woman is well protected,” Castiel said, turning to gaze thoughtfully out the side window.

“Yeah, yeah – we know about the wolves,” Dean rolled his eyes. Thank god it was just the puppies that had the angel looking like he was about to have kittens.

“No – not the wolves,” Cas intoned before he turned back to Dean and gave him a look that had the hunter sitting up straighter as he waited for the other shoe to drop. “I’m referring to the demons.”

It was silent for all of three seconds before chaos erupted.

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  1. Holy hell, that was an amazing chapter. You got me loving this story so hard right now! I adore the relationship between Bean and his Belly so sweet. And I have a feeling than Sammy and Bella are gonna be smoking hot when they get together. And oh man a “juiced” up Lovesick Sam. That’s gonna be epic! More please!

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    Demons protecting Bella sounds interesting; hopefully the guys won’t have a problem with them. Curious to see if there’s something special about Bella to have that type of protection.

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