Feral Daughter

Category: Twilight/X-Men

Logan and Gambit walked into the Professors office wondering why Logan was called. They walked in and saw the rest of the team there as well.

What do you need, Professor?” asked Logan.

I need you to go with the team to get this girl. She is a young mutant being abused.” replied the Professor.

“Why do we need Logan? I think we can handle it without him,” said Scott.

Because she is a feral mutant, like Logan. She may take to him better. The man who has her isnt her father. He isnt even family. Her family sold her to this man, who is a mutant as well. He forces her to fight every night in a pit. She is the main attraction. He forces her to fight to the death. If she doesnt kill her opponent. He punishes her. What I want to do, is bring her here where she can be safe.” explained the Professor.

Logan was furious at what he was hearing. “How old is she?”

She is 19.” answered the Professor with a sigh.

Ill come too.” offered Gambit.


When they got to the remodeled warehouse, it was already packed with people. They snuck in, and joined the crowd around the pit, trying not to get noticed just yet. They looked across the pit and saw a man in a throne-like chair. He was a weasely little man. Next to him on her knees was the girl they were looking for. She was short and slender. She had long, curly, tangled black hair. She was tan. She had her head down. She looked like a slave or a pet, which only made Logan and the rest of the team angrier.

The man stood up with a big grin. “Are you all ready for tonight?!” He shouted over the people to get their attention.

The crowd cheers. The sound almost deafening. “Well, let’s get started shall we?” He said, as he unleashed the girl, took her roughly by the arm and threw her into the pit. She landed in a crouch. Quickly turning her head back to look at him, she let out a furious growl.

“Keep that up and you won’t eat tonight.” He yelled at her.

“So, who wants to take on my little beasty tonight?” Asked the man.

Logan suddenly had an idea of how to get her.

Logan let his claws slide out and he growled over the crowd. “I will. But if I win, I take her with me. If I win, I take ownership.”

Scott looked over at Logan like he had two heads. He was about to ask what he was doing. But Gambit quickly whispered in Scott’s ear. “Just go with it.”

The man looked at Logan with narrow eyes. He could tell Logan was a feral like the girl. “I paid a lot of money for this one.”

Are you afraid, she’ll lose?” Gambit spoke up, coming to stand next to Logan.

I know she won’t. She doesn’t lose.” The man answered arrogantly.

The girl was looking at Logan curiously. Her gaze was on his adamantium claws.

Fine.” The man conceded, before looking at the girl. “You better not lose, beast.”

The girl gave a curt nod.

Logan jumped into the pit in front of the girl. The crowd was going wild. Logan knew no one would hear him if he spoke softly to the girl. Her being a feral, her hearing was as sensitive as his.

I’m here to help you. To get you out of her. This was the only way we could think of to do this without killing everyone in here.” Logan murmured low enough only for her to hear.

Fine. You feel familiar. Your scent is familiar. That’s the only reason I’m trusting you.” Her lips barely moving as she spoke.

Ready!” The man shouted.

Both ferals got into crouches, ready to fight. “Go!”

The both ran at each other. The girl made it look good, made it look like she was fighting back. But she knew she had to lose to be able to leave with this man. She was still unsure of this, but anything to get away from her current owner. The fight only lasted 10 minutes before Logan pinned her with his claws at her throat, winning the fight.

You have to stab me. You don’t have a choice. I’ll heal. Just do it.” Her lips barely moving once again.

Logan looked like he didn’t want to, and knew he’d catch shit from it later from the team, but knew he had to. He stabbed her straight through the throat. The only thing that kept him from feeling horrible was the fact that she’d heal soon. They had to get her out of her.

The crowd went silent when he stabbed her. Her owner’s eyes were wide. She’d just lost her first fight. And now he was losing her.

Logan knew he couldn’t show her kindness right now, not in front of this man. So, he retracted his claws, and picked up her unconscious body and threw her over his shoulder like a potato sack, and began carrying her away.

Where do you think you’re going?” asked the man, getting up from his seat.

We had a deal. I keep her if I win.” Logan said, letting his claws back out, glaring at the man.

The man glared right back, grinding his teeth together. He knew he couldn’t beat Logan, so he just nodded.

Logan walked out the door with the girl over his shoulder, and the team walking behind him.

Once they got back to the ship, he gently sat her on a chair, and buckled her in, sitting beside her, and grabbing a cloth that Gambit held out for him. He put it over her throat, letting her throat heal.

Get us in the air, then we can stop and check on her. We just need to get out of here.” Logan ordered, not taking his eyes off of the girl.

Storm, who was still speechless from what she just witnessed, nodded and got the ship going.

They were halfway home by the time the girl opened her eyes. She cleared her throat with a wince. Gambit handed her a bottle of water. “Thank you.”

He smiled at her. “You’re welcome, cher.”

Her eyes flashed with a quick shot of desire at his accent, making Gambit turn his head to hide his smirk.

Logan shook his head with a slight smile.

The girl took the time to look around at everyone.

Alright, kid. I suppose it’s time for introductions. I’m Logan. I’m a feral, like you.” Logan started, then pointed at Gambit. “That’s Gambit, the Cajun.” The girl giggled a little at that, making them all smile. “Then you have Scott, with the weird glasses. Jean, the red head, and Storm, with the white hair.”

The waved at him. “Hello. I’m Isabella Howlett.”

She watched as everyone’s eyes widened, Logan’s being the biggest.

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15 thoughts on “Feral Daughter”

  1. Big shocker at the end! I wondered how that came about.

    Please say that there’s more! I think it’ll be so sweet to see the father/daughter relationship growing between Logan and Bella.

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