Prompt: On Halloween a group of people get trapped in a haunted asylum…

Fandoms: Twilight/Supernatural

“And you got your EMF detector, Bella?”

The young woman waved hers about and went back to setting up. Ed nodded but tilted his head about as she was bent over. She sighed and peered over her shoulder.

“Can I help you with something else, Eddie?”

The man sighed and adjusted his glasses.

“Why do you always say my name like that?”

She shrugged thinking back to her ex but didn’t comment

“Besides, it’s just Ed. Not Eddie…”

Once the young woman finished she turned back around seeing as how the cameraman (Spruce) was right in her face.

“Is that really necessary?”

“Ed insists that I get your input before we get started.”


He nodded and zoomed in on her face.

“Input on what exactly?”

“Well, for starters – what are your expectations for tonight?”

Bella merely flipped the camera off and went about her way. Ed cut her a scornful look once he caught wind of this. He quickly pulled her off to the side and hissed, “You can’t do that…This is a reality show.”

“I thought it was webisodes…”

“Well yes, but it’s also a reality show.”

“So a reality show you’re going to post on the internet?”

Ed nodded.


She went to walk away only to have Ed stop her.

“I don’t mean to be a drag. But we do things more professionally around here. So cussing and flipping the bird when on camera has to stop.”

“I’ll do my best to keep that in mind.”

“Please see that you do.”

Ed shook his head looking slightly annoyed as she merely went about her way.

“She’s got a bit of a bad girl side,” Spruce whispered as she was setting up in another room now.

“That she does, doesn’t she?” Ed murmured looking to be in thought.

“Between you and I… It’s kind of hot.”

Spruce chuckled. “Right?”

“Still… She has to obey the rules like anyone else,” Ed affirmed with a touch of authority to his voice.

“I’m not so sure this one plays by the rules…”

“Then I will teach the young grasshopper. She’ll have it all down by the end of the night.”

“Looks like she’s got it down to me…” Spruce muttered as he zoomed in on her cleavage.

“Dude…” Ed scolded. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“You know what… Besides, she’s my girl, Spruce…”

Spruce sighed with disappointment and decided to do a quick tour of the place before nightfall.

“No need to stop on my account,” the young woman stated. Maggie and Harry were heavily making out in the corner of the room she just walked into.

Harry cleared his throat and dropped his hands. Maggie had a massive blush going across those cheeks of hers. Bella smiled their direction.

“That’s some game you go going there, Harry,” she teased as he had a bit of a stiffy.

The man swiftly turned and ‘adjusted’ himself. His girlfriend covered her mouth with a giggle and quickly exited the room. Harry looked upon Bella with a flushed face.

“So how long have you two been dating?” she questioned curiously as she was testing out her EMF detector.

“For a few months or so.”

She nodded. “Cute couple…”

“Um thanks… I think.”

“Would you rather have me say you look horrendous together?”

“No, not particularly.”

“Then accept it, Harry.”

Harry gestured towards Ed in one of the other rooms.

“So you and Ed?”

Bella couldn’t help but to wrinkle her nose.

“Um no…”

“But you kissed him…”

“Is that what he told you? Well, allow me to clarify. Eddie boy was drunk as a skunk and it was him that kissed me.”

“Drunk or not… He really likes you.”

“I know…” she said with a certain smirk.

“Hey Bella, when you’re done I really need you back here. I got something for you.” She resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“Um sure. I’ll be right out,” she hollered out in reply.

“You should give him a chance…” Harry murmured as he exited the room.

When she turned around, Ed was directly behind her.

“Jesus Christ, Eddie!”

“I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“What’s this for?” Bella questioned as Ed was placing some sort of headset on her.

“It’s for communication, one of the most important things during these hunts. We were using radios but we were having too much trouble with them.”

She looked over seeing as how Maggie and Spruce were putting theirs on as well. Ed cleared his throat. “So… about last night…”

“Eddie…” she said with an exasperated sigh.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s those Winchester douchnozzels!” Harry called out as he entered the building with more of their things.

“Who?” Bella questioned.

She reared back on Ed’s randomly odd behavior. He was muttering something about the “Losechesters” and nearly knocked her down on the way out. The young woman rolled her eyes and decided to go on and start investigating.

“Not again… Look you guys can’t keep popping up on our turf!”

“Turf?” Dean said with a chuckle as he twirled his keys about and regarded the asylum in thought.

“Hey Sam, looks like we were right all along, these guys did escape from the looney bin.”

Sam chuckled.

“Look, we were here first and after last time I think it would be best if you two just ran along. We got this. You two go do your thing and we’ll do ours.”

“We are doing our thing and we’re not going anywhere bozo, so deal with it. As for you and your pathetic ghosthunt posse, it’s time to jet. And I mean it this time. So pack it up.”

“Nah man, we already got everything set up and ready to go!” Harry snapped in return.

“Not my problem. Look, we’ll help you pack it up. How ‘bout that?”

“Shit!” Harry called out as the Winchesters were strutting right past them and right on through the doors.

“Let’s go!” Dean demanded once they were inside.

Spruce and Maggie regarded the boys in utter surprise.

“What are you doing here?” Spruce bitterly questioned.

“We’re checking in and you’re checking out.”

Ed narrowed his eyes, however, wondering where ‘his’ girl was. Dean and Sam started to grab a few of their things.

“Just hold on now!” Ed called out getting a tad concerned as to Bella’s whereabouts.

Dean shook his head and started to head on out with one of their trunks.

“Let me find my girl. She’s around here some place. She made it pretty clear just how important this hunt was to her. We can talk this out. I can’t simply walk away from this one.”

“You got a girl?”

Ed nodded.


He nodded once again looking flustered.

“Now this I gotta see.”

The man pushed a button on his headset.

“Bella, we need you back at base.”

Maggie looked to Ed in question.

“Is she even aware of what base is, exactly?”

Ed shook his head and another realization came to.

“Oh no…”

“What?” Spruce asked with slight alarm.

“I can’t call to her.”

“Why not?” Dean said with impatience.

“Because I haven’t showed her how the headset works. We can hear her but she won’t be able to hear us.”

“So you’re telling me you got some clueless chick wandering about a haunted asylum where a bunch of people died? And let me guess, she’s all alone.”

The Ghostfacers pulled a certain face on this.

“She’s new and doesn’t know any better…” Harry threw out there causing Dean to roll his eyes.

“That just makes this so much better. You do realize this is Leap Year all over again? You idiots! Are you ready to lose another buddy?”

Ed actually staggered back as he pictured Bella ending up with the same fate as Corbett. But in his head he believed it to be a personal curse of his. Anyone that ‘fell’ for him was surely doomed. Why would Bella be any different? This time, though, was different. They were somewhat of an item now or so he assumed. He had to find her and save her!

Suddenly everyone froze as the Ghostfacers were picking up something on their headsets. It was just loud enough that Dean and Sam could hear it as well. Dean raised his brows and couldn’t help but to rear back in amazement.

Dragging me down

Why you around? So useless

It ain’t my fall, it ain’t my call

It ain’t my bitch

Outta my way

Outta my way, outta my day

Outta of your mind and into mine

Into no one, into not one

Into your step but outta of time

The man put a hand to his heart and looked to Sam in awe. The girl was muttering a Metallica song under her breath as she was doing her investigation. One he knew all too well.

“What the… fuck?” they heard her mumble as she stopped in mid-chorus.

“Dammit, Eddie boy. I told you we had the wrong area. This place is hopping but no – he plays it safe by keeping everything downstairs. I swear these guys are afraid of their own damn shadows.”

They heard her sigh as if frustrated.

“If the idiot wasn’t so busy staring at my ass, he might’ve been able to pick up on the energy in here. And I can’t believe he fucking kissed me! How sick is that? Hell, even after massive amounts of mouthwash and a hot shower I still felt like I needed to be placed in government quarantine.”

The Winchesters cocked a brow at this and Dean smirked upon Ed. She turned on her tape recorder and began with their usual questions during these ghosthunts.

“She’s definitely not your girl but she might be mine…”

“Man, that’s harsh,” Harry said, noticing the wounded glint in his friend’s eyes.

Ed cleared his throat looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Let’s just hurry and find her before something happens,” he sputtered out.

“Sorry Ed…” Maggie whispered.

He did his best to shrug it off as they followed the Winchesters. The Ghostfacers called to Bella every once in a while but they never got a reply. Ed sighed in defeat and said, “She must be up a floor or so.”

“Of course she is. Here you were thinking she was your girl, yet you let her wander off like that? And that right there is why you couldn’t score with a Metallica babe. I haven’t even seen this chick yet and already know she’s way out of your league!”

Ed tried calling to her once again as they made their way up the stairs. They heard the slamming of doors followed by…“OH COME THE FUCK ON!”

Sam looked to his brother in disbelief. Dean had a massive grin on his face. “I gotta meet this chick!” he announced rather exuberantly. Ed let out a miserable breath. After making their way up the stairs, they headed down a hallway. Just a few more steps and they heard a gunshot and it was followed by Bella flying out of a nearby room.

“You brought a gun?! To a ghosthunt?!” Ed declared in absolute shock. She groaned out and came to her feet. The irritated woman rolled her eyes as she was dusting herself off.

“I get slammed through a door and your only concern is that I packed heat?”

“We don’t do guns,” Ed snapped.

“Got it.”

“No. I don’t think you do!”

“Excuse me?” she challenged with a particular glare his direction.

Dean saw it for what it was. Ed was humiliated and therefore pissed, so he was taking it out on her.

“So no cussing, no flipping the bird, remain professional at all times, and no heat… Making a mental list…” she murmured as she was about to reenter the room she flew out from.

Dean looked to the hottie before him and towards his brother. “Can we keep her?”

“Dude, quit scooping out our girl,” Spruce scolded.

Sam had a good laugh at this.

“She is kind of cute…” he admitted giving her the once over as well.

“Cute? She’s a hot mess!”

Dean cleared his throat doing his best to snap out of it.

“Sorry Annie Oakley, but you gotta come with us.”

“I wasn’t aware there was a sheriff in these here parts,” she witted in return.

“And FYI – that gun won’t do you a bit of good unless you’re packing rock salt in there.”

She started to reply but froze as a sudden chill came over her. Bella held up a hand and was motioning for the others to back away. A cold breath fled from her lips and her body tensed up.

“Shit…” Dean murmured as whatever it was lifted her off the ground.

“Mom?” they heard her whisper looking to be in shock.

Dean fired off his salt gun and the entity dispersed.

“NO!” Bella cried out and looked to Dean with animosity.

“What did you do?!”

“Saved your ass. Now let’s go, Annie.”

She gritted her teeth “JUST GO! I GOT THIS!” she shouted and took off the direction of the entity.

“Dammit…”Dean muttered under his breath and took off after her.

Sam sighed with frustration as he and the Ghostfacers followed.

Dean darted into the room he saw Bella enter.

“HEY!” he called out. “Look, I haven’t a clue what’s going on here. But I really need you and your friends to get out of here. It’s isn’t safe. And I gotta be honest… Hot girls like you don’t hang around losers like this. It’s Halloween. Shouldn’t you be dressed as a sexy little nurse or something and making out with some jock?”

“Who the hell are you?”

He flashed her his badge.

“I’m Officer Osbourne and…” before he could even finish that statement she snorted.

“My father was a cop. That badge is about as fake as that group of ghosthunters. You’re gonna have to come up with something a lot better than that, Ozzy.”

“How’d you know it was fake?” he questioned and regarded the badge himself in wonder.

They were able to fool real police officers with that. Yet she was able to spot it dead on?

“Look whoever you really are, go ahead and get the others on out of here.” The young woman spun back around as she said this. “I’m not leaving until I have the answers I’m looking for.”

“You willing to give your life for those answers?”

“Yes, actually… so if you wouldn’t mind…”

They turned as Harry screamed out like a little girl. Bella rolled her eyes as she shined her flashlight on the rat that had scurried past them.

“Really, Harry? A little rat?”

“That was not little!”

Ed let out a yelp of his own and swore. Something had brushed up against him.

“What happened to keeping ‘professional’?”

Ed cleared his throat. “I just thought I felt something that’s all.”

All three Ghostfacers let out a whimper as a nearby door slammed. Bella looked over seeing as how Maggie was clinging to her for dear life. She pinched the bridge of her nose. Once Maggie realized what she was doing, she dropped her hold. “Not this shit again… This is Kansas all over again! You’re fucking ghosthunters, man up! Jesus, I’m starting to feel like I’m part of the Scooby Doo gang…” The Ghostfacers looked to her in shock. She’d never talked that way to them before. In fact, she was usually pretty reserved. But she’d been pushed past her limit with these guys.

Dean chuckled as she muttered this.

“I thought they said she was new,” Sam whispered.

“I think I found my soulmate…” Dean whispered in reply.

“Really Dean?” Sam taunted with a smirk but he reared back at the starry eyed gaze in his brother’s eyes.

“I thought we were heading back…” Sam reminded.

Dean blinked a couple of times.

“Right…” He nodded towards Bella.

“Time to wrap it up, let’s go.”

Before he could utter another word on the matter. Every door within the asylum slammed shut, including the one to the area they were in.

“SON OF A BITCH!” Dean and Bella chorused causing them to rear back and look to one another oddly.

“Shit…” Dean muttered as their flashlights started flickering.

He put his away and reached out pulling her in close. This triggered another eye roll from Ed.

“Closer to the herd,” Dean whispered.

The area they were in was becoming very cold. Bella looked to the EMF detector in her hand then back to Dean as he had her in a rather protective hold.

“You wanna loosen up there, Casanova?”

He didn’t answer nor did he drop his hold as he was observing the entire area around them. He read the EMF in her hand and shook his head. They had fog coming from their mouths as the temp continued to drop. She heard him mutter something along the lines of salt and how it was in his duffle bag. He kept a firm hold with his arm around her waist as Sam dug into his brother’s bag and retrieved the salt. He began to make a circle around the other Ghostfacers.

“Dammit,” Bella mumbled as her flashlight went kaput.

All they could make out now was the vapor that escaped their mouths. She gasped out as the EMF meter flew out of her hand and smashed against a nearby wall. Dean gritted his teeth and grunted out as something was trying to pull her out from his hold. “Wanna hurry it up, Sammy!” Dean hollered out. The young woman gasped out as the headset was ripped off her head.

“NO!” Dean shouted as she was yanked right out from his arms.

Sam quickly got the others into the circle. “Stay put! I mean it; don’t even think about moving!” Sam sternly stated. The Ghostfacers nodded with wide eyed expressions. Another door flew open and Bella’s eyes widened as she was being dragged down the hallway by her hair. She kicked her feet about and struggled to free herself from whatever had her.

“Shit…” He muttered seeing as she was pulled into another room. He managed to get there just in time as the door shut behind him. He could hear his brother trying to get in.

“I’m alright. Go see about the others,” Dean called out as he fired his shotgun.

He rushed over and helped the young woman to her feet afterward.


Dean nodded as he checked her over using the moonlight coming in from one of the windows.

“By the way, I think this place is haunted, just a heads up,” she quipped.

Dean sort of chuckled and shook his head.

“What was your first clue?”

“So you got a real name or do you want me to keep referring to you as the Prince of Darkness?” she questioned as they cautiously looked around.

“You can call me Prince if you want to. I don’t mind…” he mocked.

She cut him a ‘look’.

“Fine, have it your way… it’s Dean…”

She thought back to what Harry had said earlier.

“You wouldn’t happen to be one of the douchenozzel Winchesters, now would you?”

He cocked a brow at this.

“That’s about what I figured. Well, Dean Winchester, I’m Bella Swan. And I really think it would be best if you let me handle it from here.”

“Handle what exactly? Because no offense, sweetcakes, but you don’t seem to have a handle on any of this.”

“I will once I find her…”


“My mother. You know the one you so brilliantly fired at earlier.”

“So your mother’s in the spirit world and currently haunting an asylum?”

Bella shrugged, not quite sure how to answer that.

“Seems like death isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be.”

He nodded in response. “You got that right. Also seems as if you’ve gotten on your mother’s bad side.”

Bella nodded. “That’s to be expected…”

He narrowed his eyes in wonder.

“Let’s just say we weren’t on the greatest of terms.”

“Let me guess. You were the one that checked her in?”

“So you just automatically assume my mother was batshit crazy?”

He shrugged. “Seems rather fitting considering the old saying…”

“And that would be?”

“That the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“Gee, thanks! You’ve know me for a whopping 10 to 15 minutes yet you already know everything about me…”

“Pretty much…” he replied with a confident nod.

“Hmm, well newsflash my mother wasn’t a patient.”


“She was a nurse. I love her, don’t get me wrong. But we never truly clicked. I had more in common with my father than I ever had with her.”

Dean thought back to his and Sam’s notes on what took place a few years back. This place had originally opened in the 50s. It closed about 25 years later. Research showed that the police came and shut the place down due to the amount of missing people and suspected murders within the span of those years. This place opened once again in the late 90s and just closed down again recently. There were actual pictures of the police escorting these patients out. All of them were in straitjackets and had ball gags in their mouths. These ‘patients’ were considered ‘dangerous’ and placed into another facility where they had doctor ordered lobotomies ASAP. But something about this case stood out to Dean and Sam. It felt as if the puzzle was forced together rather than actually ‘fitting’ together. There were too many loop holes and too much was left unexplained.

He noticed the somewhat gloomy countenance on her face as she gazed out the window.

“Why are you here?” she asked as Dean grabbed his EMF detector from his duffle bag.

“Wait – are you’re hunters also?”

Dean half laughed. “Of a different breed.”


“We hunt just about anything out there…”

“We as in you and that really tall guy?”

“That’d be my ‘little’ brother, Sammy.”

She laughed. “Really?”

Dean nodded as he held his EMF near one of the vents.

“So what is there to hunt besides ghosts? Deer? Bears?”

He turned with arched brow.

“Do we look like we hunt for sport?”

She shrugged.

“Lots of things… Supernatural things… Things you probably would or will never know about.”

Huh… I may know of a couple I wish you guys would take out.”

Oh?” he uttered with a smirk.

“Yep. Like a vampire ex of mine, maybe a couple of shifters or so.”

“You dated a vampire?” he said with a curled lip.

“I never said I was proud of it…”

“So dating vampires and kissing ghosthunters? That do it for ya?”

“If it did I’d still be sucking face with one or the other, now wouldn’t I?”

“Hmmmm…” the hunter hummed in thought as they kept walking and was testing a few of the doors here and there but nothing gave.

“So you’re more in the know than I assumed.”

“Afraid so…” she muttered in response as she tried another door.

“You ever try dating a real man?”

“I never wanted to date my father…”

He stopped in his tracks and once again found himself stunned.

“Look Ozzy, I’ll help you get the others out of here. But after that I…”

She came to a complete halt and she thickly swallowed.

“Dean…” she whispered with widened eyes.

He regarded her in wonder.

“You might want to come towards me and I’d be quick about it.”

The hunter decided it best to take her advice and he started towards her.

“DEAN!” The young woman shouted as he was suddenly hurled across the room.

She started towards him only to find herself blocked. Bella took a couple steps back.

“Jesus…” She mumbled with a disgusted look about her.

The same man that had been standing behind Dean was now before her. He looked to have been in his early thirties. His hair was charcoal black and he was in a white lab coat. Bella would’ve thought him to be somewhat attractive if it wasn’t for the total creep factor. She recoiled as he reached out and caressed her cheek. His touch was so cold it burned against her flesh. Her heart was racing as she remained still as though a statue. She was afraid of startling it. At the moment his focus was off Dean and that’s what she wanted. She gasped back and was brought to her knees as the man plunged his hand within her chest. She looked down in shock as he began squeezing at her heart.

“Stop…” she pleaded in agony.

Bella looked on in fear as another entity appeared behind him. This one reminded her of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein; his entire body was stitched together and he had one green eye and one blue. He gave her a simple nod. Within a matter of seconds, the doctor was sent flying out of the room. Bella whimpered out as whatever was after him seemingly passed right through her.

“HEY!” Dean hollered out once he fully came too.

He hurriedly crawled towards her.

“Come on now…” he called out as he pulled her towards him.

She struggled to catch her breath and was reaching to her heart. He intertwined his fingers and slammed his fists down along the area of her heart. She shot up with a gasp. Once he got her heart regulated, she caught her breath.

“Easy… slow breaths…” he said in a soothing voice as he brought her against him.

“That sucked ass…” she grunted out.

Dean narrowed his eyes and found himself brushing her hair back.

“Who taught you that?”

“Taught me what?”

“That calm under pressure thing. That’s not something you’re just born with.” That was something he and his brother knew all too well.

“My father…”

Dean nodded and handed her a bottle of water from his duffle bag.

“The cop?”

She nodded as she sipped at the water. “Let’s just say we had our share of dealing with the supernatural as well.”

“And where’s the old man now?”

“Six feet under… like everyone else I know. I’m the last one standing when it comes to my family.”

“How’d he die?”

“I killed him…”

He raised his brows on this and she came to her feet.

“He made me promise if he ever got turned, that I’d take care of the matter.”

She leaned against the wall as Dean stood up. She finished the bottle of water and stuffed the empty bottle into her backpack.

“My father wanted no part in that world, whereas at one time I did.”

“Part of what world exactly?”

“The one my father was forced into… the vampire one.”

“And you say you killed him?”

She nodded.

“It was that or go against my father’s wishes… And as much as I hated having his blood on my hands, I hated to see the look of sheer misery even more. My father was never meant for that world.”

“But you thought you were?”

“A few years ago, yes… I did.”

“But now?”

“There’s nothing I loathe more than those bloodsucking leeches and if I had my way they’d all be dead. Every last one of them…” she murmured darkly.

“He must’ve done a real number on ya…” he hinted as to her ex.

She shrugged and tested one of the staircase doors.

“Let’s just say there are two vampires I’d rate above him – the Count from Sesame Street and Count Chocula.”

Dean chuckled. “That bad, huh?”

“You have no idea…”

She propped herself up against the door as it wouldn’t open.

“I’ve a feeling it might take a bit longer than I imagined.”

“I think you may be right. Good thing the others have the salt.”

“It’s too bad you didn’t pack enough for everyone,” she clowned.

“Yeah well, in my defense I wasn’t expecting to provide for five others.”

“Did you learn nothing in Boy Scouts?”

He smirked at this and tested another area. “I was too busy chasing the Brownies to even know what a Boy Scout was.”

She sort of laughed but closed her eyes for a moment.

“You alright?”

She nodded and was doing her best to shake it off. Having her heart squeezed like that was taking its toll on her. Not to mention this place was totally freaking her out, even more so knowing her mother was among the dead as well. She hadn’t expected this at all. She truly thought they’d get here and it would be dead. Just like the last couple ghosthunts they had.

Only this was the bigger deal, as to why Ed made it clear he wanted this for Halloween night; this was to be his biggest ‘webisode’ specials of the year. Bella felt a tad guilty in the sense that she was just using them. She never meant for this to be a permanent thing. This hunt right here was her only reason for joining the team in the first place. She needed access to their equipment. Ed and Harry had top of the line stuff. Things she couldn’t afford at the moment, especially considering she was working as a waitress at a bar. In fact, that’s how she first met the Ghostfacers. She had served them one night and heard them bragging about some case they did and they were getting plastered. She took advantage of the situation since Ed was already hitting on her.

So she pretended to be a big fan and asked if they needed an extra hand. It wasn’t long before she had Ed hook, line, and sinker. She brought up this asylum not long after. Once Ed and Harry looked up the history, they were game.

Bella opened her eyes and nodded towards Dean as he was getting his shotgun loaded.

“How’d you know about the kiss?”

Dean got this amused look about him. “Heard ya on that headset… hell, everyone heard.”

She reared back on this.

“What do you mean everyone heard me?” she said, looking slightly ill.

“Well, let’s just say you sure know how to crush a man’s spirits but the government quarantine comment? Nice!”


Dean nodded with a chuckle.

“Oh man…” she groaned out miserably.

“I never meant for him to hear that. Talk about being a total bitch! Jesus Christ.”

“Nah…” he murmured with a shrug as they started walking again.

“Happens to the best of us… You were just letting off steam. How was you to know everyone was listening?”

“Still… that’s so not cool. Ed’s a lot of things but even he didn’t deserve that. Damn.”

Dean stopped in his tracks and regarded Bella a certain way.


He shook his head.

“Hell…” he murmured wondering if she was even real.

“Something wrong?”

“Nope. Let’s keep truckin’.”

She nodded and kept close as Dean started walking once again. Dean looked upon her oddly as she took out a tape recorder and started to ask a few more questions.

“Well, I don’t mind answering those but why do I gotta be recorded?” he witted after she asked a handful.

“Cute… but I’m afraid these questions aren’t for you. And thanks, now I gotta start over.”

“You’re welcome!”

She rolled her eyes but finished her session and hit stop. She did a playback but once again found herself disappointed.

Nothing… Bella looked to Dean afterward.

“So what about you?”

“What about me?”

“You got a girl back home or something?”

He cued that smirk of is.

“Why? Are ya interested?”

Bella shrugged.

“What about your brother? He’s kind of cute,” she decided to cruelly tease.

Dean wrinkled his nose on this.

“If you’re into that sort of thing, I suppose.”

“What thing?”

“That whole boyish charm crap.”

“You think your brother has boyish charm?!”

Dean came to a stop once again and noticed that mischievous grin she had going.

“Oh hell… I’d say you’re the devil’s daughter but I’ve met the guy personally and know better.”

“Wait… what?!”

“Long story… but let’s get back to talking about me.”

She had a good laugh at this.

“As to your question, no I don’t. We’re always on the road… family business and all. So don’t have time to really think about those things.”

Bella nodded in understanding.

“Well, that’s a shame,” she said with a hint of flirtation behind it.

“That it is…” He replied with a sly grin.

“So about your brother…” she pestered once again.

He sort of grumbled under his breath.

“You’re kind of cute when you’re all flustered.”

“Cute?! I don’t do cute. Try devilishly handsome.”

“Ego much?”

“All the time.” But as he said this, he swiftly grabbed ahold of her and pulled her into a nearby doorway.

She raised her brows seeing as how he had her pressed up against the wall with his body up against hers. She went to remark on this but he put a finger to her lips. That was when she saw them. He nodded at her as a slew of spirits were making their way down the hall. And like the one she saw earlier, just like that of Frankenstein their bodies were also oddly deformed and stitched up in various places. In fact, some of them had animal parts to them as well. Once they passed on through, Dean lowered his finger.

“What in the fuck?” she hissed.

He shook his head.

“I haven’t the faintest. That’s some freaky Island of Dr. Moreau shit. All the more reason I really need to get you and your ghosthunter friends out of here. The energy is building in this place and it’ll only continue. You don’t wanna be here when they reach their full potential. Hell, I don’t even wanna be here for that but it comes with the territory.”

“You don’t understand… I can’t leave. Not yet.”

He sighed.

“And what answers are you looking for exactly, sweetheart? Are you lookin’ for some sort of closure?”

“Well, for starters my mother’s body. Visiting an empty grave doesn’t exactly assure me that she’s resting in peace and now that I’ve seen her spirit, I need that reassurance more than ever. It’s all I got!”

Dean thought back to his mother. He let out a hesitant breath but nodded in full understanding.

“Well, alright then.”

He took a step back and started down the hallway once again. She just stood there for a moment looking lost. Dean stopped and peered over his shoulder, calling out, “You want my help or not?”

“I should help…”

Sam rolled his eyes at Ed’s remark. He wasn’t too thrilled at the moment. Of course Dean gets to deal with the hot girl while he’s stuck back there babysitting. He should be out there trying to find them but the hunter knew the moment he left the room, these ‘ghostfainters’ would step out of that circle and go and get themselves killed. Ed started to step out and Sam gritted his teeth. He reached out and jerked him back into the circle.

“I’m not having a very good day… So if I were you, I’d stick around.”

“And I thought your brother was the grouchy one,” Spruce smarted.

Sam whipped around at this. Spruce swallowed back as the man towered over him.

“Um… hey… big fan…” Spruce threw out there nervously.

He started to turn back around with sheer annoyance, but that’s when he noticed there was one missing in the head count.

“YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” he shouted seeing as how Ed ignored his warning and was gone.

Sam grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt.

“I gotta hunt your idiot friend down. You’re not to let these two out of your sight. Believe me, you don’t want me on your bad side. Not a one of you leaves this circle!”

“What’s this?” she questioned as Dean handed her a piece of paper.

“Just look and see if your mother is on there.”

She narrowed her eyes and looked at the list of names. Bella’s heart sank as she came across the name. The young woman handed it over but not before counting the names on the list.

“Renee Dwyer…” she murmured rather gloomily.

He nodded and pocketed the list. “That’s what we’re here for. The 9 people that just up and vanished.”

Bella nodded in thought.

“The cops tried investigating the area so they could find the bodies. But there was so much activity none of them stuck around long enough to find anything. In fact, they hadn’t much choice put to pull out. Two of their officers went down that day and one came up missing.” A chill ran down her spine as he said this.

“So you’re saying we could end up joining that list?!”

Dean shrugged. “It’s always a possibility…”

“…hey…” she whispered as she finally got a door to open.

He nodded as they cautiously entered the room. Dean retrieved his flashlight from his duffle bag. He shined it about the room. It still flickered every once in a while as if the battery was nearly drained even though he’d just switched it out before they arrived. That had him on edge. These ghosts were soaking up whatever energy they could gather. He hated to see what could come of that once they ran out. They’d go after a new source. He regarded Bella in thought. She was running her hand along a certain area of the wall above a cot. She used her fingernail to flake off some of the paint.

“You got a knife on you?”

He nodded and handed his pocket knife over. Both of them tilted their heads in wonder as she peeled the odd looking paint back with his knife.

“This is my mother’s handwriting…”

Bella considered the room in thought. She wondered why this was the only door they’d come across that was left unlocked. Not only that but why would her mother have been in this room and long enough to write on the walls. Furthermore, why was it painted over? She took her phone out and Dean reared back at this.

“You’re hot. I’ll give you that. But you really think now’s the time for a selfie?”

She sent him another scornful ‘look’ but glanced towards the picture she’d taken. Bella’s heart sank and she swallowed back rather thickly.

“What? Didn’t come out the way you’d hoped?”

“She knew I was coming…”

Dean took the phone from her hold and looked to the picture.

“Jesus… my mother knew she was going to die!”

“The phoenix will be smothered by the darkness…” Dean read sounding puzzled as hell.

Around the ‘phoenix’ part was a ‘not allowed’ symbol and it looked to have been drawn in blood.

“How’s that pertain to you, sweetcakes?”

“We’re from Phoenix…”

He nodded and sent the picture to his and Sammy’s phone, just in case. Although part of his reasoning was rather selfish in the sense of just wanting her snapshot and therefore her number. He cleared his throat and handed it over afterward.

“So she was looking out for you… or so it seems.”

Was being the key word, she didn’t look so happy to see me.”

“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one.”


“Just agreeing with you…”

Bella sat on the cot for a moment looked to the picture once again.

“Look, it’s not your doing. Something happens to these spirits after so long. They usually become violent even if they hadn’t a violent bone in their body when they were alive. Sam and I have seen this many of times. We’re not exactly sure what causes it.”

He narrowed his eyes, however, as she was just sitting there with her head down. The hunter made his way over and lifted her chin with his fingers.

“…whoa…” He murmured as her eyes were solid white and she was cold to the touch.

“Hey!” he snapped his fingers in front of her face, but nothing.

“Nah, I’m not falling for the whole I can’t date you because I’m now possessed excuse. I mean, hell – I haven’t even asked you yet!” he sighed and rolled up the sleeves to his over shirt.

“You think that other ordeal sucked ass…” he murmured with a scowl.

The man laid her down then he used his body to restrain her the best he could. From there, he merely waited. He nodded to himself as her back arched off the cot and an icy cold breath escaped her. He gritted his teeth as her body started to spasm.

“Come on, sugar lips. Snap out of it…”

Chills ran down the man’s spine as she let out this glass shattering scream. Tears were streaming down those cheeks of hers and Dean got a tighter hold on her.



Flickering lights…

The humming sound of electricity…

The shrieks of horror…

Bella looked down as her feet were freezing cold. Before her was a long hallway. It was then she noticed she was in a hospital gown and nothing else. She narrowed her eyes seeing the stitches running along the area of her wrists and elbows. Her heart felt as if it’d fly out of her chest it was beating that rapidly. There was a sign for a woman’s bathroom up ahead. She wrinkled her nose as she stepped on a roach with her bare feet along the way.

Once she entered the bathroom, the young woman made her way to a lengthwise mirror. She came to a complete halt once she gathered the reflection looking back at her. It wasn’t one she recognized. Bella tilted her head on this and ran her fingers along the stitched areas of her face and neck.

It was then she realized the legs… they weren’t even human.

She swallowed back and lifted the gown. The legs were that of a horse.

She jumped as she felt a hand upon her shoulder. “Mom?” Her mother nodded and untied the gown. She lowered the sleeves to the gown until it hit the floor. Bella staggered back and her mother nodded.

You?” Bella asked as she pointed to the mirror.

Her mother nodded once again and started playing with her hair.

What did they do to you?” she cried.

Renee placed her hands along the temples of her head. Bella cried out in utter agony and came to her knees.

Bella’s eyes closed and a white cloud with a smoky like substance fled from her lips. Dean narrowed his eyes on this as her body went limp directly after. When she finally came to, her bottom lip quivered and she wrapped her arms around him.

“They tortured her! They tortured all of them!”

Dean got a better hold of her and rose up to a sitting position.

“I saw everything, Dean! My mother… she showed me.”

Bella told him how this all originated back in the 50s with one of the doctors and a nurse of his running secret labs and experiments on a few of the patients. Dr. Sheldon McGree and the nurse, Rebecca Holden. They did everything from drug testing, biopsies, etc… Within time that number skyrocketed and over half of the patients had become victims of some sort. When things went south, they would merely chop up their bodies and serve them to the remaining patients the following day.

Once the police caught wind of the peculiar events they stormed in and shut the place down. One of the officers, however, had a son that had fallen victim to this doctor as well. Whereas he had the nurse arrested, this officer and a few of his buddies dragged this Dr. McGree into the morgue where they lavishly beat the man to death.

The place reopened in the late 90s. There were reports of odd things happening around the asylum off and on but the staff thought it to be faulty wiring with the electricity. Easy to explain as to why the lights would flicker at times. None of them wanted to admit to one another that they were also seeing things. Nothing like taking care of the mentally ill only to feel as though you’re falling within that same category.

Things seemed to progress once a patient by the name of Andrew Bradshaw turned up missing – a favorite of her mother’s. In fact, it was mutual… After that, it was only the staff targeted which led the others to believe it was one of the patients responsible. What many didn’t know about Andrew Bradshaw as that he had a PhD before he was committed. The tragic thing about the man was that he’d lost a patient of his. A young one at that and to make matters worse, it was his own daughter. It wasn’t long after her passing that he’d picked up drinking and started popping pills or whatever he could get his hands on; whatever it took to make the pain go away. He was driven mad by her memory and swore that he saw her everywhere he went. The man had no peace. But he was one of the most intelligent patients they had. This left her mother with a broken heart once she’d gotten the news of his disappearance. She’d searched everywhere she could think of and prayed for his return. No one ever knew of their feelings for one another as it was kept very hush, hush.

They also weren’t aware of the many ‘eyes’ upon them. The staff and the patients were never alone. No, they were being watched at all given times and all throughout the day. And these ‘others’ waited with much patience. From there, the staff became the targets and it wasn’t long before they became outnumbered. Before the police or the families of the staff truly gathered what was taking place, it was too late…

“You mean to tell me we got some doctor from the 50s cleaning house?”

Bella nodded.

“And what about this other doc?”

She drew back a breath on this. “He and my mother have been trying to escape this place for years but the others won’t let them leave.”

“And by others… you mean…?”

“I think we both know what I mean…”

“I was afraid of that. So we got a bunch of crazies, a doc, and some nurses running this joint?”

“Precisely. It also seems Dr. McGee takes pride in his teachings and he’s very particular about his nurses. He won’t allow the others to work beside him and since my mother won’t give into his desires, he’s currently searching for the perfect candidate.” But as she said this she cringed.


“He’d hopes of making my mother his newest apprentice – as to why he got rid of Dr. Bradshaw. But he hadn’t thought about the fact that the other doc would be sticking around as well in the afterlife, which put a damper on his plans for my mother. He has tried many of times to get her to come his side of things. But Dr. Bradshaw and my mother have a bond that no one can break. He seeks to protect her like he did before. He never wanted my mother to die. He did everything he could think of to keep her safe, even in the afterlife. But there was just too many. There are over 18 spirits here. Two of those are my mother and this doctor/patient. It seems both doctors took a ‘liking’ to my mother and even now in the afterlife Dr. McGee doesn’t understand how my mother could love a hideous face such as Dr. Bradshaw aka ‘Frankenstein’. It’s why he took matters into his own hands and created her in the same image; it was her punishment for choosing the other doctor over him.”

“That was him?!”

Bella nodded.

“Hell, I gotta agree there!”


“What?! I’m just sayin’.”

“Good to know, you ass. It’s the afterlife, you think they give a damn about how they look now?”

“I would…” Dean said with a shrug.

Bella rolled her eyes. “You’re kind of an ass. You know that.”

“But a good looking one.”



“Shut it.”

“Jesus, are we married now or what?”

“If you don’t watch it, that could very well be arranged.”

He tilted his head giving her the once over again as if in thought about this.

“I’m not finished… So snap out of it!”

“Fine…” he groaned.

“Anyhow, this doctor… He had everything perfectly staged. It wasn’t the patients that were lobotomized. No, it was the staff. But due to the doctor’s orders… the police never questioned it. They never removed the gags or strait jackets or questioned the identity of the ‘patients’. They merely followed ‘doctor’s’ orders and had them sent to another facility and had it done immediately. Little were they aware that the doctor giving the orders was possessed by none other than yours truly. It wasn’t until it was over and done that the truth came out. But the police went into panic mode and was doing their best to cover up their mistake. So like the doctor, they went along with the story but shot and killed whoever was left. They hid the evidence and had the place shutdown once again.”

“Jesus Christ…” Dean muttered once she was done telling him what she everything.

“Dean, we have to hurry and find whatever’s keeping them here.”

He nodded in agreement. He rolled on off the cot and helped Bella to her feet. He picked his duffle bag and shot gun on the way. Bella grabbed the flashlight he had on the desk. Just as they stepped out, both of them were knocked to the ground and suddenly being dragged by their ankles. They reached out to one another and held hands for dear life.

“Don’t let go!” Dean hollered.

She nodded with a panic stricken mien. Dean quickly grabbed his phone as it was ringing.

“Hey – where the hell are you guys?” Sam asked.

“We’re currently being dragged past a section C …” before he could even finish that reply the phone went dead. So did every other electronic device within the group itself.

“SON OF A BITCH!” Dean hollered out.

They were dragged into a room where they heard the slamming of a door.

“NO!” Bella cried out as she saw him.

Dean gritted his teeth as she was pried out of his hold.

“LET HER GO!” he yelled as the lights came on and was flickering about.

Bella gasped out once she recognized the room. It was his lab.

“DEAN!” she shouted as she was being strapped into a gurney.

He quickly hopped to his feet and started towards her.

“NO GET AWAY FROM HIM!” she hollered with desperation.

“SHIT!” he shouted as he was being forced into a gurney as well.

Bella’s entire body jerked about as she was desperately doing whatever she could think of to break free. They managed to strap one of her hands in but she quickly grabbed a scalpel off the medical tray beside her. She used it to break free and was running towards Dean like a bat out of hell.

“NOOO!” Dean barked as she was snatched back once again.

Bella was grabbing whatever she could reach and throwing it at the ones holding Dean down.

“DAMMIT! NO PLEASE! Let him go – it’s me you want! Renee Dwyer was my mother! DO WHAT YOU WANT TO ME, BUT LET HIM GO, YOU BASTARDS!”

She swallowed back. He was staring her down through the observation window. He had that creep factor of a smile going as he entered the room. Dr. McGree caressed her cheek and he leaned into her ear… “Anything…?” he whispered and shot out a hand.

Her body was forced up against a wall. His smile never faded as he gestured towards Dean. The others had him strapped in now. She barely knew the guy yet she already knew she’d die in order to make certain he made it out alive.

She nodded to the doctor. “Yes… Just let him go…”

The doctor nodded in response as he lowered her back down. He motioned towards Dean giving her the go ahead. She darted over and cut Dean an apologetic glance as she speedily undid his straps.

“Just go and never look back…”

Dean rolled his eyes on this.

“You really think I’m just going to let you sacrifice yourself? Just like that?”

She said nothing as she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and heatedly kissed him. It was just enough to distract him. Once the determined woman felt his hand along her ass, she shoved him towards the doors. His eyes shot open on this.

“NO DAMMIT!” he hollered out as he was reaching out to her. She gave him one last nod as the doors came to a close.

“SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!!!!” he yelled so loud she could hear him and it caused her to flinch.

“I’m sorry…” she whispered.

The doctor nodded upon the others in the room. He then focused on Bella and waved his hand towards a nurse’s outfit from the 50s. She found herself rather laughing on the irony as she thought about Dean’s passing comment from earlier. She walked over to the outfit and took it off the hanger.

She let out a gasp as the others began to literally shred her clothes off. The young woman did her best to cover herself. The doctor nodded upon her and gestured towards the uniform once again. Her hands shook and tears formed within her eyes as she stepped into the uniform. Dr. McGee made his way around and she cringed feeling his icy cold touch as he zipped her up. The doctor continued to fuss over her. Once he finished getting her ready, he had her step before a mirror. She literally looked like a nurse from the 50s. Her hair was perfectly pinned up and he even had her in an old nursing bonnet.

The doors flew open once again and she turned to see someone being wheeled in. Her jaw dropped once she saw it was Ed.

“What are you doing here?” She hissed knowing he must’ve stepped out of the circle.

He couldn’t answer as he was gagged and had a straitjacket on. He struggled about the medical chair they had him in. She felt the doctor resting his head about her shoulder.

“Are you ready?” he questioned as he handed her a scalpel and motioned towards Ed.

Her jaw dropped as they were prepping him for surgery.

“DEAN!” Sam hollered as they nearly bumped into one another in the dark.

“Hey!” Dean called out in relief.

“Look, we gotta hurry and find whatever’s keeping these sons of bitches going. They got Bella.”

Sam nodded.

“The morgue…”


“It’s not as obvious as you’d think… trust me. I ran into it when searching for Ed.”

“Oh come on! The jackass is missing now?”

Sam sighed.

“OF COURSE HE IS!” Dean barked irritably. “Okay we can talk on the way. But we need to get there, stat!”

It wasn’t until they were in the morgue that Sam noticed his brother was actually in tears.

“Hey man – you alright?”

Dean shook his head no and looked like he was beside himself. “We gotta hurry, Sammy!” he snapped and Sam nodded.

Sam grabbed a sledge fire extinguisher and drove it into one of the walls of the morgue. Dean reared back with an appalled look about him.

“All accounted for… I’m assuming,” Sam said as they stared down the slew amount of body parts.


“So this entire morgue’s gotta go…”

Dean nodded in agreement.

“The sooner the better, before they realize what we’re up to. Their focus is on her at the moment…”

They looked around for anything of the flammable nature. Dean’s eyes locked with something in one of the cabinets. He walked over and picked it up seeing as how it was embalming fluid.

“This ought to do the trick.”

Sam grabbed the one beside it. They emptied the contents along the entire area of the wall.

“Step back, Sam.”

Sam nodded as they headed towards the entry way. Dean took a zippo out from his pocket, lit it and tossed it on over.

“SHIT!” they hollered out in unison as the impact had them flying back.

“You alright, Sammy?” Dean groaned out as he rolled over.

Sam gave him a thumbs up and they sorely came to their feet and dusted off the debris.

Once the doctor went over his instructions for Bella, he gave her the go ahead. Her hand shook unmercifully. Ed gazed upon her wide-eyed as she held the scalpel over his chest.

“I’m really sorry, Ed…” she said, saying his name correctly for the first time ever.

The doctor smiled as she lowered the scalpel. The other ‘staff’ looked on with smiles of anticipation. The doctor placed a hand along hers.

“Steady…” he murmured.

She nodded, but gazed upon Ed a certain way.

“Are you ready?”

He shook his head in a panic. She sent him a wink and he looked upon her in wonder as she dropped the scalpel. She quickly grabbed a hold of the gurney and with gritted teeth she shoved it towards the ghosts on the other side. She kept her hold as she wheeled it about and was backing up towards the door. She narrowed her eyes as a few of them were fading in and out like a bad TV reception. The young woman didn’t take the time to question it, though. She opened the door and shoved the gurney down the hallway. Just as she was to take off as well, the doctor grabbed her and held a scalpel to her throat. She grimaced as it started to pierce through her flesh.

Dr. McGee was knocked back and Bella came tumbling down.

“GO!” Bella gazed upon her mother’s true appearance now.

Tears formed within Bella’s eyes.


Dr. Bradshaw appeared beside her mother and shot out a hand. Every light within the area flickered about. Bella’s body was sent flying back against the gurney Ed was in. The door behind them opened and both Ed and Bella continued to be pushed back.

“HEY!” Dean and Sam shouted as they spotted them and ran towards them.

Sam went to help Ed as Dean checked on Bella. He shook his head as the impact had knocked her out cold. He picked her up and nodded towards Sam.

“This entire place is gonna blow. We gotta get them out of here!”


“Dean?” she softly called out once she came to.

He smiled as he was hovering over her.

“That’s some goose egg you got going…” he said as he was holding an ice pack over her forehead.

Bella groaned out as she turned her head. She saw that the entire asylum was up in flames. The Ghostfacers had barely managed to get their stuff out in time; that is, minus a couple of cameras that Spruce was having a fit about. Dean cleared his throat.

“So… did you get that closure you needed?”

She smiled but had that touch of sadness behind it.

“Yeah… I did… thanks to you.”

Dean shrugged on this. “All part of the job.”

“I don’t buy that… You helped me because you wanted to.”

“Oh, so you think you know me now?”

She sort of laughed. “Pretty much…”


They both rolled their eyes, however, as Spruce had made his way over and was crouched down beside them.

“We managed to save the footage. What little there was… meaning we’ll have to interview you both in order to get the full details of tonight’s hunt. So how about we start with you, Bella? Let’s start with what happened between you and Ed?”

“Ed is married to the hunt… He’ll never love me as much as he loves the thrill of ghost-hunting. He’s gonna break a lot of women’s hearts.”

Dean’s lip curled in disgust. “Well, I think I just threw up a little bit…” he murmured.

“And what about you, Dean? You want to fill us in on what all took place?”

Dean cocked a brow and regarded Bella in thought. She giggled as he flipped the camera off. He cut her a wink afterwards and went in for a kiss whilst shoving the camera out from their faces.

“Get lost…” Spruce heard him murmur as the two started to make out.

Spruce nodded but continued filming as he slowly backed away. Sam sighed as he looked on from a distance.

“Really, Dean?” he murmured bitterly. “Every time…”

Only there was something different… Even Sam could see that. He just wasn’t quite sure what it was. He cleared his throat as he made his way over.

“You ready, Dean?”

Dean sighed. “Give me like half an hour or so, will ya?”

“Can’t Dean. We still got that other case. We got less than a day now to make it over there.”

Dean sighed with true disappointment.

“Look, just give me a damn minute, alright?!” he snapped and Sam rolled his eyes.



Bella snorted on this.

“Are you sure you two are brothers? You sound nothing like it,” she clowned.

The hunter said nothing as he went back to kissing her.

“Hey, we gotta jet!” Bella heard Harry call out.

This caused Bella and Dean to sigh in unison.

“Cockblockers…” Dean murmured as he teasingly rubbed himself against her.

She chewed on that bottom lip of hers.

“That’s not helping…” he groaned in misery.

Dean forced himself to his feet and helped Bella to hers.

“So… You gonna stick around these ghostfainters for a bit?”

She looked towards the Ghostfacers and shrugged.

“Maybe… If Ed hasn’t fired me..”

Dean chuckled. “I seriously doubt he has. They don’t kick half as much ass without you, sweetcakes. And I think they all realize that…”

“Times a factor!” Ed called out and Bella rolled her eyes as she was walking with Dean to his Impala.

“Nice…” she commented as she ran her fingers along the car.

“Yep, this is my ‘baby’,” he patted it with pride.

“Is she now?”

He nodded. “Are you jealous?”

“Maybe… I mean, at least you get to take her for a ride…” she cruelly hinted.

He raised his brows on this and backed her up against the car. He leaned into her ear.

“I tell you what. Next time we run into one another, you just name the time and place and I’ll take you for one hell of a ride.”

She blushed on this. “I’m holding you to that, Mr. Osbourne…”

“Then you got yourself a deal, Annie…” he kissed her once again and let out a miserable sigh after.

He pressed his forehead against hers.

“Take care of yourself now. Guess I’ll be checking out those webisodes more often.”

“Are you admitting to doing so before?”

He chuckled lightly. “Hmmm…” he hummed without giving her a definite answer. “Later…”

“Later…” she called out as he got into the Impala.

He waved her off and hit the road…

Three Months later…

“Really, Dean? You’ve watched that one episode like four times!” Sam bitched as Dean hit replay on the latest Ghostfacers webisode.

“What? Have you seen what she’s wearing? And check this out!” He cut up the volume so Sam could hear it from where he was.

“How cool is that? She got them to change the theme music. Much more catching! I mean, they’re still losers but she somehow manages to make them at least seem cooler than they really are…”

“You ready?” Sam questioned as he grabbed his wallet and hotel key card.

Dean sighed. “I guess…” He grumbled bitterly and slammed the laptop down.

Sam shook his head on this. He’d been ‘moody’ ever since they left that case three months ago. But they had one thing after another come up lately and hadn’t any breaks in-between which was how these cases usually ran.

Dean pulled into the bar Sam had pointed out. The moment they entered, Sam nodded to someone but Dean hadn’t taken notice. Lately, he was hardly aware anything that wasn’t case involved. He was often enough in another world. Dean would never admit to it but he’d been going out his way to try and find a case where there was a possibility of running into the Ghostfacers again. But it hadn’t worked out that way and as the days progressed the more bummed out he felt. He figured she was seeing someone by now anyhow. Girls like that don’t stay single for very long. It was probably for the best even if he hated the mere idea.


He found himself grinning as he looked up the Ghostfacer’s webpage and saw where their newest webisode was being held.

“Hey Sammy… you won’t believe this…”

Sam leaned back in his chair already knowing but didn’t utter a word on it. After all, it was him that set this all up. He chuckled to himself and merely waited…

A new, familiar and very welcome voice called out, “Well Mr. Osbourne, I do believe you owe me a ‘ride’…”


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  1. Love the banter between Bella and Dean
    Dean’s love-struck look when he first meets Bella was cute 🙂
    Thank you for writing!

  2. I adore this story I do hope that you will turn this with more Chapters or a continuation or sequal! I was also wondering when the chasing cars joker and Bella story is coming out??

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