Green With Love

Twilight/Green Lantern

My mother has gone nuts; I can’t believe she is doing this, of all things she could have picked to do this summer joining a circus was the last thing on my mind.

I came home to visit my mother this summer, to spend girl time with her but no!, her crazy ass decided that joining the circus was fun enough. I don’t even know what we are going to do there.

“Mom are you ready? We are supposed to leave in ten minutes.” I called out to her. I finished packing my things and started loading them into the car.

“I’m here sweetie, this will be awesome.” I just rolled my eyes at her, while putting her things in the car.

“So, where are we going and why do we have to go at night?” I was curious about that, for some reason we had to leave at night and not in the morning. I kept asking her but she wouldn’t tell me.

“Don’t worry sweetie, everything will make sense soon.” Cryptic much?

We both got into the car, with her driving. We drove for about two hours when suddenly she stopped. We were in the middle of nowhere, there weren’t even lights on the road.

“What the hell mom!” I said as I saw her getting out of the car, then making a run for it.

“Mom!! What the hell? Where are you going?” I screamed after her. I tried following her but she disappeared. I didn’t know she could run, let alone that fast. I felt my phone vibrate; I pull it out to notice a text from her.

I’m sorry, I love you. Follow your destiny.” The fuck does that mean? No sooner did I finish thinking those words; a blast of green light landed on me, it beamed me up high until I lost consciousness.

Waking up, I was in a strange place. I was lying on a bed with green satin sheets. I pulled them away only to find out that I was dressed in a full body green leather suit with a weird symbol on my chest.

Looking around the room, trying not to freak out I find a door. Should I try to leave? As soon as I thought that the door opened and my mother; wearing the same thing I am, walks in with two men I’ve never seen before.


“I’m sorry honey, this was the only way to bring you here.” She states sadly.

“Here? Where is here? Where are my clothes, why am I dressed in a leather suit and who are they?” My voice rising with each question. I want to say that I was trying to be a grown up about it, but I’m scared and pissed off. Not a very good combination.

“Calm down sweetie, let me explain please.”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down after you lied to me?! You ran out on me, leaving me in the middle of nowhere, with just a text saying that you are sorry! Your explanations better be damn good or I swear it will take me a long time to forgive you.” She nods sadly and takes a deep breath.

“We are guardians and soldiers of the Universe. Twenty five years ago I met your father. It was not an ideal situation; you see, I don’t age or die. A long time ago the women distanced themselves from their mate; their other halves. There was a war coming and since we don’t age, a vote was cast dictating that we will move away from the men and not worry about the war.

I was young at the time and I didn’t vote or agree. I wanted love and a man who loved me; so as soon as I turned twenty-two I fled. I came to earth not knowing something vital that is kept from all the younger women. The men, once they become of age; can find their mate, the women never know of the connection until they meet.”

I had somewhat of a bad feeling from what she was telling me. I looked at both men; both handsome, both strangers but only one of them felt like home.

“Your father found me and the connection was instant. We stayed together until I found out I was pregnant with you. As guardians we are not supposed to procreate unless our species is dying and at the time there were more than enough of us. Your father came back here while I stayed on earth, protecting you until you were of age.”

She pointed to one of the men.

“Bella this is your father Charles Swan; he is head of the guard and in charge of the Green Lantern soldiers. Now that you are of age your powers will start to show up, so we had to bring you here. You need to be trained and taught how to wield your power. There is a war coming and once you are trained, we are all going back to earth and assembling a new group of Guardians. Sinestro is back and is heading towards earth to try and steal the suns power. Now this is Hal Jordan he will be your trainer, guardian and….”

She looked at him and he shook his head. I raised an eyebrow at her and she shrugged her shoulders but did not say anything else. Everything she said was a lot to take in. I’m not human, I’m some weird alien species and I have powers. If it weren’t for the stupid outfit I was wearing I would have said that my mom has finally lost it.



“I asked if you were ok.” Was I ok?

“No, I’m not ok! You just spilled this news on me instead of teaching me while I was growing up but I can’t do anything about it now can I?” I sighed in aggravation. I stood up and started walking around trying to get my head straight with all I learned. I turned around to ask her more questions but instead of finding her, I found a large, muscular chest. I looked up and found captivating blue eyes that seemed to glow green the more we stared at each other.

“Sorry.” I said and side stepped him to move away. He was making me feel things that I should not feel for a stranger.

“No need to apologize Isabella. I know it’s a lot to take in but now is not the time. I have to start training you. We have to leave for earth soon and I want you to be prepared. This right here is your ring. It only works by your will power. The more will you have to protect yourself and others the bigger the magic in it will work.” He said while handing me a black ring with a green gem and the symbol of what I now know to be a lantern.

“Today we will start with hand to hand combat and tomorrow we will work on your powers and ring.”

As the months went by I learned a lot about myself; the war that is coming, my father and finally admitting that Hal was more than just an arrogant asshole hell bent on kicking my ass.

Now I can use the ring to lift him up and throw him across the room. The first time he rushed at me I landed flat on my back, and while it wasn’t unpleasant it wasn’t the moment to give into my lust for the man either.

I learned that he had fallen in love once but she was taken by Zamaron’s to be their leader; by giving her a violet crystal that turned her against him and she tried to kill him. He managed to save her but it just wasn’t enough. Her memory was erased but the violent persona remained. I started to fall for him more and more each day but I won’t put myself out there to be rejected.

“Isabella, one more training session and we leave tomorrow for earth.” He said as he came into the training room. He was trying to take me by surprise but I was waiting. I learned to tune into my senses. I spun around with a round kick and knocked him back into the wall.

He smirked; got up and ran at me, he tried to fake right and go left but I was watching him. I jumped over him, twisted in the air and pushed his back with my feet. It went like that for five more minutes until we were both on the ground holding each other for mercy.

I loosened my grip and he flipped me over. I looked at him while I caught my breath and saw his eyes flash green before he kissed me. At first I was shocked then I responded. I ran my hands up his back, behind his neck and towards his hair. I gave him a gentle tug and he moaned.

I pulled away to breath while he peppered my neck with kisses and nips. I moaned and jerked my hips upward.

“Bella, baby you feel so good. I’ve wanted to kiss you since I first saw you. You are beautiful, exquisite, smart and powerful. I love you Bella, my love, my mate.” He said whispering into my neck and ear.

I stopped moving and pulled his head up so I could look at him.

“I’m your mate?” I asked, shocked.

“Yes my love, you are.” He smiled.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked

“Because I wanted you to love me for me and not because you had to.” I sighed and smiled at him. Pulled him back down and kissed him deeply.

“I love you too Hal.”

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