Forbidden Forest; It’s in the Name

Prompt: In the middle of the night, a group of students accidentally find a restless spirit using only a disturbing necklace.

Fandom: Harry Potter

There were many things that could be said about the Blacks. They were a rather incestuous family—the less said about their habit to marry their own cousins, the better. Their brand of Dark Magic, their twisted beliefs, had caused them to be branded as mad. The Black Madness, others whispered about them. However mad they might be though, none of their members were truly insane. Not until Bellatrix Black, that is. And even she had not been born as insane as she later became known for. Her professors would even describe her as a very sociable young woman, helpful to the Slytherin firsties and rather intelligent.

That all changed in her fifth year at Hogwarts.

Amycus Carrow was born from a long line of brothers and sisters procreating with one another. Indeed, Amycus was set to marry his own twin sister Alecto as soon as they finished their education. All this incest made every new generation of Carrows rather dim and deformed. Amycus, for instance, was the proud owner of exactly one ear and a total of thirteen toes. Though for all their…uniqueness, the Carrows excelled in Dark Magic. Well, excelled might be the wrong word to use. They at least knew how to use two of the three Unforgivables. The Imperio was much too complex for them to get a grasp on.

The latest Carrow twins were the perfect example of moronic but easily manipulated minions. Considering they were minions of the Black family, it was no wonder that Amycus joined Bellatrix on that faithful night in their fifth year.

Bartholomew ‘Barty’ Crouch Junior was perhaps the most normal one in their group of friends. His family didn’t have a history of marrying their own brothers, sisters or cousins. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon shoved up his ass. He wasn’t taught Dark magic as soon as he could walk.

Barty was an intelligent Pureblood boy, who was so loyal to his mother and friends that he had almost been put into Hufflepuff. However, his intelligence and desire to carve a place for himself had put him firmly into Slytherin. A fact that had caused his once proud father to look at him in disgust and distrust. The Crouch family had been Light for centuries after all, not a single Slytherin marking their family tree.

Having only his mother on his side, Barty soon turned to the other Slytherins, Bellatrix Black in particular. Their family was a politically powerful one, and Barty could use that in his quest to become something more. His loyalty to Bellatrix was what placed him in the Forbidden Forest on Samhain his fifth year.

“Candy loving fool! How dare he besmirch our old traditions for those stupid Mudbloods!”

Bellatrix Black was ranting and raving while stomping over the grounds of Hogwarts school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Barty Crouch and Amycus Carrow followed, both careful not to say a word that would pull Bellatrix’s wrath onto them.

This was a rant that came forth every year on both Samhain and Yule, which the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore had long ago decided to replace with their muggle counterparts; Halloween and Christmas.

Each and every year, most of the Slytherin table would stay empty at those festivities, no matter how hard Dumbledore attempted to force them to attend the feast. Respected Purebloods wouldn’t celebrate muggle feasts, and as their Head of House allowed them to skip it for cultural reasons, the Headmaster could not do a thing about it. It was one of the few reasons why Slughorn was a tolerable Slytherin Head of House.

Around the castle, most of the Slytherins were holding their own rituals and prayers to the higher beings they followed. Normally, Bellatrix, Barty and Amycus would be doing to same in their own dorm room, but this year they—mostly Bellatrix—had decided to do something different.

It was well known that the rituals would be more powerful under a full moon, and this year was one of the rare years that Samhain fell on a full moon. So Bellatrix had gathered up the necessary materials for them, with Barty bringing a couple of trinkets on his own to gift, and now they were entering the Forbidden Forest.

People did not know the exact reasons why the Forbidden Forest was forbidden, and many simply assumed that it was because of the deadly creatures roaming the place. Though people could not mention what kind of creatures that would be, besides Centaurs and Acromantulas, they just assumed that was the reason.

And the Headmasters would gladly foster this assumption, because even they did not know the true reason. They only knew that the forest had been the cause of many deaths in the past. Though many asked the ghosts, none of them ever told of the real reason.

Now, because the reason the forest was forbidden wasn’t truly known, many did not take this warning too serious. There were certain students rather well known for going inside the forest to gather potion ingredients, and as Fabian and Gideon Prewett weren’t dead yet, the warnings began to be ignored by more and more people.

So now, on the night that the Forbidden Forest was actually at its most dangerous, three students entered a clearing one hour of walking inside the forest.

They had been looking for a clearing to set up their altar, but they had not found one as of yet. This should have rang alarm bells in their heads for them, as normally the Forbidden Forest had enough clearings to go about.

Granted, most were used by Centaurs and Unicorns, but it should not have been so difficult to find one.

On this night, the forest and its true danger were more alive than on others, and as soon as the three students had passed the invisible line where the Hogwarts grounds ended and the forest started, the clearings had disappeared.

Or, to be more precise, the magic of the forest had grown the shrubbery surrounding the clearings at an alarming rate, shielding the clearings from view.

So when the three Slytherins entered the one clearing they could find, they had actually already passed at least ten closed off clearings that would have suited their purpose just as well.

“Is that an altar?”

Barty pointed to the side of the clearing that they were standing in, and both Bellatrix and Amycus turned were he was pointing.

Indeed, there was an altar at the edge of the clearing they were standing in. Moss was covering the entire structure, while vines that looked suspiciously like Devil’s Snare had crawled up the sides and were forming a bow above the top of the altar.

Had the air not been saturated in the magic of Samhain, they would have been able to feel the magic that was luring them towards the altar, seductive tendrils reaching towards their cores, begging them to come to it and take what was not theirs.

Of the three of them, Bellatrix was the most adept at Mind Magic, but even she did not feel the ancient magic ensnaring her. And seeing as she was the closest to the altar, she was the first to reach it and see the beautiful necklace that lay on top of the altar.

It was clearly a gift. Somewhere deep in her mind, Bellatrix realized that she should not take what was a gift to some other being off of the altar. It was a thought that the magic in the air wiped away immediately.

Take it. Take it take it take it take it. Wear it, take it, keep it, wear it, take it, keep it.

Those words echoed in the minds of all three Slytherins, causing them to reach out to the necklace at the same time. The air seemed to fill with malicious glee just as Bellatrix’s hand closed over the necklace.

Barty had a short flash of realization when he saw that the Devil’s Snare was not attacking them, but the magic quickly wiped that away as well. It was so close, so close to being released from its age old prison. It would use every bit of magic it had at its disposal to make sure one of these magicals would wear it before the night was over.

It didn’t have to wait long.

Bellatrix was fully entranced in the grip the magic necklace had on her magic and mind, that she put it on with a blank look on her face and a arms moving in a way that they seemed to not truly belong to her.

As soon as the clasp to the necklace was closed, a wave of magic was sent out from the ruby set into the base of the necklace. The wave of magic crashed into both Barty and Amycus, whom had been shaking their heads in confusion. The magic forced itself into their heads, seeping inside their mouth, nose and ears, forming a layer between their brain and skull. It flashed for a second, before sinking fully into their brains and minds.

All three Slytherins dropped the materials they had been planning on using for their own altar, and turned back towards the school. It would take the full night for the magic to settle into themselves, but they did not know that. They did not know that they no longer truly belonged to themselves.

After all, having a piece of the essence of Morgan le Fay inside you could change even the most magically strong being around.

The day after Samhain, Bellatrix, Barty and Amycus woke up just like any other day. They showered, got ready and filled their bags with the materials they would need for classes today. The only thing that was different than from other days, was that Bellatrix was wearing a very beautiful and old necklace, hidden underneath her uniform.

No one would notice anything different about the three of them for a long time. They were a bit distant to others except the three of them. Amycus was a bit more intelligent, raising his marks ever so slightly. His proficiency with Dark Magic rose the slightest bit, enough to now allow him to use the Imperio as well.

No one notices the blank look on his face, as if he wasn’t truly there anymore. And he wasn’t. His soul had once been pure his, pure Amycus Carrow. Now, it was only mostly Amycus Carrow, the rest hi-jacked by a piece of Morgan le Fay. A very magically strong piece of essence that came from an exceptionally powerful woman.

It completely overpowered Amycus’ own essence, which essentially made him an entirely different person.

The young man who was once Amycus Carrow, was now the vessel that channeled pure, old and malicious magic. The only good thing that would come of this, was that his future children would not have the deformities and dimness the Carrows had now.

However, it should be noted that Amycus had the weakest mind and magic of the three Slytherins affected by the necklace and magic. Barty was mentally the strongest of the three, thought Bellatrix was magically stronger than him.

This was why both of them kept that essential bit of their own essence that made them their own persons. Not unchanged, of course. The foreign magic was too strong for that. But they had the dubious pleasure of not becoming Morgan le Fay’s mindless drones.

For Barty, several of his characteristics were enhanced to the extreme. His loyalty became too strong and twisted, causing a maniacal devotion to form for those Morgan chose to follow. It would be the insane Dark Lord Voldemort that Morgan pushed one of her vessels to.

Barty would soon become one of Voldemort’s most devoted followers, doing his Lord’s will with a glee that scared most of the man’s own followers. His devotion to Voldemort allowed him to practice more and more Dark Magic, tainting what magic had still been his own. Liberal use of Crucio from Voldemort cracked his mind further and further, deepening his loyalty in a more twisted way even Morgan had ever seen.

The man could no longer think for himself, having two equally insane people do the thinking for him.

What used to be an intelligent Wizard who could one day get a spot in any department of the Ministry he wished, was now a shell for Dark Magic, a puppet being directed by his two Masters—one inside of him, and on who branded him.

The necklace and its magic had the biggest effect on the last of the three though. Bellatrix had the largest piece of Morgan le Fay’s essence hanging around her neck, directly in contact with her skin. The magic had grabbed onto her mind, her body, her soul and her magic, and twisted it beyond belief. Where Bellatrix Black had been a relatively nice young lady before, she was now madder than any Black before her.

First year Slytherins soon learned to stay well out of her way, rather than come to her for questions like they had done before. The older years started thinking deeply before they made a single comment to Bellatrix, for even the smallest insult could get them hexed into the hospital wing. Rodolphus LeStrange suddenly found himself in an unbreakable betrothal with a Witch that was going insane.

Mad cackling became normal in the Slytherin dorms.

And when the three eventually graduated, everyone would sigh in relief, believing that the horror was over. Not thinking about how much further Voldemort could twist those three, not knowing that those three would soon be the cause of more deaths than Fenrir Greyback’s pack put together.

It should be noted that Witches and Wizards do not live forever. So it was logical that one day, the three Mad Slytherins would die, leaving Morgan without a vessel to spread her havoc with.

And die they did. The first to go was, surprisingly enough, Barty. Of course, he had not truly died, but his soul had been sucked from his body inside a Dementor. Seeing as Morgan was bound to both body and soul, unable to live without the other, the piece of essence that had been inside Barty was sucked back inside the necklace Bellatrix never took off.

Amycus had been the next to die. His death had been anything but noble. Once the Battle of Hogwarts had started, the students he and his sister/wife had been torturing for months had turned on them, and shown them just what exactly they had been teaching.

Morgan had actually been sort of proud of the vindictive pleasure the students took in the destruction of the Carrow twins. The curses of their twin daughters had been the most creative, their hatred for their parents spurring every Dark curse they cast.

And thus, every bit of essence was back inside the necklace, strengthening Bellatrix even more. Though that wouldn’t last for even a day.

Bellatrix Black, now LeStrange by marriage, had made the mistake of going after a child when the mother was nearby and had already just lost a child not long ago. Morgan only had a short second to be surprised before her vessel was shriveling up and blasted into little pieces.

Just like with Barty and Amycus, the essence that had been inside Bellatrix’s mind, body, magic and soul returned to the necklace. But not before latching onto one thing, one wisp of magic in the air.

An unknowing Ginny Weasley picked up the necklace moments later, putting it on without knowing what she was doing. And no one was around to notice her eyes flashing red momentarily, before returning to her normal bright blue.

Ten years have passed

The child had pale white hair, skin the color of Dementor’s bones and eyes as red as the blood moon she had been born under. The doctors called it an illness that would have no true lasting effects. Her parents did not care, for she was their precious little angel. Lily ‘Morgan’ Weasley-Potter had been born under a red full moon and on Samhain.

And with her birth, what would later be named the Dark Age of Morgan, had begun.


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