Submission Rules and Guidelines

Holy freakin’ Rules List, Batman!:

  • Each story must be comic/superhero inspired. You can pull from one of the many movies, the actual comic books or any of the TV shows. Basically, it you can tie it to a comic/superhero, it is eligible!
  • All comic book publishers are welcome. For example, while DC and Marvel are easily the most recognizable publishers, books/films from Dark Horse (Hell Boy, Buffy, Star Wars), Image (Spawn), or Vertigo (V for Vendetta, Constatine) are all equally encouraged and welcome.
  • All comic fandoms/pairings/crossovers will be accepted! Even original fiction! Want to throw DC and Marvel together? DO IT! Want to create your own superhero to share with the world – about time I say!
  • Entries must be a minimum of 800 words (approximately one page).
  • Entries will be accepted 7/6/16 through 7/25/16 midnight PST.
  • All entries will be anonymous, but you must include your name/pen-name when submitting. Feel free to promote the contest and announce to your readers that you have entered, but anyone found announcing which story is theirs before the close of voting will be disqualified.
  • In keeping with the above rule, writer’s will not be permitted to post their stories on their own accounts/wordpresses, etc. until the close of voting and winners are announced.
  • Send your entries to:
  • Voting will commence 7/27/16 through 8/5/16 midnight PST.
  • You may vote once a day
  • Winners will be announced (tentatively) 8/6/16
  • You may submit first chapters/prologues providing you wait to post the remainder of the story after the contest closes.
  • Two entry maximum.
  • As a new benefit to the contest entrants, not only will each story have a complimentary banner made for it (in addition to first, second and third places receiving an award denoting their place on their banner), but I will now also be offering a prize of sorts to first place. The author whose story wins first place by popular vote will receive a banner/character manipulation of their choice made for them by me. You have a published story with no banner? – I will make it! You want to see what Hawkeye and Arrow will look like together? – done! The winner will choose the story the banner is made for or the type of character manipulation and once made, it is theirs to do with as they wish.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or send me an email to the above address. The comic book fandom is such a fantastic place, both to visit as a reader/viewer or to become an active participant in. I hope both ends of the spectrum enjoy this contest.

Please feel free to promote the below contest banner as far and wide as you can – the more entrants we have, the better!

BB Superhero Fest 2016

Entrants – the banner below is for you to share to inform your readers that you have entered this contest. Remember that your greatest power is, in fact, your anonymity and with great power comes great responsibility… Guard the secret well least the Legion of Doom descend upon you!

BB Superhero Fest Entry 2016

Please note:

Story banners will be made using the official actors who play the characters you’re writing about (as listed on IMDB). This will prevent the possibility of unknowingly leaving hints about who wrote what and keep the contest fair. The only exception to this is if someone should write a crossover with Twilight. I will then use Emmy Rossum as Bella since she is my default. After winners are announced, I will happily edit the banners using the actors of your choice – just message me after the contest closes.

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!”

Contest Disclaimer: The authors submitted here in no way own any of the recognizable characters, or sayings throughout and for the duration of these tales… No profit is being made and no infringement is intended. They claim rights to original characters and original plot points/ideas only. This universal disclaimer is applicable to all entries for the Bertie Bott Every Flavor Superhero Fest.

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