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I was sitting in the living room with my best friend and vampire Jasper Whitlock. He’d been turned during his stint in the Civil War by that bitch Maria, but I’d found him about a five years after he’d been turned and got him out of there; no way was I letting my best friend be with that woman and her sisters any longer. It has been a little over a century since I’d rescued him. Unfortunately he still had plenty of scars even with only being there for five years. My brother Victor was also staying with us for now. He wasn’t always here, but since it was his niece’s birthday he decided to stay for a month as her present.

I’m a mutant along with my daughter, Isabella, and my brother, Victor. I have claws that come out of my knuckles and so does my daughter, but mine have a metal coating over them. My brother is a giant tiger or a saber tooth tiger.

“Hey Logan, where’s Isabella?” my brother asked as he came downstairs. I hadn’t heard anything from her all morning. She was supposed to be playing in the backyard, it was enclosed so I usually didn’t worry about her being back there. She loved playing in her tree house that the three of us had built her. She could also take care of herself most of the time.

The three of us headed through the kitchen towards the backyard when we heard helicopters and screaming. I knew nothing good was going to come out of this. I had a feeling I was about to lose the most important person in my life.

“Daddy!” Isabella screamed out to me which caused all three of us to run the rest of the way. Of course Jasper got there first and started fighting the people that had my daughter, but they had welding torches and he couldn’t get close enough to get her.

“Jasper, back off man. It’ll be alright. Isabella, baby, don’t worry. Daddy is right here sweetheart.” I tried to calm her and myself down, but it wasn’t working for either of us. She had her claws out, but the man holding her had them pointed towards her heart. Then I saw a man that I had hoped to never see again. He often played a major role in my nightmares at night. He was a ruthless son of a bitch and I was going to end him for touching my daughter as soon as I got the chance.

“What do you want Stryker? Wasn’t it bad enough you took me? What do you want with my daughter?” I growled out. Not only do I have the claws, but I have the animalistic instincts and senses, Isabella does too. It’s why I could hear her growling and hissing at the men around her. She didn’t like being touched without her permission.

“I want your pretty little daughter to finish what I started with you and she’s the only other mutant I’ve been able to track down that is exactly like you.” Stryker told us. This caused Jasper to growl. Yeah, did I forget to mention that my daughter is his mate? Well, she is and this is killing him. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Victor is trying to sneak up on Stryker, but this causes one of Stryker’s boys to shoot him.

“Uncle Victor! No!” Isabella cries out and starts to struggle again. She’s cutting herself with her own claws trying to get to her uncle. She was brave enough to put family before herself. I knew seeing him hurt was killing her.

“I’m okay short stuff. Don’t worry about me. You know I heal like your Daddy and you.” Victor placates her. He doesn’t heal as fast as we do, but fast enough. He’ll be perfectly fine in an hour or two. He knew she was old enough to understand this, but she hated seeing family hurt.

“Now back off Logan and call off the vamp. I’ll be taking the little girl with me and there’s nothing you three can do to stop me.” And with that he gets back in to the helicopter with my daughter and his soldiers. The last I saw of her was her struggling to get out of the hold and the soldier next to her stick her with a needle.

“Nooooo!” I scream out.

“What are we going to do Logan? We need to get her back. You know I can’t be away from her for long and with her in danger it’s going to be a hundred times worse.” Jasper said with anguish written all over his face. We both know how hard this is going to be on him. Even my brother Victor isn’t making his normal “pussy” jokes against Jasper because he knows this is serious.

“We need to go see Charles. He’ll know how to help us. If anything he’ll be able to find her with Cerebro.” I said while walking back in to the house to get my keys. One look at Jasper and I knew he wouldn’t be able to drive himself to the Institute.

“Let’s go. We’ll take separate cars. Jasper you can ride with me. You’re in no shape to drive bub.” I told him as I got in to my Ferrari.

“Yeah, sure Logan.” Jasper replied in a dead voice. Being away from his mate was already starting to affect him and it had only been a few hours.

We headed to Westchester, New York to hopefully find out about my baby girl. We had to get her back and in one piece. Jasper needed it and so did I.

(JPOV 10 Years Later)

It has been 10 years since I’ve seen my mate. We knew she was alive because Professor Xavier was able to get a read on her mental signature, but he was never able to get her location. Logan, Victor and I have been working with the X-Men and the Professor for the past 10 years trying to keep ourselves busy. My brother and his mate had joined us over the years. Apparently, once Logan got me out of Maria’s clutches she went after my older brother. I felt extremely guilty at first, but Peter was happy since he’d met his mate and if he hadn’t been changed in to a vampire he would have never met her. Speaking of my brother here he comes now.

“Yo brother, we need to head to Forks, Washington. Get Logan and Victor to come along with Scott, Jean, Storm, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Pyro, the Professor, and Angel. I don’t know why we’re needed, but we are.” Peter told me while looking serious, which for him is a feat in itself.

“Alright Yoda, I’ll go get the others and we’ll meet at the jet. Do you know how long we have until we need to be there?” I asked looking at him in a way that said he better tell me everything he knows.

“Of course I know. We need to be there in about 12 hours so we’ve got a bit of time. Tell them not to suit up. We don’t want to scare who we’re going to meet.” He said as he walked off. I hated when he did shit like that. Cryptic bastard and his cryptic messages.

I went to round up everyone as fast as I could. We’ve all come to never question Peter and his “Yoda senses”, as he calls them. Everyone was fairly eager to leave. We hadn’t been out in a while and Forks might actually give us something to do. Today has been especially hard on Logan, Victor and myself since it is the anniversary of Isabella’s abduction and her birthday. She’s 17 today. I can’t help but think what she would look like now and if she’d remember me. What if she doesn’t feel the pull like I do? What if she doesn’t accept me? I was pulled out of my musings by the Professor’s mental voice.

She’ll recognize you and love you just as much Jasper. Don’t doubt the connection you two shared even when she was little. She knew then and she’ll know now when we find her. We will find her Jasper.

At this I smiled as I made my way to the jet. We were in the air within minutes and on our way. The closer we got to Forks though the stronger a pull in my chest became almost to the point of pain. My hand went up to my chest unconsciously and Peter noticed.

“Got a pull there Jasper?” The bastard smirked at me and raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah, I do. What is it?” I asked knowing he knew the answer, but was unlikely to give it to me.

“You’ll have to wait and see, but I suggest following it once we land this big bird.” He said while throwing his arm around his mate Charlotte. At this I had to look away. I don’t begrudge my brother his happiness, but that doesn’t mean I like to see it.

“It’ll be alright Jasper. We’ll figure out what that pull is before we do whatever it is that we’re here to do.” The Professor said as Jean and Scott landed the jet.

Once we were all out we heard what sounded like thunder to the East which is the same way the pull was trying to get me to follow. I looked at the Professor who nodded, then looked to Logan and Victor.

“We’re right behind you brother.” Victor said in his usual growl.

“We’re all with you Jasper. Just lead the way.” The Professor said and with that I took off to the East.

As we got closer I smelled other vampires and a mutant scent. I informed the others just so we were all cautious and proceeded to keep running. I stopped just on the inside of the trees next to a very large clearing. There were six vampires and one mutant. The mutant was a girl around 5’7”, she had white hair and she looked to be around 17 years old which would be the same age as Isabella. Stop it Jasper! It’s not her. I thought to myself, but from the emotions of Logan and Victor they were thinking along the same lines. The only thing different about this girl from Isabella was she had white hair. The eyes and facial structure were the same.

All of a sudden the short, pixie-like vampire stopped and gasped.

“What is it Alice?” We heard the mutant that looked like Isabella say. She ran quickly to the pixie’s side.

“We have some visitors that are just inside the trees. You might as well come out. I know you’re there.” The one named Alice yelled as the mutant balled her fists and three steel claws punctured each hand. As soon as Logan saw this he gasped, which caused the mutant to look towards the trees to search out the sound. What are the odds that anyone besides his daughter would have the same mutation? The only thing different about her is she had completely white hair now.

We all walked out of the trees slowly with our hands raised. As soon as the mutant girl saw Logan, Victor and myself her heart rate picked up and she made to run to us, but the penny haired vampire stopped her by grabbing her around the waist.

“Bella we don’t know who these people are. I can’t let you go running to them.” He said to her in a soothing voice. I didn’t like the way he was talking to my mate. As soon as I thought that his head snapped up and he gave me a curious look. Are you a mind reader? I thought to him. He simply nodded his head.

“You may not know them, but I do Edward. That’s my dad, uncle and my mate!” She yelled the last part and struggled in Edward’s arms.

Please let her go. We haven’t seen her in 10 years and all three of us have missed her. We wouldn’t hurt her. I pleaded to the mind reader named Edward. As he read my thoughts he let go of Bella and she came running to us. I thought she’d go to Logan first, but she surprised me when she jumped in to my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist.

“I’ve missed you guys so much. I can’t believe you’re here. Why didn’t you come for me? Why didn’t you try to find me? Why is Pyro and Gambit with you? Oh I just can’t believe you’re finally here!” As soon as she was done firing these questions at me she shocked us all by kissing me and that’s when all reason left my mind and I squeezed her to me and kissed her back just as fiercely. We were stopped by Logan clearing his throat.

“Sorry Dad, but I’ve missed my mate. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve missed you and Uncle Victor too, but with Jasper it was like I had a big hole in my chest and I couldn’t breathe.” As she said this I could feel the flare of pain that went through her and it echoed mine.

“I’m so sorry Darlin’. We tried to look for you. We haven’t stopped in 10 years. The Professor over there could barely get a read on your mental signature, but could never read your thoughts or track your location. We have no idea why and as for Pyro and Gambit, how do you know them?” I set her down during my explanation and she had moved over to Logan to capture him in a bear hug which had him laughing. You could see the tears in his eyes and they were mirrored by Victor. If I could cry I would be too. We’ve all missed her.

“Pyro and Gambit were in the compound when I was there right before the Cullen’s came and rescued me. Pyro was with a guy named Magneto and Gambit was there as a prisoner too. They used to sneak me food, clothing and water. Gambit used to try and protect me as much as he could, but there was nothing he could do when they grafted the Adamantium-beta onto me.” She explained and it shocked us all. We’ve all known Pyro for a few years and he really didn’t seem the type to play ‘good Samaritan’, especially when he went off with Magneto. I know Gambit’s a great guy and had been captured by a group a few years ago, but he’d never said anything about helping anyone in the compound.

We all looked over at Pyro who was looking down sheepishly. He likes to make people think he doesn’t have a heart, but we all know he does and was just confused when he went off with Magneto. As I was thinking this the vampire coven behind Isabella came walking up to us.

“Bella would you like to introduce us to your family?” The leader stated. It was obvious he was the leader as the others gathered behind him.

“Well, I can only introduce you to five of them, but the blonde that I kissed is my mate Jasper Whitlock, the dark haired man is my father Logan Howlett and the other blonde is my uncle Victor Howlett. The dirty blonde with his hair slicked back is Pyro and the brown haired one with the red streaks is Gambit. The others will have to introduce themselves I’m afraid.” Bella said, while coming over to me and wrapping her arms around my waist. I let out an involuntary purr which had her doing the same thing. I couldn’t believe my mate just purred for me.

“Is there anywhere we can take this that might be a bit more comfortable?” The Professor asked.

“Of course, I’m awfully sorry about that. If you would like to follow us we can head back to our house. It’s only a couple of miles from here.” The leader informed us.

“That would be fine. You may have to slow down a bit for some of us mutants, while we all have powers not all of us got the speed like Logan, Victor and Isabella.” The Professor said with a chuckle.

With that said we followed the Cullen Coven back to their house with me holding Isabella’s hand the entire way. This is where she should be and no one would take her from me again.

If only I had known how wrong I was…..

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