How It All Began



The young woman gazed upon herself in the mirror. So today was the day… She was going to take that plunge. She would profess her undying love for a vampire by the name of Edward Cullen in front of an entire town, all her friends, and family… All of this… part of a deal she and Edward made. He had made it abundantly clear he wouldn’t turn her unless she married him – something she didn’t quite understand. What was more concrete than having the love of your life share his venom and spending eternity together? But that’s not what her fiance wanted.

So here she stood, 19, right out of high school. She was about to walk down the aisle and have her father give her away. All in order to appease the love of her life… The more the thought occurred to her, the more nauseous she felt. Her hands grew clammy and she suddenly didn’t feel so great.

“You ready kiddo?”

Bella drew back the deepest of breaths and turned towards her father. She forced that smile as he offered his arm.

“They’re waiting.”

She wrapped her hand around her father’s arm and he escorted her on out.

“You can still back out of this you know…” he said in a teasing matter.

Something she would’ve normally laughed at. Her mind, however, was all over the place. She was beginning to see just how many times Edward had been calling the shots in their relationship, right down to the wire. When it came to the wedding itself she hadn’t a say in the colors, the décor, even her dress was decided for her. In some ways it felt as though it was Alice and Edward’s wedding rather that her and Edward’s. Memories of everything flashed throughout her mind. All the shit he’d pulled over the years. How many times he’d made her cry or feel insecure. These visions continued to hit as her father walked her down the aisle.

Then her nightmare came to play. The one she’d had last night. She looked to her guests in thought. She’d yet to look upon the groom to be.

What am I doing?

I’ve given this vampire three years of my life. Now I’m about to offer up my life and give him my eternity? One that could very well consist of being with a domineering, control freak, and often enough, green-eyed man, for centuries to come. One that can read the minds of others, something he’s used as a weapon many times against me. Another method of control… And his sister can damn near foresee my every move. Then his brother can make me feel certain things even if just temporary.


I once said I was irrevocably in love with this man.


How could I spend months pining over someone who was so quick to turn his back to me? He broke every promise he’d ever made! Why did I go to Italy to save him when he was never there when I needed him the most? He left my father and I unprotected. He knew we couldn’t possibly defend ourselves against the likes of Victoria or Laurent. But he left anyhow. And I was the one saving him. How could I not be bitter over this?

Before she even realized it, her father had already given her away. She was standing beside a vampire she never deemed possible to loath, something she didn’t truly understand. Last night she was more than willing to offer up her soul in order to be with him. But now…Her lip actually curled with disgust. Resentment began to fill her heart and she stared Edward down as the ceremony began. Her ears were ringing and she could hear her blood pumping within her ears. Her entire body began to boil.

She thought on how she always gave and he’d always take. He had a gift of making her feel guilt and over the littlest things.

Soon she heard the words…

“Do you, Isabella Marie Swan, take Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

She let out a nervous laugh. All eyes were on her and she drew in a breath. She allowed her eyes to finally meet his. The bride-to-be had sworn he had this I’m getting my fucking way again look about him. That stupid smirk was planted on his face. I got you right where I want Bella Swan. Her jaw dropped in realization and she took a few steps back.

“I don’t want this…” she muttered under her breath.

Edward sort of chuckled as if she were playing around.

“Come on Bella…” he whispered and reached to her hand so he could place the ring on.

Bella shook her head.

“I’m serious, Edward. I don’t want to get married. I never did and you knew that…”

Gasps and gossip quickly spread amongst the guests. Edward’s eyes turned cold and dark.

“Bella… What are you doing?” he hissed looking beyond mortified and pissed.

She let out a unnerving laugh.

“I’m finally waking up…” she answered with a murmur.

Bella dropped her bouquet and turned towards her father. For some reason, that’s the only person she wanted at the moment. “Dad…” she damn near whimpered. Charlie hurriedly sprang to his feet with a nod. Edward’s eyes, however, were fixated on Bella. For the first time ever he looked upon her with hatred in his eyes. “I can’t believe you’re doing this…” he said in a damn near threatening matter.

“Edward I just can’t. When I truly think about everything…”

“And what about our deal?” he hints.

“I’m sorry Edward but it’s over.”

More gasping was heard.

“What did she just say?” Bella heard Alice hiss.

Edward grabbed her arm rather roughly.

“You dare humiliate me and my entire family like this? What are you thinking Bella?!”

“Son… You better move that hand if you know what’s best.”

And that’s when it happened… Her nightmare came to life. Through his humiliation and anger, Edward wasn’t truly thinking. He went to shove her father back as Charlie went to pry Bella out of Edward’s hold. Only when the vampire did this, his entire arm went through Charlie. Bella looked on with absolute shock. Her father looked down, seeing Edward’s arm through his chest.

“Dad…” Bella whimpered, praying to God she’d just wake up now. After all, this was just a dream right?

The Quileute’s shifted and all hell broke loose. A battle amongst the cold ones and shifters played out just like the legends Jake had spoken of. As though drifting amongst a cloud, she walked amongst the chaos.

You can wake up now…

Blood splattered along her white dress. She looked down to see Angela, a friend of hers, reaching out to her. Bella narrowed her eyes and looked around once more.


Her eyes darted towards the voice. The one it belonged to ran up and cupped her chin.


Bella blinked a few times.


He tilted his head with great concern.

“Come on, babe. I need you to wake the FUCK UP!”

She observed the anarchy around her once again.

“It’s just a dream…” she said with a shrug.

“See…? Jake…”

Jacob Black grimaced as she went to help her friend up. Only when she did this, she shrieked out as Angela’s head rolled off. He hurriedly grabbed a hold of Bella.

“NO!” Bella screamed.


“We gotta get you out of here!”

Bodies were piling up. She gasped back as someone shoved Jake back. They snatched her right out from his arms.

“NO PAUL!” Jake shouted with fear in his eyes.

“This is all her fault! The fucking leech lover! We warned her! DID WE NOT?! NOW LOOK AROUND YOU! YOU STUPID BITCH! ALL OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT! THESE PEOPLE DIDN’T HAVE TO DIE!”


The very family that had sworn to always protect her, the ones that claimed she was family, were cleaning house in order to keep their secret. The shifters were doing their best to protect the guests, but the cold ones were too fast. Bella turned to see one of them heading towards her mother and Phil. Something within Bella came to life. Something she’d never known existed. She hollered out and spread her arms about.


Alice was lifted into the air and she turned back with look of bafflement. Bella gritted her teeth and stared the vampire down. The cold one began shrieking out in agony. Her body started to crumble as she was lifted even higher in the air.

“NOOOO!” Bella heard Edward yell.

“PLEASE!!!” the vampire cried, reaching to her temples.

Bella eyes started to roll back and she dropped to her knees. Her body swayed back and forth, but Bella snapped her fingers. The Cullens looked to one another in alarm. Alice’s arm landed right before Edward’s feet. A leg at Carlisle’s… One of Bella’s eyes had a golden stream of light coming off it. She cried out in agony as it started to burn and she felt as though her eye would burst out of the socket.

Jake swallowed back and hurriedly scooped her up.

And that was the last thing she remembered. Running…

A few months later…

“Excuse me, miss?”

The woman running the bookstore turned towards the customer.

“You wouldn’t happen to have A Catcher In The Rye now would you?”

She nodded and rose from her desk. The man watched as she walked over to one of the shelves. She grabbed the book and brought it over.

“Would you like to purchase it?”

“Why yes, thank you! My son’s been dying to read this but they didn’t have it at the library at his school. Apparently it’s a bit too controversial.”

She smiled at this and scanned his book.

“Thank you…” he said as she used the credit card he handed her.

“I hope your son enjoys.”

The rather attractive man nodded and went to step out of the bookstore but stopped. He turned back around.

“I’ve a confession to make.”

The store keeper raised her brows on this.

“I’ve been coming here damn near everyday. I kept trying to think up ways to strike a conversation with you.” He sighed looking embarrassed.

“Look, can I take you out for coffee or something sometime?”

“I’m flattered but I’m already seeing someone,” she lied.

This wasn’t the first time a customer had asked her out for coffee or something along those lines. But like usual, she turned them down.

“Oh… well he’s a very lucky man” he said with true disappointment.

She smiled.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and exited the bookstore. The moment he was out the door. She rushed over and put up the closed sign. She locked up and leaned against the door. The woman pinched the bridge of her nose. She started to wonder if settling down in this town was such a good idea after all. Maybe she should’ve kept moving.

But she’d grown tired of that and when she was offered the bookstore with room and board she couldn’t pass it up. The woman that originally owned the store had passed away not long ago. To Bella’s great surprise, she had willed the store over to Bella as she had no other family and Bella was her only friend and employee at the time. She finally had a place to live and a business to run. All illegally of course. She no longer went by the name Isabella Marie Swan. No she had that changed, along with the way she kept her hair and how she dressed.

She now went by the name Bethany Ann Thompson. A name that Lydia Thompson, the original owner of the bookstore, came up with. It was her that helped Bella get her life straight and somehow got her fake IDs, etc… A remarkable woman. It had saddened Bella greatly when she passed but she was 87 years old and it was bound to happen. She felt honored by the fact that in the will Lydia had her listed as her daughter.

Bella never planned on settling down anywhere. In fact, the day she came in here she was determined to buy a certain book and be on her way. She never dreamed what would come of that day. Now, here she was. She was no longer roaming about freezing her ass off and starving like most days. She had a roof over her head and was running a business. Sure, she didn’t make much but it was enough to put food on the table and pay her bills. That was all she needed. Some weeks were worse than others and vice versa. There were days she’d go without eating at all but then there were the ones where she ate like a queen, depending on the sales.

Since Lydia’s passing, Bella had grown quite lonely. She hadn’t any friends and didn’t really know anyone in town. That and she kept to herself quite often due to her past. She truly feared it would come back to bite her one day. Honestly, she was surprised it hadn’t already. She’d lost all her friends and family that day. The only ones that remained were the Cullens, excluding Alice, and the shifters. She hadn’t a clue what happened to her friend Jacob Black. All she remembered was him running off with her and then she woke in a hospital. When memory came to serve, she made her escape and never returned.

Her new-found abilities alone scared the shit out of her. Ever since that day, that thing with her eye often enough gave her migraines as to why she frequently wore shades, even in doors. When she didn’t wear shades, she kept her hair over that area as much as possible. That eye was very sensitive to light. Whatever took place back then also left her with one hell of a scar. Her right eye was now silver, while the other remained honey brown.

Bella made her way to the register and began to count the store’s earnings for the day. It wasn’t much but she could at least get herself a burger and fries. That, and she was aching for a drink. She’d run all out of whiskey and vodka. They were the only reason she was able to sleep at night. When she was out, the nightmares returned. She’d relive that day over and over. The alcohol helped her forget, helped her feel more at ease, and made everything numb.

But since she lost Lydia and the more time progressed, Bella or aka Bethany, found herself drinking more and more. Such as now… What she wouldn’t give to go out on a date… To make some friends… To not be stuck in this fucking bookshop, hiding out day by day. But that just wasn’t an option. Not for her. This was her life now. Paul was right. She had made her bed and now she had to sleep in it. Knowing she was the reason all her loved ones died that day because of her selfish thoughts on wanting to become a vampire and spend her eternity with some juvenile vampire… She hated herself and often enough couldn’t stand to see her own reflection.

She often wore Converse shoes, blue jeans and some band T-shirt. On days she ran the shop she’d put on her hoop earrings and makeup but only in attempts to hide her scar and make herself somewhat presentable for her customers. Men always took notice of her, but she never truly thought about it. In her mind she was hideous. She hated that eye and kept it well hidden. She truly figured that’s the only reason men ever showed interest. If they ever caught wind of that hideous scar and funky eye color, they’d run for the hills.

Bella put her jacket on. She took her hair down and brushed it out then she put on her black shades and headed on out. Her stomach churned as it ached to have something within it. She hadn’t eaten all day. But she passed by a local bar first and found herself desiring something else at the moment. She swallowed back, knowing she should eat first. Her mind went back to that attractive single father that asked her out.; how she had to turn him down, like always. She knew she’d go back to the bookshop after her little outing. She’d share her food with the stray cats in the alley. She couldn’t help herself. Most of them were just little kittens. That’s just who she was. She’d concern herself more about the starving animals than she had herself. After all, they were the only company she kept.

She drew back a breath. Before long she found herself at the bar. She ordered a beer and a couple shots to go with it. Those couple of shots and beer became two more of each. The lonely girl hadn’t noticed anything else around her. She never paid any attention, purposely so. She never made eye contact. She never went to these bars to make friends. No, she wanted to get good and plastered and pass the fuck out once she got home. That was her normal routine. It seemed as if that was all about to change though as a group of men thought differently. Little was she aware she was about to gain the attention of two other men as well. Ones that weren’t apart of this group and were in the middle of a poker game.

“Hey next one’s on me…” a man said as he plopped down beside her.

One of his friends took the other side next to her.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” she said and downed the rest of her beer.

“Come now… We’re just getting to know you.”

The men sitting beside her were giving her the once over. So were the other three behind her…

“Do you mind telling your friends to back up a bit? I can feel them breathing…” she uttered with a look of disgust. They laughed. “You heard the lady. Give her some space.”

“I’ll give her something alright,” one of them said, whilst running a hand along the slope of her back.

She sighed and downed one of her shots.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Oh come on baby. Don’t be like that.”

“You’ve got five seconds. Move your hand… Back the fuck up.”

The guy and his friends started to laugh once again. One of them leaned into her ear.

“You look like the kind of girl that likes to party… So why don’t you come back with us. We got a place not too far. You can drink and fuck to your heart’s content sweetheart.”

She came to her feet and gradually turned around. The young woman smiled and ran a hand along the guy’s chest.

“Tell you what… You can buy me that drink.”

The guy raised his brows and motioned for the bartender to get her another. The bartender looked towards Bella with concern. “Why don’t you leave her alone fellas?”

She cut him a wink.

“It’s okay Marty…”

He nodded and slid the beer over. She reached over and grabbed the bottle only to whip back around and take it across the guy’s face.

“You were saying something about a party?!”

The two men that were watching from afar shot up, putting out their cigar and cigarette as the men surrounded her, threateningly. The one she hit with the beer bottle shoved her back. Just as the two onlookers were about to intervene and come to her defense, Bella thrust her hand forward. Without even touching the men, they sailed back and went through a wall of the bar.

One of the men that were sitting beside her went to grab her. She snatched him by the collar of his shirt and threw him out amongst the others. She turned towards the other.


The guy’s eyes widened as her eye had golden sparks coming off it. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Bella turned back towards the bartender.

Get…” he told her. “We don’t want your kind around here.”

“My kind? It’s just me Marty.”

He nodded and took out a gun.


“I don’t know how the hell you did that, but you better get the fuck out of here.”


She reared back as he fired. Her jaw dropped and she staggered back, speechless.

“Ah shit…” one of the bystanders muttered.

Bella reached to her arm.

“Next one goes in the knee.”

She grabbed her jacket and hurriedly took off. The two men nodded towards one another and followed.

Bella ran as fast as she could, but her vision was blurry and she could barely stay on her feet. She ducked into an alleyway and hid amongst the shadows. She looked to her arm where she was shot.

“…Fuck…” she groaned out and threw her head back against the brick wall.

She swallowed back and dug her fingers into the wound doing her best to try and retrieve the bullet. Bella felt it, realizing she was only pushing it further in. This rather hysterical laugh escaped her but that laughter soon turned into tears. Everyone had seen what she was capable of which meant she hadn’t a choice. She couldn’t stay there in New Orleans.

Bella forced herself back up. She knew what could happen if she passed out here. She needed to get home. The girl staggered about holding her arm. She made it a good five steps before her eyes rolled back.

“I got you, chere…”

“So what now, Logan?”

The more feral looking man shrugged as he finished wrapping her arm up.

“Guess we just wait till she wakes and go from there.”

“Thinkin’ she one of us?”

“She’s certainly something alright.”

“Dats for sure! Girl can fight,” the Cajun uttered looking to be in awe.

“Ah no ya don’t! Ya leave the poor girl alone! I know that look.”

“C’ mon now, I ain’t done nothin’.”


“So where do you think she’s from?” The other questioned as he brushed her hair back.

He gently ran his finger along her scar.

“And how’d she get dat?”

“Hell, if I know, Gumbo. Now would ya leave her be!”

He tilted his head and continued to run his finger along her cheek.

“Knock it off, Gambit!” Logan snapped, slapping his hand away.

“She got the looks, dat’s for sure.”

“I’m not about to save yer sorry ass when she wakes to find yer grimy hands all over her. Ya deserve whatever the little gal dishes out.”

“Maybe it’s worth it, no?”

“Ya really are an idiot!”

Logan sat back on Gambit’s recliner.

“By the way, ya owe me 108 bucks! So ya better fork it over!”

Gambit shrugged and grabbed a blanket. He placed it over the girl.

“I’m good for it,” he alleged, taking the young ladies shoes off.

“Good for it? Nah! Yer gonna hand it over and now, bub!”

“Shhh… keep it down. She’s sleepin’…” he whispered with a cocky grin.

Logan hopped of the recliner and seized Gambit by his russet trench coat. He slammed him up against the wall. His claws made their appearance. Gambit laughed and raised his hands in the air.

“A’ right… I’ll give it to you now.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“You and that temper, mon ami,” he said, as he reached into his pocket and took out a hundred dollar bill.

“The eight is back at the bar.”

He groaned out as Logan socked him in the gut.

“There, we’re even now.”

Gambit held his thumb up and nodded as he tried to catch his breath. Logan plopped back down and lit a cigar.

“I got it from here…”

The older man cocked a brow the younger one’s way.

“Nah… I think I’ll stick around. Besides you and I gotta hit the road soon. It’s a long ways to New York.”

He chuckled as Gambit looked all pouty and lit a cigarette, taking a long drag off it.

“What makes ya think she’s gonna want some Coonass?”

“And you Canucks are so much better, ya?”

The young woman yawned and stretched her arms about. This was followed by her grunting out in pain and tumbling right off the couch.


She crawled towards the coffee table and used it to get back to her feet. Bella groaned out in agony as her arm ached all to hell. It didn’t help that she was severely hungover. Once she got to her feet she looked around.

“Where the f…”

“Hey, she’s awake!”

She reared back at the man with the thick Cajun accent. He entered the room and was drying his hair off with a towel. He had on a pair of black slacks and white tank top.

“How you feeling, chere?”

Her eyes widened and she speedily rushed over to the kitchen sink and upchucked. Gambit wrinkled his nose on this. Logan was dying in laughter.

“Must’ve been yer face.”

“How do we know it ain’t dat wet dog scent you give off!”

“Eh… I’m lovable,” he replied, whilst lighting a cigar and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Bella turned on the sink and hurriedly cleaned up her mess. She looked up with utter embarrassment. On the other hand, she didn’t trust these guys by no means. How did she end up here anyhow? She reached to her temples, trying to recall. Gambit opened a nearby pantry and handed her some Tylenol. He also grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He winked upon her as he handed over.

“Quite a night…”

She nodded with skepticism. Bella took a couple steps back. The man was quite tall and damn near all muscle. She hadn’t a clue where she was or who these men were.

“Tone it down…” Logan warned regarding the look of uneasiness on her face.

“That idiot there is Gambit and I’m Logan. We were at the bar and witnessed what took place…”

Bella swallowed back and reached to her head once again. This man had a more feral appearance. He was shorter but just as built. He wore wranglers and brown leather boots and a leather Harley Davidson jacket. If anything, he appeared more menacing. In fact, if it weren’t for the awkward situation, these were men Bella would normally steal a second glance at. She found them quite handsome but in their own ways.

“Look, ya don’t know us from a stick in the mud but we understand yer situation more than ya think. Like I said, we saw what took place. So we got ya here and took the bullet out and got ya squared away. Just keep an eye on it. Ya don’t want it getting infected and ya don’t wanna go bustin’ those stitches now.”

Bella raised the sleeve to her shirt and looked to her arm in surprise.

“You put the stitches in?”

“Well ya… I didn’t think yah’d wanna deal with any hospitals after all that mess.”

She nodded, not sure what to day.

“Well at least my kidneys are still intact… amongst other things,” she muttered looking ill.

Both men chuckled on this. Bella drew back a breath and opened the bottle of Tylenol and popped a couple pills with the bottle of water.

“Thank you. Both of you…” she said rather coy like.

“Ah now, chere, no need to thank us.”

“He’s right. Glad we could help.”

She looked to the time.

“Oh no…”

“What is it?”

“I was supposed to open the shop an hour ago.”

She quickly downs her water and flinched as she searched for her jacket and shoes.

“We could give ya a ride back. But personally I think ya should take it easy.”

“Can’t really afford to do that…” she half laughed in thought.

Not that it matters I’ll be run out of town now. Back to fucking square one. But what am I going to do with the shop? It was Lydia’s wish for me to run it…

“Would you mind terribly?” she hated asking but knew she hadn’t the money for a cab.

“Not at all, darlin’,” Logan replied and grabbed his keys.

“Won’t you stay for breakfast? I’ll make us some Calas!”

“Yer gonna cook?”

“Well not for you…”

Logan rolls his eyes. Bella softly laughed.

“I really should be going.”

“Ah now what’s the rush we don’t even know your name?” The Cajun probed, wishing she’d stick around so he could learn more about her.

She swallowed back uncomfortably and looked around the one bedroom apartment. “Bethany…” Gambit narrowed his eyes on this.

Logan raised his. She didn’t look like no ‘Bethany,’ he found himself thinking.

“Bethany…” the younger man repeated.

She nodded.

“Well let’s get you home, Bethany.”

Bella followed the men out the door and to Logan’s black jeep. Gambit rushed over and opened the door for her. He allowed her in the front and he took the back. Logan rolled his eyes on this. He climbed on in and had Bella give him directions.

None of them expected what they’d drive up on. Before the jeep was even fully parked, Bella hoped out.

“Whoa…” Gambit called out as Logan hurriedly slammed on the brakes.

“What the hell is she…” Logan grumbled.

However, both men recoiled at the sight. The bookshop had been burned to the ground and in the remains was neon orange spray paint that read DIE MUTIE!

“SON OF A BITCH!” Logan growled as he swiftly parked the Jeep.

They ran out as they saw Bella come to her knees. She covered her face and was sobbing uncontrollably. Everything was gone, her apartment, clothes, shoes, what little jewelry she had, her groceries, all the books, but more importantly, Lydia Thompson’s bookstore. Guilt came over her as she thought about the pride that woman had in that store. Bella only had control of it for a few months and it literally burned to the ground. All she had on her was her fake driver’s license showing that her name was Bethany Thompson and she was 22. But she was 20 going on 21 now. But the social security card, birth certificate, everything Lydia worked so hard to get her. It was all gone.

Bella got on all fours and crawled towards the ashes. It was still hot to the touch but she was desperate to find something, anything. Gambit saw the smoke rising still and swiftly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back to safety.

“C’ mere…” he softly said and pulled her into his chest.

Logan cleared his throat and walked through it for her. He grabbed whatever he thought he could salvage, which wasn’t much. Gambit looked to the blisters on her hands.

“It’s all gone…” she said going into hysterics.

“She trusted me and EVERYTHING’S GONE!”

The Cajun sat her down and turned on a nearby water hose. He sprayed her hands down. She flinched as the pain finally hit her.

“Were you livin’ in dat little shop?” Gambit asked curiously.

She nodded and his heart actually sank at this. Logan overheard this as well. The men nodded upon one another as Gambit tended to the blisters on her hands. Logan drew back a breath.

“Why don’t ya come with us?” Logan offered.

Gambit raised his brows in surprise. Bella peered over as Gambit took some black fingerless gloves out of his pocket. He placed them on Bella.

“Go with you?” she asked looking lost.

Gambit wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“Yeah why not, Belle?”

“Belle?” she questioned with slight alarm.

He smiled and helped her to her feet.

“Well you are beautiful, no?”

“Just what she needs, Gumbo! The girl just lost everything! Ya think she’s gonna wanna listen to that sappy shit all the way back to New York?!”

“New York?” Bella questioned in revelation.

“This city will always be my home, chere. But it’s time to see what else de world has to offer.”

“Would ya stop with the rambling? Look, it just so happens that we’re heading to a place that’s right up yer alley. Let’s just say – yer one of us.”

She gets this look of confusion. Logan sighed and looked around the area. He nodded towards her and popped his claws out. He pointed towards the DIE MUTIE.

“That pertains to us just as much as you, lil darlin’.”

Bella turned back with a gasp as Gambit nodded her way. His pupil and the sclera was solid black but his Iris was glowing that of a fuchsia-red color.

“Heard of mutants?”

Bella nodded at Gambit as he pulled a cigarette out from his trench coat.

“Well there ya go,” Logan uttered.

He placed what he could save, which were a few books, pictures, and a necklace, in the jeep.

“So whattaya say? Wanna see what New York has to offer or ya wanna stick around and visit the swamps?”

“Hey now… I’ve wrestled myself a few gators in those swamps!”

“And I’m sure she’d love to hear about it.”

“She might…” the Cajun replied with a smirk.

“Just get in the damn jeep, Gumbo!”

Logan eyes met Bella’s.

“Is there anywhere ya need to go before we hit the road?”

She looked back towards the remnants of the shop and drew back a heartbreaking breath.

“I suppose not.”

“So she goin’?!” They heard Gambit call out as though an excitable child.

Logan grinned on this.

“Ya she’s going. So get yer ass in the back.”

He gently took Bella by the arm and led her to the jeep.

“Why don’t you join me back here? We could learn more about one another!”

Logan cut him a look of hell. He opened the front door for Bella.

“She’s ridin’ up front with me, Cajun. Now shut yer trap.”

Gambit sighed rather childlike and folded his arms about his chest. He kept sighing off and on during the drive. He took out his cards and began flicking the deck. It made a ruffling sound and every time Logan would start to say something, he’d flick that deck. Bella glanced back, pondering what the sound was coming from. He sent her a wink and started to show off his shuffling skills. Logan, however, reached back and knocked the cards out of his hand.

“Ya like 52 pickup, right? Now get to it and enjoy you some solitaire.”

“Now Logan… Why would I play a game of solitaire when dere’s a lady involved? You’ve heard the term luck be a lady, no?”

Bella looked out the window with a sigh. So here she was with two strange men or mutants, as they referred. She’d heard of mutants but had never met one that she knew of. Never did she dream she’d wind up as one. But why now? She looked to her hands in thought. From what little she knew about mutants they were born with these abilities. They didn’t just sporadically happen. Did they?

“Aren’t you born as a mutant?”

She questioned out loud. Both men glanced upon one another in the rear-view mirror.

“That’s right, Belle.”

She drew back a breath.

“Then maybe I’m not one, after all.”

“How do ya mean?”

Bella swallowed back before answering.

“This just started about eight months ago.”

Logan shrugged.

“Eh… so you’re latent. It happens. There’s no doubt yer a mutant though.”


He nodded.

“You probably needed some sort of trigger.”

She looked to him confused.

“He means somethin’ must’ve got you mighty upset and… loto!”

Logan sighed. “Something like that. It was always there; it just needed a wakening.”

They took notice of the remorseful expression she had. Both were curious as to her story but even Gambit knew she needed some time to get to know them first. It was like mutant code, damn near. You don’t ever push another, you earn that trust first. They’d quite a trip ahead of them. There would be plenty of time to earn that trust and get to know one another.

About an hour into the drive, Gambit reached over between the two of them and turned on the radio. Light ‘Em Up by Fall Out Boy was playing. Bella thought of the irony considering that’s what she wanted to do with the Cullens.

“My jeep… I’m driving… I pick the music. We ain’t listening to this shit.”

Logan muttered and reached over switching the station to country.

“C’ MON!” Gambit bitched.

“No one wants to listen to dat the entire way dere! Do you, chere?”

He reached back over and turned it to a blues/jazz station. Born Under A Bad Sign by Albert King played. “Dere!” Gambit announced as he leaned back looking mighty proud of himself.

Logan cocks a brow upon Gambit through the rear-view mirror. Then looks over to Bella. “He’s just a big dumb idiot, isn’t he? Tell ya what… Why don’t we let the lady decide?”

Gambit shrugs.

“This is actually okay…” She says with a shrug in return.

The Cajun grinned ear to ear and patted Logan on the shoulder.

“She gonna love the Ragin’ Cajun!”

“Would ya stop insulting the lady? She’s got better taste!”

“Does she now? Are you implying dat she dig wet dog instead? Cause dat’s what you are. Wet dog! No woman wants dat in her bed. Not even at the foot of it.”

“You two do realize I’m right here and can perfectly understand the little innuendos…”

Both men get this guilty expression about them and clear their throats.

Bella giggled on their reactions and shook her head. “Are you two always like this?”

They shrugged.

“Ugh, you’re like a couple of kids…” she groaned.

Gambit raised his brows on this.

“Well he started it…” he taunted in return.

“I did not,” Logan fire back but with a playful grin towards Bella.

After a few more hours Logan pulled up to a diner. Gambit dashed on out and hurriedly opened the door for her. He then personally escorted her inside.

“Table for two?” the hostess asked.

“Why sure!” Gambit said, placing his arm around Bella.

“Don’t even think about it, bub…” Logan chimed in behind them.

Gambit sighed and leaned into Bella’s ear.

“Such the third wheel.”

The hostess cut them an odd look, but led them to a booth. Bella headed on to the bathroom to do her business and freshen up a bit. When she returned both men were sitting at the booth but in different seats. This was another pissing match to see who she’d sit with.

Bella shook her head at this and simply picked the one closest to her. Gambit wiggled his brows Logan’s direction.

Logan grumbled something under his breath and motioned the waitress over. They ordered their drinks then tilted their heads Bella’s direction.

“I’ll take water…”

“Nah… I got dis… you get whatever you want now, chere.”

Bella frowned in realization. She suddenly realized she was totally freeloading off these guys. Her face flushed over. She couldn’t help with gas, hotels, or food. She didn’t even have clothes or a freaking toothbrush.

“What was I thinking?” she whispered and lowered her head.

“Give us a minute, darlin’” Logan told the waitress.

She smiled and stuffed her pen and pad back into her apron.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t think this through. You guys should go on from here.”

“What are ya talking about?”

“I don’t have a dime to my name yet I agreed to go with you.”

“Well hell, we already knew that. So what’s the issue?”

“I can’t do that. It’s not right… I…”

“We wouldn’t have offered if we didn’t want to.”

“Dat’s right, we got you covered.”

Bella looked beyond humiliated as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Excuse me…”

The guys sighed.

“Damn…” Logan muttered eying the bathroom door.

Gambit came to his feet and headed that way as well. He knocked on the door before, entering. Bella had the sink going full force so she hadn’t even heard him. She leaned over the sink with one hand and was running water along her face with the other.

“…fuck…” he heard her grunt as if in pain.

She put a hand to her arm and staggered back. Bella took her jacket off and looked to see she’d ripped the stitches open. Twin tracks of tears ran down her face.

“Ah, ne pas pleurer, Belle.” (Ah, don’t cry, beautiful)

Her eyes flew open as he’d startled her. Gambit held his hands up and gradually made his way over. “May I?”

She narrowed her eyes and as he brushed her hair back. Bella started to recoil as he exposed her scarred eye. Gambit, however, stopped her. She swallowed back as he ran a finger along the scar.

“Why do you hide it, chere?” he questioned, whilst pulling her hair away from her face.

“Vous devrait jamais cacher vous êtes beau visage.” (You should never hide your beautiful face)

Bella gently lowers his hand back down.

“You find no shame… It is our pleasure to help a lady such as yourself. If I’m to be honest… Dis little road trip would be quite mind-numbing if you hadn’t tagged along. And I’d be stuck listenin’ to dat honky-tonk merde!”

She couldn’t explain it not even to herself, but Bella managed to smile and shake her head.

“Now listen here… It’s not every day I get to spoil lovely women such as yourself and I know dat for sure in his case…” he says with a look of disgust.

“He’s not that bad…” Bella defends.

“Oh you like him do you, no?”

She shrugged thinking Logan had a certain sex appeal to him. Gambit, however, reached to his heart.

“Oh chere… Say dat isn’t so… You breakin’ my heart,” he declared with exaggeration.

Bella stifled a giggle.

“Such a beautiful smile. You would make dis world a better place by doin’ it more often.”

“No offense, but you hardly know me.”

He nodded.

“Dat’s very true, but I hope to change dat. Now would you allow me to offer my services and pay for your food or whatever else you may need on dis trip?”

“Gambit… I…”

“Ah, she speaks my name!”

He says reaching to his heart once again. She half laughed and wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“You on the other hand can call me Remy…”

Bella looks upon him puzzled.

“Remy’s my given name. Gambit’s just somethin’ I picked up a’ long de way. Now I don’t just let anyone call me dat,” he looks towards the door in hint.

Bella drew back a breath.


He reared back with the tilting of the head.

“My real name… Long story… But I go by Bethany now.”

“Bella… Lemme guess… short for Isabella which does indeed mean beauty! I knew it! You look nothin’ like a Bethany! So my name for you fits, no?!”

She shrugged rather shyly.

“I shall keep callin’ you Bella. See, your given name much more fittin’. I like dis…”

“I suppose we better get back out there before your friend thinks…”

Gambit grinned.

“Now what would he be thinkin’, chere?” he teased as they walked towards the door.

He leaned into her ear once more before they exited.

“But I hardly know you…” he taunted with a smirk.

Bella grinned on this.

“But you’re buying me lunch…” Bella mocked in return.

Gambit wiggled his brows on this.

“Dat I am!”

Gambit cut Logan a hinting wink before they sat back down. Logan nodded, already knowing. He could see the relief in her eyes. The Cajun had a certain “charm” about him. His friend knew that’s how he got her to calm down a bit and wash away some of that guilt.

“So ya ready to eat now, darlin’?”

She nodded and once again they waved the waitress over.

“Ya wreck my jeep and I’m gonna wreck you…” Logan muttered as he climbed into the back with Bella.

“Now Logan let’s save that sort of talk for de ladies!” Remy smarted.

Bella rolled her eyes but was grinning. Logan reached back and pulled out a first aid kit from the sleeve of the seat. He got her set up and tended to her wound.

“I don’t have anything to deaden this so just to warn ya, this isn’t gonna feel so great.”

“Ya ready?”

She nodded and braced herself.

“Sorry…” he said once he drove the needle and thread in.

Bella leaned back and bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes and just let him do whatever he needed. She knew not to look. It’d just make her queasy. Her eyes were still closed once Logan finished. He put everything away afterword. Once he leaned back, however, he froze, wide eyed.

“What’s with you?” Gambit questioned looking through the rear-view mirror.

Logan cleared his throat and carefully moved about situating himself. Bella had fallen asleep but ended up with her head in his lap. Gambit whipped around taking notice as well now.

“C’ mon!”

This had Logan chuckling.

“What can I say she must’ve gotten comfy?!”

Gambit flipped him off and turned back around, cursing in French the entire time. Logan took advantage of the moment and regarded the scar along her face. He reared back in thought. His friend Nathan Summers, aka Cable, came to mind. He drew back a breath as he found himself admiring other parts of her as well. He had a thing for women that could fill out a pair of jeans and this one most certainly did.

Bella rolled over feeling the softness of pillows and warmth of covers. This had her shooting up in alarm. She found herself in a hotel room. The only light about the room was a bedside lamp. It was currently three am. She rolled on out of the bed, confused as to how she got there. The last thing she remembered was Logan stitching her up. Bella noticed that her jacket and shoes had been taken off and placed on the full size bed beside her. Her head darted towards the sewn area. She ran a single finger along it. Out of curiosity, she unlocked the door and headed outside. The jeep was parked right out front. Looking to the overcast sky, Bella leaned against a post.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

She turned to see Logan off to the side of his hotel room, smoking a cigar.

“Insomnia…” she stated with a shrug.

Logan nodded and made his way over. He leaned against the post across from her.

“What about you?”

“Eh… something like that. I don’t require as much sleep as most.”

He cleared his throat, however, and glanced towards her hotel room.

“So… them night terrors… Ya get them often?”

Her eyes widened. He nodded and took a drag off his cigar.

“Did I wake you?”

“Nah… I was already up. I’m surprised ya didn’t wake Gumbo over there up.” He gestured towards the room on the other side of her.

She sighed and pinched her eyes shut for a moment.

“I know about them terrors.”

Her eyes lifted upon his.

“So who’s this Edward fella?”

Bella grimaced at the mere sound of his name.

“Ya alright there?”

She nodded but the look on her face said it all.

“I’m guessing someone you don’t particularly care for?”

“It’s a bit deeper than that.”

“Hmmm…” Logan took one last drag of his cigar.

“Would ya care for a drink?” He asked hoping for some “company” and the way she was looking Logan figured she could use some as well. He motioned towards his hotel room. She rather shrugged. Logan nodded and motioned for her to follow him.

Once they enter the hotel, he shut the door. He pulled out a chair for her at the small table within the room. Logan grabbed a six pack of beer from the mini fridge and a bottle of whiskey. He sat across from her and popped open a beer. He slid it over and opened the whiskey. Logan took a good pull of it then handed it over. Bella took a swig as well and chased it with her beer. Her fingers ran along the beer label, looking to be in thought. Her eyes met his and she found herself opening up about that night for the first time. She’d kept it to herself all this time, not even Lydia Thompson knew her actual story; something Bella rather felt bad about, but it was a risk she wasn’t willing to take.

But there was something about Logan. Not only did she feel she could trust him, but he could easily hold his own if trouble ever came his way. When she finished her story, Logan leaned back looking ill. They sat in silence for a few moments and polished off another bottle of beer. To her surprise, Logan began to open up about his past as well. At least, what he could remember of it. He explained how he had part of his memory wiped. He, too, had been through literal hell and back. He’d lost everyone he ever loved as well, only it was much more torturous for Logan as he’d hardly aged over the years. Everyone else around him did and he would have to watch as they eventually pass.

They continued to talk throughout the night. So things hadn’t quite gone as Logan had hoped. But at the moment, Bella needed a friend. Not some asshole trying to get in her pants and that’s exactly what he picked up on during their conversation. Logan looked over remembering he’d gotten a bag of clothes and other things she might need. He pointed towards the bed.

“That there is yers.”

She looked upon him peculiarly.

“Ya can take that back with ya. Hope they fit. I wasn’t sure what size ya were.”

“Size…?” she pondered out loud.

Bella came to her feet and walked over and looked inside the bag.

“Logan… You didn’t have to do that.”

He shrugged and downed another beer and tossed it into the trash.

“Ya needed some clothes.”

There were blue jeans, black leather boots, a few regular shirts along with some western ones. She could clearly tell he shopped at a western place, something Bella had never ever worn. She’d never even stepped inside one of those places. She swallowed back in thought. But he also got things like deodorant, toothbrush and paste, razors, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, pads and tampons even. Bella looked over wide eyed.

“Um… thank you,” she said sincerely.

He nodded. Bella picked up the bag and started on out the door.

“Why don’t ya let me get that?” Logan called out and rushed over.

Bella smiled and stepped on out.

“I got it… Thank you Logan…”

He raised his brows as Bella kissed him on the cheek. From there, she headed into her room.

“C’ mon!”

Logan reared back and turned to see Gambit at the jeep. He was cutting him a ‘go to hell’ look.

Logan already knew what was running through the Cajun’s mind so he decided to fuck with him. Logan shrugged and cleared his throat.

“Ya snooze ya loose.”

“I was out gettin da lady somethin’s!”

Logan shrugged once again and lit a cigar.

“What can I say we had a good time.”

Gambit’s lip curled.

“Merde!! Of course, because the great Logan always has to have a good time!”

The older man narrowed his eyes on this.

“Getting a little touchy there, aren’t we?”

The Cajun continued to curse and mutter under his breath as he strutted up to Bella’s hotel room. He was just about to knock on her door.

“Relax Gumbo… When I say good time… That’s all I meant. We spent the night talking.”

He cut Logan a look of indictment as Bella opened her door. Logan nodded his way and headed back into his room.


She stepped aside allowing him in. She looked to the bags in wonder.

“Are you alright?” Bella questioned, seeing how flustered he seemed.

He nodded and sat the bags down on one of the beds.

“Are you?” he probed, she was lying on the other bed looking like she’d pass out any minute.

Bella yawned and tiredly nodded in return.

“What’s all that?”

“Just somethin’s I picked up. You can look through it later,” he said but turned back to see she was already out.

At this he kissed her forehead and tucked her in. Then he quietly headed out, locking the door behind him.

With a towel wrapped around her, Bella stared at the odd assortment of clothes. It seemed both men had supplied her with an abundance of toiletries but the clothes they picked out were night and day in comparison. Whereas Logan had gone damn near all country, Gambit had gone with a lot of red and black and a few things even were leather. She didn’t want to hurt either of their feelings or seem ungrateful so she did the next best thing. She mixed and matched a few things from both men. She ended up in blue jeans – Logan, black Harley Davidson boots- Logan, a black midriff top- Remy, a red tank under that top- Remy, a leather wristlet – also Remy.

The guys had already loaded up and were waiting for her outside. Both were in a bit of a stupor as she walked out. Gambit let out a whistle that had her blushing. Logan rushed over and helped her with the bags. He tilted his head about as he walked behind her. He couldn’t help but to gawk at her perfect round little ass in those jeans.

“Damn…” he muttered.

Bella turned back.


He cleared his throat.


The moment they got her things inside, Gambit took her by the hand and twirled her about.

“Je pense que je suis mort et arrivé au paradis” (I think I’ve died and gone to heaven) he said as he kissed her hand.

“I agree and gotta be honest – Ya look hot as hell, darlin’.”

Bella’s entire body flushed over.

“Well thank you. Both of you… and I don’t just mean for the clothes… everything.”

“No need to thank us. The pleasure is ours lil darlin’.”

Gambit nodded in agreement but was eying Bella something fierce.

“You wore your hair back,” he stated looking to be in awe.

She rather lowered her head at this.

“Sometimes the things we deem as our biggest flaw… is what others find the most intriguin’ bout us.”

Gambit’s words even had Logan impressed and he agreed. There wasn’t anything hideous about it. It gave her a bit of a rough edge but it didn’t take away from her natural beauty, by no means. If anything, the different color eyes were somewhat exotic looking. To her and Logan’s surprise, Gambit kissed the scar going across her eye, then opened the door for her. Bella wasn’t even sure why but the way he went about it had her all a flutter. She found herself blushing and her heart was racing.

Logan took notice of the way she regarded Gambit now. He shook his head, knowing he hadn’t a chance in hell now. Sure, he was rather disappointed but on the other hand, he was okay with this. He wasn’t about to raise hell and throw a fuss. If Gambit made her happy then so be it. He’d have liked it to be him but that’s just how things are.

And even though he gave the guy shit from time to time, he knew when it came to women, Remy LeBeau treated his significant others like pure gold.

Logan got in the jeep with this thought in mind. The three of them were silent as he hit the road. Meanwhile, Logan was thinking about the ugly break up that took place a couple years ago. The very reason he himself had to hunt Gambit down. He was sure he’d find him back in the bayou and he was right. Gambit had gone back to his gambling ways and was stirring up trouble, like usual, when he went on his lonesome. Logan witnessed the entire thing unfold and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do. Not even Logan had a say in what path she chose. But that girl ripped Gambit’s heart out enough to make even the Wolverine cringe. He never dreamed that Marie of all people had it in her.

Who’d have thought the sweet southern belle would be the death of Gambit or damn near… He never let her inability to do certain things get in the way of their relationship. Gambit loved Marie, aka Rogue ,unconditionally. He always found a way. But the moment Rogue found someone that could truly give her everything she ever wanted or needed… She dropped Gambit like a sack of bricks.

She left Gambit in order to be with Joseph, another mutant. He could put a magnetic force field over him and actually touch Rogue. Hell, they were even able to have sex now. Whereas with Gambit… He’d literally and willingly hurt himself in order to be with Rogue that intimately. If that wasn’t love, then Logan sure as hell didn’t know what was and though he saw Rogue like a daughter and thought the world of her, that was one of the few times Logan was truly disappointed in her. He got why she did it. It’s human nature. But he knew those two were madly in love yet she ended up truckin’ it the moment opportunity rose. That was just plain cold in Logan’s book. If it had been the other way around, he’d have ripped Gambit a new one.

So after giving Gambit some time to heal and find himself again, Logan decided it was time he joined the team again. It was just ironic that they ran into Bella the day before leaving. It wasn’t easy convincing Gambit to go along. He’d become too much of a loner. Then again, that’s where he and Logan were a lot like. They chose to do things their own way which often enough got them into trouble. But it also got them OUT of trouble, depending on the situation. Neither liked being told what to do and neither of them followed a certain path. They followed their own morals and hearts and that’s part of why they worked well together.

Not many understood mutants like Logan and Gambit. They weren’t exactly good but they were by no means bad. They were a mixture of everything and that’s what it took to get the job done at times. They were the only ones that hadn’t an issue taking a life when needed, at least out of their group. It was the reason behind many fights when it came to Xavier or on the rare occasions Jean, but she was nowhere near as passive as Xavier. If she considered the situation worthy enough, she’d allow it. It didn’t matter though. Both men followed the path they deemed right rather than what others expected of them. For that alone, Gambit had Wolverine’s respect.

They stopped at a couple hours out at an IHOP where they each had breakfast and coffee. They talked about the X-Men and Xavier’s mansion letting her know what exactly she was getting into. Logan took it upon himself to tell her about Professor Charles Xavier (the founder of the mansion) and what he stood for exactly. Gambit, for once, kept quiet during this. In fact, Logan swore that the beloved lady’s man actually looked nervous. He kept eying Bella off and on. Gambit surprisingly, was a man of few words today.

On the way back to the jeep, Logan caught up to him.

“What’s yer deal, Gumbo?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ya damn near look like yer gonna shit yerself in that restaurant.”

Gambit shrugged. Logan chuckled in realization.

“She’s got you all a twitterpated.”

He cocked a brow Logan’s way. “And you had me believin’ you hunted deer, not watch cute little films bout dem.”

They looked over to see Bella up against the jeep. She had her hand about her arm. She looked to be in pain. Before Logan had a chance to say anything, Gambit dashed off. He had her in the backseat and was looking her over. Logan rolled his eyes as he got into the jeep. Gambit was placing antibiotic crème on the wound and handed Bella some pain pills and water, afterwards. Before long, Gambit was lying in her lap and they were playing a game of cards. Naturally, he was showing off his skills during this.

“How are you doing that?”

Logan heard her say at one point. He grumbled under his breath and turned on the radio. He wasn’t about to listen to Gambit’s gloating the entire way.

“Would you like to learn, Bella?”

She sort of shrugged and he rose from her lap. Laughter escaped at her first few attempts. Cards were going everywhere and Gambit chuckled. Bella’s jaw dropped however as he used his kinetic energy to bring the cards back to him.

“See you’re a natural already, chere!” he teased.

“Yeah sure…” she softly stated, looking stunned.

“Besides, you’re cheating. You’re doing something with the cards.”

Logan smirked at her words and glanced into the rear-view mirror.

“Now, chere… I’d never!”

“You totally are! I don’t know how but you are!”

Gambit shook his head and raised the cards up higher as she reached for them.


Logan narrowed his eyes and reared back. It just occurred to him that the Cajun had given Bella his real name. Something Gambit rarely did, especially after everything that went down between him and Rogue. She flinched, however, as she stretched her arm out for them. Gambit swiftly but gently lowered her arm back down.

“Easy now…” he spoke softly and lowered the cards back down.

“Dat is enough cards for now. You should rest.”

Bella nodded but was eying the deck in his hand. Gambit froze as a card rose from the deck and hovered about. Something that wasn’t his doing. The card twirled about revealing that it was a Ace of Spades. His eyes widened as Bella snapped her fingers and the card burst into pieces and scattered throughout the jeep. Logan thought back to her story and what she did with the vampire.

“Dat was my favorite deck…” Gambit pouted but looked to be in awe. “Now dat was a trick!”

Gambit peered over Logan’s direction.

“Did you see dat?”

Logan nodded, however, he saw the look of agony on her face.

“Bella?” Remy called out in concern, whilst running a hand along her back.

She was bowled over covering her eye.

“It’ll pass… Just give me a minute.” Bella hurriedly grabbed her shades and put them on.

“The more control I gain… The bigger the migraine…” she explains as she leans back looking rather pale.

Gambit tilted his head in thought.

“Is it somethin’ in here… when you do dat, chere?” He pointed to his head.

She nodded. He grinned on this.

“I can help you!”

She narrowed her eyes on this. He nodded with full confidence.


He smiled and began to show off again.

“Because what I also use what’s dere.”

“That’s debatable,” Logan fired back.

“Funny, isn’t he?”

“You are straining dat beautiful mind of yours… puttin’ forth too much concentration. I will teach you,” he said with a shrug.

“It’ll be fun!”

“If you say so but I really don’t see how you can teach someone else control… in that area…”

Remy raised his brows on this.

“Is that a challenge?” he inquired with a smirk.

“I’m simply saying that it’s not feasible.”

“I tell you what, mon Belle. I say we make a deal.”


He nodded once again and shuffled his cards about but his eyes were locked onto her.

“If I teach you… successfully… put an end to dose headaches of yours… You shall reward me!”

Logan and Bella snorted on this.

“Reward you?” she scoffed behind laughter. “And how do you suppose I go about rewarding you?”

“You let me take you on a date,” he declared with a shrug.

“A date…?” She uttered pulling a certain face.

“Dat’s right …”

She swallowed back on this. Bella hadn’t been on a date since her engagement to Edward and even then he was the only experience she truly had.

“I don’t date…” she softly admitted.

“You don’t date?” he questioned with disbelief.

She nodded. “Like ever… Sorry…”

“If you don’t date then how do you meet people?”

Logan sighed on this, knowing damn well why. He cleared his throat.

“Ya should let him train ya and go on that date darlin’.” Logan wrinkled his nose at his own words.

He took his cigar out and rolled down the windows. He couldn’t believe he said that shit. But he knew the girl needed to get out and even he knew Gambit would be the perfect candidate in getting her abilities sorted out. Gambit peered over looking just as surprised by Logan’s words.

“Well, dere you go. So what do you say?”

Bella drew back a breath on this.

“Fine… but only if you succeed…” she mocked with a grin of her own.

Gambit smiled on this and held out his hand.

“Got yourself a deal…” he said as they shook hands.

“Just think… I could very well become your mari!” (mari-man)

“Or my bitch…”

Logan choked back on his cigar causing Bella to laugh.

“Sorry…” she called out.

Gambit shook his head with a beam about him.

“Je vais être peu importe vous vouloir moi à être, chere. (I’ll be whatever you want me to be, chere…)

“No… no. Please! STOP! JUST STOP!”

Logan jumped at first but sighed as he glimpsed back. Gambit had a look of alarm about him. He reached over and was doing his best to stir her awake.

“Come now, Belle. Tis only a dream…”


Logan pulled over and Gambit was bent over Bella trying to get her to come too. Her hands had balled up into fist. Her face was flushed and her entire body jerked about. Logan turned back with concern.

With a gasp Bella shot awake. Gambit’s eyes were locked onto hers.

“Who haunts your dreams, mon Bella?” he questioned softly.

She swallowed back gathering her surroundings. He tilted his head about and caressed her cheek.

“My bloodsucking ex that destroyed my life.”

Gambit narrowed his eyes on this.

“And how did dis ‘bloodsucking’ ex of yours do dat?”

“By murdering our wedding guests…”

“You’re serious…” he stated, rearing back.

She nodded with tears in her eyes.

“He started with my father and went from there.”

Gambit’s eyes widened.

“Now why would a man do such a thing?”

“He’s no man, he’s a fucking monster!”

Logan nodded in agreement and turned back around.

“I say we find us a hotel, call it a night,” he muttered under his breath and put the car back in drive.

“So you were engaged, chere?” he questioned, whilst wiping her tears away.

Bella nodded once again as he handed her a tissue. Gambit leaned back looking to be in thought.

“So dat’s a no ta proposin’…”

“You idiot!”

Logan uttered and reached back smacking him in the head.

“The girl just told ya all her loved ones died and ya have to go and make a joke about it?”

“Who said I was jokin’?”

“Then you’re even dumber than I thought.”

They looked over as they heard Bella giggling. Gambit got this egotistical grin to him. Logan sighed and smacked him again on principle.

“Ow, would you stop dat now?!”

“I believe it’s safe to say marriage isn’t in my deck of cards.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m card shark.”

She cut him a look of disbelief and he sent a wink her way.

“We’ll be in New York about this time tomorrow,” Logan stated, looking to the time.

Bella and Gambit nodded as the three of them were sitting at the table in Logan’s hotel room. Gambit shuffled a deck of cards and started dealing them out.

“Ever play?” Remy curiously probed glancing Bella’s direction.

“What you mean like Go Fish… Or Bullshit?” she mocked in return.

Logan had a good laugh at this as he clipped one of his cigars. Gambit raised his brows and placed a cigarette in his mouth.

“Hmmm… how about we up de stakes a bit?” he uttered with a shrug and lit his cigarette.

“She doesn’t have anything to place, Gumbo. Ya know that.”

“Sure she does,” he said his eyes never leaving hers, as he flicked the ashes from his cigarette in an ashtray.

“Ya better not be even thinking it, bub.”

“And what would I be thinkin’?”

“We ain’t doing none of that strip poker shit. She’s a lady not some two-bit whore. Show some damn respect Cajun!”

Remy placed a hand over his heart.

“I’d never disrespect mon Belle!”

“Then what are ya ramblin’ on about?”

“Well, it’s like you said. She hasn’t anything to place… So hear me out. If she wins, she gets both our earnings… However, if either of us win dat winner gets a kiss!”

Logan rolled his eyes.

“What makes ya think she’s gonna wanna kiss either of us pissants?”

“Okay…” she said with a shrug, surprising the shit out of them both.

Gambit wore a grin going ear to ear.

“Alright… so the lady’s in…”

Logan half laughed.

“Fair enough, let’s see how this goes and ya better not pull any of those stupid tricks of yers or you’ll be having my claws jammed up yer ass.”

Couple hours later…

Logan growled under his breath as he folded and pushed what he had left in the center of the table. He downed his beer and finished his cigar. Remy had a good laugh at this.

“So it looks like it’s just you and me, darling…” the card shark said with a wink.

Bella nodded. Gambit looked to his hand and pushed everything he had earned over. Bella made a certain face that had Gambit in full hopes. Logan cocked a brow at this. She sighed as if truly disappointed.

“Is somethin’ de matter?” Remy questioned with a hint of mockery.

He places down his cards revealing a full house. Another sigh escaped her and Logan followed with a sigh of his own. He patted her on the back.

“Ya don’t really have to kiss him, ya know.”

“Dat wasn’t de deal!” Gambit uttered, eying Logan down.

“I’m sorry Logan…”

He looked upon her perplexed.

“For what darlin’?!”

“I’m about to embarrass your friend.”

She placed her cards down and cut Gambit a mischievous grin.

“Mon Dieu!”

Gambit gets this destroyed look about him. Bella had a straight flush.

“Ya alright there, Gumbo?” Logan asked behind a chuckle.

Gambit holds up a hand and pinches the bridge of his nose with the other.

“Just don’t talk to me for a moment…”

Logan reached to his gut in laughter. Bella grabbed her winnings.

“Well darlin’, ya sure got one hell of a poker face.”

Bella smiled and came to her feet. She pocketed the $207 in winnings and a pair of Logan’s boots that were placed in one of the bets. She draped them over her shoulder on the way out.

“Goodnight boys!” she called out. Both men gave her the once over as she exited the room.

Gambit let out a sigh.

“I wanna be pissed but dat was sexy as hell.”

Logan nodded in full agreement and took a drag off his cigar.

Remy tiredly rubbed his face and came to a stand. He downed what was left of his beer and he too went about his way. On the way to his room, however, someone snatched him by the collar of his trench coat. He let out a moan once he realized whose lips were planted on his.

“Goodnight Remy…”

She called out and walked away, entering her room. He raised his brows on this and reached to his heart. “Ce qui une la femme.” (What a woman.)

“Logan!” he nodded upon the young woman as she ran up and hugged him.

“How ya doin’ Marie?”

“Where’d you go?”

“Eh… Just went on a little mission.”

She peered over his shoulder and her jaw dropped as Gambit entered the building as well.

“R..” The woman started to say but froze once she caught wind of the pretty girl attached to his arm.

They were laughing about something and awfully touchy feely. Logan drew back a breath seeing the look on her face.

“This place is insane…” Bella whispered.

Gambit laughed. “Ah, you haven’t even seen it all yet.”

“Gambit?” A stunning red head called out with surprise to her voice.

He smiled and the woman rushed over and hugged him.

“It’s good to have you back!”

The woman nodded upon Bella.

“And who do we have here?”

Gambit smiled.

“Well dis here is a girl dat likes me but doesn’t put up with my merde.”

Bella rolled her eyes, elbowing him.


The woman smiled.

“Good – you need someone that’ll keep you in line.”

Bella offered her hand.

“Bella Swan…” she introduced using her real name for the first time ever since that horrific day of events.

Logan and Gambit glanced upon one another with the same look of surprise.

“Well Bella, I’m Jean Summers and this is my husband Scott.”

She motions towards a man with shades on. He was making his way over. Bella shook his hand as well. He nodded at Gambit.

“Good to seeing you again.”

Logan placed his arms around Bella and Remy.

“We better visit Chuckles first and get you both set up.”

“Remy…” The young lady that hugged Logan called out, looking damn near heartbroken.

She stood before the three of them. Bella remembered what he said about hardly anyone calling him that. The girl had tears in her eyes as she hugged him. Gambit gave a slight pat the back, nothing more.

“Rogue…” he uttered in return.

Bella looked to Logan in question.

“How’ve you been?” Gambit asked respectfully.

She pulled back with a smile.


“Good to know.”

“And you?”

“Been real good…” he said with genuinely.

Rogue glanced Bella’s direction. “I see…”

Gambit reached over and took Bella by the hand. “Belle, this is Rogue.”

“So Bella… you’re…” Rogue asked hintingly.

Bella had a rather puzzled look.

“I’m sorry…?”

“Eh… Gumbo got himself a girl,” Logan chimed in as it was getting uncomfortable even for him.

“Oh… wow… I mean.. that’s great!”

“Isn’t it?” Gambit said with a hint of touchiness behind it.

One that had Bella rearing back in wonder. Logan sighed on this and led them on into Xavier’s office.

“Gambit! What a nice surprise!” Xavier called out the moment they entered the room.

“Likewise professor.”

“Does this mean you’re back?”

“I suppose it does.”

The older man in the wheelchair smiled on this.

“Such wonderful news… and you are?”

She smiled the man’s way.

“Bella Swan, sir.”

He tilted his head upon her as they shook hands. He was picking something up from her but found it hard to detect what it was exactly. Something seemed to be blocking him.

“Intriguing…” he said a certain way; one that had Gambit and Logan’s attention.

“You’ve to forgive me Ms. Swan… there’s something about you isn’t there?” he stated rhetorically.

Logan cleared his throat on this.

“We were thinking about getting her trained… Seeing how she feels about joining our team,” Logan put out there.

The professor nodded.

“Well I for one am quite curious… Welcome aboard Ms. Swan. I do hope to see you out in the field in the near future.”

Bella raised her brows on this.

“So that’s it…? Like isn’t there a test or…”

All three men softly laughed.

“I do believe your training sessions will tell us all we need to know and I would like to be present for your first few danger room sessions.”

“My what?!”

Logan motions towards a room.

“That’ll be your room, darlin’. And that…” He points the room across from hers.

“Yours Gumbo.”

“What about my old room?”

“If you don’t mind smelling brimstone all night then go ahead.”

“Ah man, really?!”

Logan shrugs.

“You were gone for two years. Whattaya expect?!”

He sighed but looked Bella’s direction.

“You could stay with me, mon Belle…” Remy hints with the wiggling of brows.

Bella grinned.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, very much!”

Logan rolls his eyes.

“Alright you two… I’m off before ya give me a damn cavity.”

Logan heads into a room a few doors down from Gambit’s. Bella and Remy gazed upon one another.

“Well you know where ta find me…”

Bella smiled on this and gave a slight wave as she entered her room and shut the door. Within the matter of seconds she heard a knock. She opened the door and Remy swiftly entered pulling the door to behind him. He lifted her up off the ground. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he pressed her up against the door. The kissing became more intense. Bella could feel him throbbing against her. Her entire body reacted. She truly felt like an animal going into heat. After all, she was a 20 year old virgin and Edward truly felt like the tease in their relationship. Every time things were about to become too heated, he’d put a stop to it.

Remy wasn’t by no means. He was kissing along her neck and shoulders. He reached back and unlocked the door. He carried her to the bed and kissed her once again. Bella wanted this in every way, but this was new territory. She also wasn’t sure how he’d react to what she was about to reveal.


He quickly removed his hand from under her shirt. He had this look of alarm as if he might’ve taken things too far. She drew back a rather nervous breath.

“I’ve never…”

“You’ve never…” he probed, brushing Bella’s hair away from her face.

She blushed with a hint of nerves about her.

“…had sex…”

Gambit narrowed his eyes on this.

“But you said had a fiance?”

Bella sort of laughed and ran a hand along his chest.

“Remy… let’s just say he was a bit old fashioned about things. Often enough, it was as if I was the one out to steal his virtue…”

“Dis… the same man dat went crazy?”

“Vampire…” she said with a sigh.

Gambit reared back with a soft chuckle.


She nodded.

“And believe me he totally sucked.”

He nodded and swallowed back in thought. Remy had never been with a virgin. Something about that had him even more roiled up. He’d wanted her since he first laid eyes on her at that bar. Sure he could just go right with it. He knew she wouldn’t stop him. The way she was grinding along with him. He had her right where he wanted.

But there was something different about this one as to why he felt so defensive when he thought Logan fucked her. Yes, part of that was envy but he also felt protective when it came to her. He wasn’t even sure why but it was strong. He swallowed back on these thoughts. Remy hadn’t even taken her on a real date yet but he was willing to steal her virginity? Even with Remy LeBeau that didn’t set right. She wasn’t just some easy lay. He’d be damned if he took advantage of that.

“How old are you, mon Bella? And how bout’ the truth dis time?”


His eyes widened a bit and he sort of laughed. She got this apprehensive look to her. He pecked her lips once more and rolled off her. He pulled her into his chest. Bella softly laughed, feeling his hand running along her ass.

“Do you know how old I am?”


“Hm… I’m 28 and it’s Remy Etienne LeBeau”

Now, she was the one with the wide eyed glare. He chuckled on this.

“So Isabella Swan and you’re just 20…. Fake ID I take it, no?”

She nodded.

“Bout’ what I thought. You’re a bad girl…”

“No I’m not.”

“Oh mon Belle. You cannot fool me. You’re just as much a con as I! And middle name?”


He frowned at this.

“Um, is something wrong with that?”

“We will have to change dat,” he stated with a shrug and kissed the top of her head.

“You want to change my middle name?”

“Don’t worry I will give you a good one. One dat is much more fitting!”

“Um okay but can you tell me what your beef with the name is?”

“My beef? Such a funny expression,” he repeats with a chuckle. “Well, chere… You remember Rogue?”

She nodded, as it dawned her that Logan had called her Marie.

“Dat is my ex… Her real name is Marie. But everyone calls her Rogue. Logan’s de only one dat calls her Marie.”

Bella half laughed.

“I KNEW IT! The way she was acting.”

“Yeah…. Sorry bout dat…”

“Don’t be… I thought you handled it pretty well.”

“Did you now?” he questioned and kissed along her neck.

“So what happened there?”

“We were also engaged… but a few days before de wedding de woman decided she want something different. Something I couldn’t give her. At least not de way she desired. She found someone dat could.”

Bella gave him a puzzled look.

“It is a long story. We had a rather… hmm, I’m not even sure how to put it. ‘Interestin’ is de word I suppose now when I look back on it.”

“How long were you together?”

“Bout’ three years or so off and on…. You and the vampire?”

“Ironically about the same. He dumped me during our first year of dating though. So not so sure it counts as a full three years.”

“He dumped you?!” Remy asked sounding truly baffled.

“Yeah… long story there too.”

He reared back doing the math.

“So you were 16 when you first dated de vampire?”

She nodded.

“Man… dat is young chere! How did you think it would work, being married to a vampire and all. I do not mean to offend… I’m merely curious.”

She swallowed back before answering.

“We had a deal…”


“If I married him… he’d turn me.”


She sighed at Gambit’s reaction.

“You’d let dis vampire take your life?”

She lowered her head and drew back a breath.

“Why would you do dat? Why would you want to become dat?!”

Bella’s face was flushed over and she trolled on out of the bed. Gambit sighed and sat up.

“I thought I loved him and all I could think about was how I’d keep aging. He would always be 17, in the physical standpoint at least. I didn’t want to become some old woman while the man I deemed to be the love of my life remained a teenage boy.”

“Dat has to be de most tragic thing I’ve ever heard,” he mutters, looking ill.

“But I can relate… more than you think. Dat is how I felt about Rogue.” He half laughed.

“But now I see her and…”

“You’re numb…” Bella said as she thought about her feelings for Edward.

“Yeah… dat’s de word…”

Bella nodded.

“With me there is the numbness. But the other part knows if I ever see him again, he won’t live to see another day. Him and his entire family… An eye for an eye… the way I see it,” Bella declared with a shrug. She leaned against the wall and folded her arms about her chest.

Gambit came to his feet, making his way over. He caressed her cheek and leaned into her ear. He wanted to get her mind off the pain.

“So tell me… do you sleep in the buff. Or something like…” Remy slowly lifted her shirt exposing her black bra.

“Like dis?!” he questioned, running his hands along the bareness of her tummy.

He took a moment to gawk in awe. She truly was breath taking, making this even more agonizing. But it would be well worth the wait. He lowered her shirt back down and cleared his throat.

“So where should I take you on our first date?”

“You haven’t earned that date yet.”

“But you let me do dis?” he hinted and eagerly rubbed himself against her and kissed along her neck.

“You’re right… We should stop.”

She laughed as Remy got all pouty looking.

“I can wait on de sex but come on, mon Belle, don’t be cruel!”

Bella narrowed her eyes as she opened her door the next morning. She bent down and picked up the dozen red roses. There was a card beside it that read For mon Belle. She smiled and breathed them in. Irony have it, Rogue was walking by with a friend of hers. Bella took notice of the envious look on her face. They gave a simple nod towards one another as Bella took the roses inside and placed them in a vase. When she was done she decided to do some exploring of her own. Bella wanted to learn more about this place.

She continued to mix the clothes Logan and Remy had bought. They were starting to grow on her and she rather liked the edgy look it gave her. The leather wristlet Remy gave her was something she wore with damn near everything.

Bella made her way down the hall, taking everything in. She couldn’t get over the size of this place. Bella smiled, however, as a group of children walked past her. She’d almost forgotten this was a school as well. The young woman froze though as she heard what sounded to be crying. With narrowed eyes she followed the sound. There was a little girl off to a corner of a doorway. She had her face buried within her knees as they were up against her chest. Bella brought herself the girl’s level.

“I’m sorry to bother you… but I’m new here and was wondering if you could show me where the cafeteria was…”

The girl lifted her head upon Bella. The first thing Bella noticed was the girl’s beautiful green eyes.

“You need my help?” she asked looking rather stunned.

“Yes please. I’m sorry to bother you.”

The girl hurriedly wiped her face with the back of her hands.

“I can show you.”

“Thank you!”

The girl took Bella by the hand and went to led her that direction. Bella was brought to her knees, however, and she gritted her teeth.

I’m telling you there’s something wrong with her!

You can’t be serious! You want our daughter locked away in some ward?!

That’s where they belong! ALL OF THEM!

She’s our daughter Michael!

Not anymore she isn’t!

…daddy… the little girl cried out… reaching to the man….

He curled his lip at her.

Don’t call me that! And don’t come any closer.


Bella sucked back a breath as she snapped out of whatever it was.

“DID I HURT YOU?!” the little girl shrieked out in a panic.

Bella swallowed back.

“Not at all, sweetheart…”

The little girl’s bottom lip quivered. Bella found herself hugging the child.

“You are perfect the way you are. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different,” she whispered in the girl’s ear.

“That’s what he says…”


The girl smiled.

“Professor Xavier!” she exclaimed happily.

“I’m Amora.”


“Cool! Would you like to see what I can do?”

“I’d like that very much.”

Bella’s jaw dropped as the area around them suddenly looked as though a rainforest. She looked around in awe. She even heard birds and the shuffling of leaves as the wind blew against the trees. Bella smiled.


“This is one of my favorites. It’s so pretty.”

“That it is…”

“Would you like to see one more?”

Bella nodded and the scenery around them gradually changed. The crashing of waves was heard and seagulls. Bella softly laughed.

“I do believe this is my favorite.”

It soon faded and the hallway reappeared.

“Now that was very cool.”

“I can do other things too but I gotta get to class. I’ll show you where the cafeteria is first.”

“I’ve a confession to make.”

The girl looked to Bella confused.

“I just wanted someone to talk to. I don’t really need you to show me where the cafeteria is so you can go on to class.”

“You wanted to talk to ME?!”

Bella nodded.

“No one ever wants to talk to me. They think I’m a freak.”

“Well, their loss…”

Amora smiled. “I better go.”

Bella nodded once more as the girl took off.

“Ah, Ms. Swan! Do you have a minute?”

Bella turned to see Xavier poking his head out of his office.


He smiled and motioned her over. Once she entered his office he had her sign a few things and went over certain criteria. Afterwards, he questioned Bella about her parents and how she discovered her powers. Bella answered the questions the best to her knowledge. The professor nodded to himself, looking to be in thought.

“I’ve been told that Gambit volunteered to be your mentor?”

“Yes sir.”

He nodded on this.

“Well, then it seems it’s all settled. Good luck to you. If you need anything, you know where to find me.”

Bella smiled in return.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Please, call me Charles.”

She looked upon him rather oddly on this but nodded. Once she exited, Xavier drew back a breath and looked out the window.

“She hasn’t any idea…” he whispered amongst himself.

“Dere you are!” Remy called out he was walking towards her.

“You ready?”

“Ready?” she questioned, gawking upon him in disbelief.

He was wearing his X-Men suit, with his trench coat over it. The top part of the suit was a reddish-fuchsia color. It revealed his well-defined abs it was so snug and the pants were just as tight and were black with reddish-fuchsia horizontal-stripes. The boots he wore with it looked to be some sort of silver metal and he had on black fingerless gloves. He was carrying a fighting stick in one hand he reached out and took her hand with the other.

“C’ mon!”

Bella looked around as they entered a particular room. Remy reached over and flipped a switch. They were in some sort of console room overlooking another room. The other room was massive. He turned on the monitors and began setting up.

“We won’t need all dat fancy stuff today. Today it is just us,” he said with a shrug.

A door opened leading to the other room.

“Are you alright, mon Belle?”

She nodded. Bella couldn’t form words if she wanted to. Gambit was a sexy man to begin with. But in his X-Men getup? He was the literal definition of steaming hot sex.

“…damn…” Bella muttered under her breath as she watched him enter the other room.

“Are you coming, chere?”

She half laughed at the irony of that question.

“Damn near…” she whispered to herself.

The door shut behind her once she entered. This caused her to jump at first. She snapped back with alarm.

“It’s supposed to do dat. It won’t open again til our session is done.”

“Um… okay.”

He waves her over and propped his collapsible bo staff against the wall.

“First off… you need ta know dat what you feel in dese…” he shows her his hands.

“Has a lot to do with dis…” he pointed to his head.

“If you do not use dis… You lose control of dese. So let’s start with dat!”

Gambit takes out his deck of cards with missing ace.

“We’ll start with dese,” he stated with a shrug.

Bella raised her brows as he began to shuffle them about. Only now he was using his kinetic energy to do so. He spread his arms further out and continued. The cards began this insane display of shuffling. Not only that, but his eyes were glowing like they had when he first revealed himself to her. The more energy he put behind it that same color spread throughout as he moved the cards about. Her jaw dropped as he suddenly sent them flying across the room each card began to detonate one by one as he threw them. It started out small and as he continued the blast became that much powerful.

“Now you try…” he said handing her the rest of the deck.

She looked upon him as if lost on what to do.

“Just do what you did the other day, when you took my Ace of Spades.”

She half laughed on the way he sounded damn near pouty about it. He cut her a wink and she drew back a breath. Bella held the cards flat in the palm of her hand. She looked to the deck and started to focus. This was something she used to do during her own time in the bookstore. That was how she gained what little control she had.

Remy nodded and folded his arms about his chest as one of the cards began to hover.

“Dere you go… now do your thing, chere.”

She nodded and had it floating across the room. Nowhere near the speed he had with his kinetic energy but she was using telekinesis. He observed closely and could already see the painful countenance in her eyes. She snapped her fingers and the card did as it had in the jeep the other day. He nodded on this.

“Good… but now we focus on not using so much energy. You do not need so much. Just a little… you only add on dependin’ how heavy de object is. Now I know we use different abilities, but when it comes to how we go bout it, it’s not dat different.”

Bella nodded and tried once again. The card drifted about as it did before. Once again, she snapped her fingers and the card burst.

“Whoa…” Remy called out and hurriedly brace her against him.

“Too much…” he declared tenderly as she reached to her eye.

“Easy, chere…”

He ran a soothing hand along her back as she bowled over.

“…fuck…” she grunted out in pain.

Remy narrowed his eyes on this. He made his way around and cupped her chin.

“Lemme see…”

He cocked his head about as she removed her hand. Her eye had golden hue going around it.

“Do you feel dat every time?” he hints.

Bella nodded.

“What’d dat like?”

“Like my eye is about to fucking burst out of the socket.”

He grimaced.

“What do you think about when you do dis?”

She sort of shrugs. “Just having control.”

He nodded in revelation.

“When did dese powers manifest?”

“My wedding day.”

He reared back, in thought.

“When the groom-to-be slaughtered your guests…” he said as it was all coming together.

“You thought it a dream… You wanted to control that dream only to find it wasn’t a dream.”

Bella snapped him a look.

“How’d you…?”

He sighed.

“Let’s just say I understand more than you’d think. But you need a new way of thinkin’. You see… we haven’t any real control. So we shouldn’t make it bout dat. You need to focus on what’s in here…” He pointed to her heart.

“But put it in here,” he points to his head once again. “Then you send it dere…” He shows her his hands.

“And what is it you think about?” She curiously questioned.

He drew back a breath on this.

“It depends. Sometimes I think about how hungry I am or how badly I want a smoke.”

She laughs as if he were joking.

“Tis no joke… De trick is not to take it so seriously. To loosen up and have fun with it. Now I know dere are times we can’t always do dat. Like when protecting another or fightin’ for your life for instance. But if anything dat’s when it’s most crucial to conserve what energy you have. De more you focus and push yourself de more energy you use, de faster you’re goin’ to wipe yourself out. Dat’s when your enemy will gain the upper hand and excuse my French my dear, chere… but you’re FUCKED! And de only way you should be fucked is through me one day… I hope…” he said with a smirk.

“I should totally hit you for that.” ( I know you want to hit dat)

“But you won’t….”

“Oh, really?”

He nodded with that egotistical smile of his.

“And why not?”

“Because you secretly adore me, admit it, chere…”

“Ugh, you’re so…”

“Soooo?” he challenged and kissed the scar along her eye.

She went to say something on this, only to find his lips on hers. Once he parted from her lips he nodded towards her.

“Try again, chere… now dat I gave you somethin’ to think a’ bout.”

She swallowed back on this as he stepped aside.

“Remember, have fun with it. No more strainin’ yourself. Let it flow naturally. Just as your abilities are. They were always dere, Bella. They are a part of you… They do not need forcin’.”

Remy grinned ear to ear as three cards rose this time round. Bella sent them out and he chuckled as she snapped her fingers and one by one and the cards ruptured. She cut him a look of disbelief. He nodded.

“See…” He pointed to his head. “All in dere… It’s not about controlling the situation. It’s de way you think. And does dis hurt now?” He inquired running a single finger along her scar.

She narrowed her eyes in awareness.

“Only a little but from earlier…”

“Den we’re gettin’ somewhere.”

They practiced a few more rounds before the door opened. She looked to him in wonder.

“I had it set on a timer…”

“How long?” she asked curiously.

“Two hours.”

“We were in there for two hours?!”

He laughed.

“It flies don’t it? And you owe me a date now! So… I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Wait… you mean tonight?”

He nodded and rushed off.


She sighed as she heard him chuckle but he kept walking.

Bella was looking in the mirror as she heard a knock at the door. She straightened the leather skirt Remy had gotten her out and fixed the top that came from Logan. She stole one more glance upon the mirror, before answering the door.

“Merde! Je ne peut croire ma les yeux.” (Fuck! I can’t believe my eyes.)

Meanwhile, she was thinking the exact words even if she hadn’t a clue what he just said. Remy was in black slacks, and a deep blue dress shirt. He offered his arm like a gentleman. She reached back and grabbed her jacket. Then took his arm as he escorted her out to the cab he had waiting for them.

Bella laughed as Remy told one of his stories about growing up in the bayou.

“So you really did wrestle alligators.”

“Dat I did…”

She shook her head in disbelief.

“And what about you, chere… Were you born and raised in Washington?”

“Try Arizona…”

“Oh really?” he said looking rather stunned.

The live music in the background changed and I’m In a Dangerous Mood by BB King and Joe Crocker was playing. He’d taken Bella to a blues bar and grill. Gambit raised his brows on this.

“Good song…” he called out as he took a swig of his beer.

“Who knows dis could be our song no?”

She blushed in thought as she listened to the lyrics.

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I done called up the bossman

Told him where to go

And just what to do

Call me crazy

But I did what I had to do

You can call me stupid

I just did what I had to do

I had to steal a little time baby

So I could spend it all on you

I parked the car down the street

And I unplugged the phone

So it would look just like

Ain’t nobody home

I put a rose on your pillow

Where you lay your pretty head

I’m gonna rub your tired shoulders

Bring your dinner to your bed

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I had to steal a little time baby

So I could spend it all on you

I’m gonna light a candle

Put the champagne on ice

And if one ain’t enough

Well we’ll just have to do it twice

I done made myself a will

And I’ve called my next of kin

‘Cause I’m gonna love you over

And over and over

Again and again

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I had to steal a little time baby

So I could spend it all on you

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I just this one last paycheck baby

And I’m gonna spend every dime on you

“I love dat…”


“How you get all rosy when I say certain things.”

She shook her head with another blush.

“Dat right dere… Damn chere, you haven’t a clue what you do ta me.”

He nodded towards the waitress as she brought Remy the check.

After he paid he peered over. “Are you ready?”

Bella nodded. He came to his feet and made his way over offering a hand. Once they were in the cab, Remy pulled her into his lap. His hands traveled along her legs and up her skirt. He slightly bucked off his seat once he felt the seam of her panties. This caused Bella to gasp out, but was quickly followed by a moan as he rocked her about him. They were so into their little session, neither had realized the cab driver had already pulled up to the mansion. He rolled his eyes.

“Ya wanna take that to a damn room now?”

Bella blushed and Remy raised his brows on this.

“I don’t know, chere, do we?” he taunted as he handed over the fare.

Remy opened the door and Belle adjusted her skirt as she crawled out. When he stepped out, he took her by the hand. He led Bella back to her room. But before he left he kissed her hand.

“So do I earn another date?”

Bella smiled.


“Ah now… What did I say about being cruel, mon Belle?!”

Gambit entered his room he’d a smile about him. But that smile was soon to fade.

“How’d your date go?”

He narrowed his eyes and turned towards his bed. He cocked his head about seeing as how Rogue was sitting on it.

“It went great actually,” he said but with caution as he took of his trench coat. “We went to…”

“I remember our first date…”

Gambit cringed and drew back a breath. “Do you now? Well, I try not to.”

She nodded with a smile and rose from the bed. She made her way over and straightened his collar.

“What are you doing, Rogue?”

“Rogue?” She asked looking offended.

“Dat’s right..”

“Come now, sugah…”

He lowered her hands as they were running along his chest. “So, how’s Joseph dese days?”

“He’s good, but tell me more about this girl of yours.”

“What is it you want to hear?”

“Well how did you two meet? And are you two … you know…”


Rogue half laughs.

“Well of course you are… I mean you are Remy Lebeau…”

“And what’s dat supposed to mean?”

“I think we both know… Does she…? I mean, does she know about us?”

He winced feeling her hand along his ass. He just knew Bella was about to walk in any moment and shit would hit the fan. He couldn’t believe that Rogue of all women would stoop this low. It made matters worse in the sense that she dumped HIM!

“Yeah… I told her dat we were engaged… And I told her what you pulled. NOW GET OUT!”

Rogue’s jaw dropped.


“And dat’s another thing. It’s Gambit… Now goodnight.”

Gambit opened his door and gestured for her exit his room.

“I…” she started to say and he slams his door shut.

He leaned against the door and pinched his eyes shut for a moment. He gritted his teeth as there was a knock at the door.


He froze once he opened the door and saw it was Bella.

“Just wanted to make sure you were alright…” she hinted.

Remy sighed realizing she’d heard them arguing. He felt slightly embarrassed she was the last person he’d want overhearing that.

“I’m fine, mon Belle.”

She nodded and kissed his cheek.

“If you need to talk… you know where to find me. Goodnight Remy.”

He smiled and watched as she headed back to her room.

A few days later…

Bella and Remy looked to one another dumbfounded. She had the dummy Gambit had brought with him today hovering about the danger room.

“Dat’s… I mean… wow!”

She nodded and brought it back down.

“And it doesn’t hurt!”

He chuckled.

“Dat’s great, chere!”

The door opened and they froze as Professor Xavier entered. Bella swallowed back nervously as he wheeled himself over.

“Remarkable, Ms. Swan!”

“Thank you, s… I mean, Charles.”

Remy cocked a brow on this.

“Now have you tried that with an actual person yet?”

Bella swallowed back on this.

“I suppose it depends on what you consider a person,” she admitted thinking back to Alice Cullen.

Xavier nodded and made his way across the room. Bella cut Remy an apprehensive look. He merely shrugged.

“I’d like for you to try lifting me now.”

She half laughed.


He nodded once again.

“Go on now.”

“I can’t do that sir. It’s too dangerous. If I lose focus or if…”

“If I didn’t trust that you could do this. I wouldn’t have suggested it. Now Gambit, please assure Ms. Swan that I am indeed serious.”

Gambit shrugged. “You heard him.”

“Remy please, I can’t…”

Remy held up a finger.

“Give us a moment.”

The professor nodded. Gambit took her off to a corner of the room.

“Dere’s not a doubt in my mind dat you got dis and if the professor thinks so as well, then he knows what he’s doing.”

“Remy … I could hurt him…”

“Then that is a risk I’m willing to take,” Xavier called out.

“And everyone will know that. So if anything were to happen. It would be on my conscious and not your own. So please proceed.”

“You got dis, mon Belle… And you know it.”

She drew back a breath and turned back towards the professor. He nodded upon her once more. Bella went back to her original post.

“Whenever you’re ready,” the professor called out.

Bella nodded. She swallowed back and locked eyes with Xavier. His chair began to rise off the ground. Once she had him a good 10 feet up she was about to lower him back down. Gambit took notice of the way her hand shook.

“Now Ms. Swan, I want you to pull me your direction.”

She narrowed her eyes on this. He nodded upon her.

“Go on now.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Think of yourself holding a rope and pulling it towards you.”

She nodded once she had the visual. He was about halfway there when Bella dropped to her knees.

“What did I tell you bout strainin’ yourself!” Gambit warned.

Bella managed to pull him towards her and lowered him back down but once she got him lowered and safely. Her eyes rolled back.

“GAMBIT!” Xavier hollered out.

He swiftly caught her. Xavier sighed with a guilty mien about him. He hurriedly wheeled himself over.

“She’s out…” Gambit uttered.

“Take her over to Dr. McCoy. He’ll get her squared away.”

He nodded and started out the door.

“My apologies… It wasn’t my intention to cause her stress or harm of any kind.”

“One thing I’ve learned over de last couple of years, de road to hell is paved with good intentions,” Gambit replies as he walks out the door.


He winked upon her as she came to.

“How you feelin’, mon Belle?”

She reached to her head and frowned.

“Dat’s bout what I figured.”

“It’s like the worst hangover ever.”

Gambit laughed.

“It’s not funny!”

“You’re right it isn’t…” he said with a smirk and kissed her forehead.

“Well your vitals are looking spectacular but I do want you to kick back a bit longer until this bag is finished. I also took it upon myself to remove your stitches and I hope you do not mind, but I added a little something that’ll have you healed up in no time,” Dr McCoy said as he pointed towards the IV bag.

“I must admit, your DNA has me on a bit of a high right now! I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Gambit mumbles. “That’s not what gets me excited…”

Bella snorted and elbowed the shit out of Remy.

“What? I’m just being honest, chere.”

She blinks her eyes in recollection.

“The professor! IS HE?”

“He’s quite fine…”

“That I am…”

She sighed in relief at the sound of his voice. He wheeled his way over and took her hand.

“You on the other hand, I owe you an apology. I must admit when I was observing I got a bit carried away. I wanted to see what else you could do. I will say this much, however; you did exceptionally well… And you’ve a great future ahead of you. You will only grow from here. You showed incredible strength in making sure I was safe when your body started to give on you. That’s what being an X-Men is about Ms. Swan. Looking out for one another as a whole, a team, and protecting man and mutant kind. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you will go far.” Xavier glanced upon Gambit as if he knew the greatest secret in the world.

Both of you…” he said with a nod before exiting the room.

“I hope to go far…” Remy smarted looking to Bella a certain way.

“You never quit do you?”

“Of course not. Why would I start now?”

Bella whipped around and shot her hands out. Gambit gritted his teeth and used his energy to shield himself from the attack. She growled under his breath, causing him to laugh.

“Oh shut it!” That only had him laughing harder.

He tilted his head about and sent a few cards her way. Bella stopped them and had them spinning about. She’d a playful smile about her as she sent them flying back. His eyes widened. “MERDE!” he hollered out as he quickly ducked. The cards discharged one by one.

“I thought you wanted to play…” she taunted.

Gambit wiggled his brows and twirled his staff about. He slammed it down and Bella lost her footing and was sent on her ass.

“You and that fucking stick.”

“Staff, mon Belle,” he called out as he held out a hand for her.

She slapped it away and ankle swiped him. He fell back and she swiftly pinned him down.


He shook his head and reversed the hold.

“It’s no stick. This is a stick…”

Her jaw dropped as he hintingly rubbed himself against her.



She went to scold him but started laughing.

“You’re such a perv.”

“Only for you…”

She sighs.

“Ok fine but you really go around referring to your cock as a stick?”


Bella snorted.

“Oh please, like you haven’t said worse.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever said cock in the presence of a woman, unless it was in throws of passion. Now are you trying to tell me somethin’, mon Belle? By all means…do proceed.”

“You wish.”

“Dat’s no lie.”

Remy eagerly kissed her and they found themselves in yet another heated moment. They both gasped out, however.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” they chorused as they turned to seeing Logan.

He had an empty bucket in hand now as the contents of ice cold water were on the two of them.

“Oh good, yer done!”

Remy tossed her a towel once they entered his room.


He nodded and grabbed one for himself as well.

They eyed one another as they dried off. Remy cleared his throat.

“You’re doin’ great, by de way.”

“Yeah that’s why you keep handing me my ass.”

He half laughed. “I’ve been doing dis for years. I was trained as a boy, mon Chere. You cannot let that decipher how far you’ve come. If I say you’re doing great, then dat’s exactly what I mean.”

Bella froze for a moment as she was drying her hair and noticed he hadn’t a shirt on. He nodded towards her as he eyed the area she’d been shot.

“It seems to be healin’ quite nicely.”

He reached out and ran a finger along it. Bella swallowed back as he kissed it.

“Does it hurt?”

“No actually…”

“So I didn’t hurt you today?” he said looking guilt-ridden. He’d honestly forgotten about her arm but had her doing one on one combat. Remy felt like a royal dick now.

“I’m fine really…” she said seeing it written all over his face.

“Whatever Dr. McCoy did really worked. I don’t feel a thing. Like it never happened.”

He drew back a breath of relief. He sat down at his the desk in his room and pulled her into his lap.

“Can I take you out tonight?”

She smiled.

“I’ll have to cancel my date with Logan…”

He grinned and shook his head.

“Dat’s not nice Belle…”

“I know… He’s going to be awfully mad.”

“Chere!” he scolded as he tickled her waistline.

She giggled against his chest and he rolled his eyes but was smiling.

“You love makin’ me sweat… don’t you?”

She raised her brows on this and ran her hand along his bare chest. Thinking something along the lines of how sexy he was during their sessions when he was pouring with it. They turned to a knock at the door. Bella hopped out of his lap. He sighed and finished toweling off as he answered.

“We’re getting the team together and heading out tomorrow night.”

Gambit nodded and glanced back Bella’s direction.

“We might be a few days… depending…” Scott indicated.


Scott nodded in return and walked away. Gambit shut his door and made his way back over.

“Well, we better make de best of tonight, no?”

Bella smiled.

“I suppose so.”

“Are you goin’ to be okay here all on your lonesome?” he questioned teasingly with a wink.

“Is this the part where I beg you not go?”

“Dat would be nice… yes.”

She nodded and came to a stand.

“Please, don’t go!”

“Ah, now mon Belle, you know I have to!”

“But Remy… screw everyone else what about me?”

He caressed her cheek but was dying in laughter.

“You’re something else you know that, chere?”

“All joking aside… just be careful. I haven’t a clue what you’ll be facing. But I would appreciate you coming back in one piece and all.”

He nodded.

“I give you my word… I’ll come back in one piece! And hope to get a piece…” he uttered popping her on the rear.

“I don’t dance…”

“You don’t dance?”

She nodded.

“But you also said you don’t date but here you are… this is a date, no?”

She sighed as he dragged her onto the face floor.

“Remy, seriously I have two left feet and I haven’t danced since…”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“Since de loser of an ex, eh?”

Bella drew in a breath.

“I tell you what, chere… Why don’t we leave the past in de past? Let’s focus on one another now. We leave those two behind…” he hinted about Rogue as well.

She smiled on this as he pulled her in for a slow dance.

“I never thanked you for the roses.”

He nodded.

“Dere was no need to thank me. Beautiful women such as yourself deserve roses at deir door everyday.”

“Well I should have thanked you.”

“You already have by being mon amour.”

Bella found herself in awe at his words.

“So you talk to all women this way?”

“Dere is only one woman, mon belle.”

Gambit shot up and jumped out of bed. Her door was locked so he had to force it open. Bella back was arched as she continued to scream. He brought his body over hers afraid that she’d fall out of the bed or hurt herself. She was fighting someone in her sleep. He reached over cutting on the lamp. There were tears going down her face as she struggled in her nightmare.

“C’mon. Wake up, mon amour…”

Bella sucked back a breath as her eyes flew open. Remy narrowed his eyes.

“Remy…” she said with this innocent expression that tore at his heartstrings.

He nodded.

“Dat’s right. I got you, chere…”

Her bottom lip quivered and he swallowed back as she latched onto him.


He lifted up with his eyes glued upon hers.

“If dat is what you want…”

She nodded and Remy joined her under the covers. He wrapped his arms around her but his eyes widened in revelation. He could feel the bareness of her breast pressed up against his chest. He wore boxers and nothing else. Bella on the other hand hadn’t a stitch of clothes on. His hands traveled along the curvatures of her body. Her lips had found his and Remy planted himself on top of her.

“Remy…” she called out behind a gasping moan.

He already knew by the hints her body was giving him. He nodded and started to kiss along her neck and shoulders. Remy didn’t hold back. Bella felt the warmth of his cock rubbing against her sex. She had him so worked up he’d popped out of his boxers.

“Le Dieu, Je vouloir vous si bordel de beaucoup!” (God, I want you so fucking much.)

“Dire Je pouvoir avoir vous!” (Say I can have you!) he growled with eagerness.

He throbbed against her and he gritted his teeth on how wet she was becoming.

“Remy… Please…”

At this, he eased his way in, keeping in mind this was her first; something he wasn’t about to take lightly. Her arms were wrapped around him and her face was buried into his shoulder. He’d never felt anything so incredible. She was so inviting and so perfect. Everything about this had him feeling more alive. There was a certain honor about him being her first. She softly whimpered as he plunged his way through. He stopped for a moment and showered her with kisses. Once her body wasn’t so tense, he began again.

With the pleasure came the pain. Nevertheless, Bella didn’t want it to stop. She’d never felt anything like this. She not only felt safe within Remy’s arms but Bella found herself more at peace. With Remy LeBeau she was truly herself for once. That girl from Arizona… The one that existed long before she even heard the name Edward Cullen. It was through Gambit she found that girl once again. She knew what it meant to be happy. Something she hadn’t truly felt in a little over three years now.

Remy picked up the stride as he was closer to his peak. He hurriedly pulled out and threw his head back as he released along her tummy. Bella’s looked on rather stunned and even more turned on. He’d wanted so badly to cum in that welcoming pussy of hers but they hadn’t even discussed birth control and nor did he bother to get the condoms from his bedroom. He was too lost in the moment. He kissed her lips before rolling off her. He reached over and grabbed a few tissues off her nightstand. Remy took it upon himself to clean her off. As he did this, he shook his head, fully taking her in.

Bella was admiring him as well as her hand ran along his chest and she looked down wondering how the hell that fit in her. Remy was rock hard all over again as he gawked upon her in admiration. He tossed the tissues into the bin beside her bed. Still, he couldn’t help but to run his hand along her breasts, tummy, even her sex. He found his hands exploring every part of her he could reach.

“I’ve met my share of women but I can honestly say I’ve never laid eyes on anyone quite like you, mon amour.”

She blushed and shook her head. Remy cupped her chin.

“I mean what I say and now dat I have you, I’m not letting go. I hope you feel de same about me.”

Bella smiled and swallowed back with bit of a knot within the back of her throat.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she assured.

“Good, cause den I’d have to hunt you down,” he said with a smirk.

“When I found you, I’d cuff you to my bed and have you submit.”


His eyes widened and he rolled back over facing her. She giggled at his reaction.

“I’ve a feeling we most certainly need ta discuss protection.”

“Got it covered.”

He looked to her rather surprised.

“Did you think I wouldn’t? Considering the way we’ve…” she hinted with a blush

He laughed.

“Right… Well, at least one of us is thinkin’ clearly.”

“So that’s a no to becoming my baby’s daddy?”

Bella died in laughter as he reared back.

“Woman, I do believe you are the devil.”

“Woman?!” she scoffed with a curled lip.

He died in laughter and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed the top of her head.

“Just admit it… Mon amour… You love me…”

Bella nodded in thought. “I do love you Remy…”

He hadn’t truly expected that but suddenly felt as though he were on cloud nine. He closed his eyes at that odd feeling that came over him. Neither had expected this. He’d truly prepared himself for a lifetime of misery after what Rogue had done.

“And I love you, mon Belle.”

Bella giggled upon what she woke to the next morning.

“Remy… What are you doing?”

“Having breakfast….” he replied with a shrug and went back to licking and sucking on her breasts.

He and Bella looked towards the door as there was a knock. She rolled on out of bed and grabbed her robe. She placed it on then tied it before answering the door. Bella reared back in disbelief.

“Is Remy here? He wasn’t in his room and…”

“And….” Bella probed, wondering what the hell she was doing here.

Rogue was actually peering into the bedroom. Bella half laughed and quickly stepped out, pulling the door to behind her.

“What is it you want, Rogue?”

“I can’t believe you’re already sleeping with him,” Rogue throws out there.

“He doesn’t need some easy lay. Remy needs someone that truly gets him and loves…”

Bella gritted her teeth.

“Who the fuck are you to come knocking on my door and telling me what Remy needs!”

“I know him better than anyone!”

“The fuck you do, sister.”

Logan was heading into his room as he caught wind of this. Gambit grimaced, hearing everything that was being said as well.

“If you had you damn sure wouldn’t have called off your engagement and you’d be in my place right now. But you’re not because let’s face it, you screwed up. Now you’re having regrets. Well your loss, my gain. Now if you were smart you’d tuck in that tail of yours and back the fuck up. Don’t you ever come knocking on my door again.”

“How dare you talk to me like that!”

“When you come knocking on my door looking for your ex I’ll talk to you however the fuck I want.” Bella’s eye pulsed and it shimmered with that golden hue.

Bella saw Logan through the corner of her eye. He nodded her way and was quietly clapping on her behalf. Rogue strutted off towards her room.

“This isn’t over…” she muttered under her breath.


Rogue’s jaw dropped as she heard Gambit’s words. Bella snorted and swayed her hips about as she reentered the room. Logan chuckled to himself and shook his head.

“Lucky bastard….”

Remy sighed and opened his arms, suggestively. Bella accepted the embrace as she lay against his chest.

“I’m sorr,y chere… and she had no right…” Gambit starts to say.

Bella shook her head.

“Don’t apologize on her behalf.”

He nodded and kissed her forehead.

“Someone should…”

The other’s loaded onto the Blackbird.

“Hurry yer ass up, Gumbo! We haven’t all day!”

He nodded and swiftly grabbed a hold of Bella. He dipped her back and kissed her. At this, he took off and hopped on. Bella smiled and waved him off.

“You’ll be joining us soon, mon amour!” he called out.

Bella laughed, however, as Logan grabbed Remy the ear, forcing him to have a seat as they were taking off in flight. On the way to their destination though, Gambit nodded towards Rogue. She lowered her head with a guilty mien about her.

“I’m just putting this out dere. Don’t you go and ruin what I got goin’ for me.”

“R.. “ she stopped herself and corrected.


“Dat’s right… I’m not your Remy… You do good to remember dat. I wouldn’t mess with her Rogue. Because if she doesn’t rip you a new one. I just might…”

Couple days later…

“Are you ready for your first run?”

“Run….?” Bella called out as Jean walked past and motioned her over.

She followed Jean to the danger room.

“Whenever you’re ready we’ll begin.”

Bella turned back to see Xavier entering the console room as well. The door to the danger room opened.

“Good luck!” Jean said with a genuine smile.

“Um. Okay…” Bella muttered under her breath as she entered the room. The door shut behind her. She cocked her head about as she heard some sort of mechanism starting.

“What in the hell is that?”

Jean softly laughed.

“Cute, isn’t he?”

“Okay… so, we obviously have totally different taste in men and I don’t wanna hear how he has pretty eyes either.”

Xavier raised his brows on this.

“Fair enough… Before we begin you should know that during these sessions your body can take damage. We’ve got you set on a moderate setting for now. We’ll amp it up or lower it considering how well you do.”

“So no pressure, right?”

“Right…” Jean replied with a playful tone.

“You got this, Bella.”

Xavier and Jean watched as Bella had her very first full on danger room session. They nodded upon one another off and on. Jean looked to Xavier in shock.

“How’d she know to take the helmet off?!”

Xavier had a certain beam about him.

“For the same reason her father would’ve.”

Jean reared back at his words.

“Extraordinary…” Xavier whispered amongst himself.

“Oh Jean, if you only knew…” he said behind a chuckle of amusement.

“Her father? But he’s human. Both of her parents were…”

“Not her biological parents.”

“Wait… what?!”

“A conversation for another day…”

Once Bella finishes and steps out. Xavier applauds her.

“Well done!”

“Thank you.”

“Oh I almost forgot…” he took an envelope out from his blazer.

“This came for you today.”

She narrowed her eyes as he handed her the envelope. It only had her name and the address of the manor.


Now that I’ve finally pinpointed your whereabouts you should know that your actions against my coven will be reported to the Volturi. You not only stood against your word to Aro on our marriage and other arrangements that were made but you also took the life of my sister. Furthermore, it seems you’ve been harboring some secrets of your own. I never dreamed I’d see the day where you became the enemy and now here we are… We shall meet again, in Italy.


“Are you alright my dear?” Xavier questioned with concern as he noticed how pale she suddenly seemed.

She nodded and rushed out of the room.

“That was odd…” Jean commented.

“Yes, it was…”

Bella paced her room in thought. She glanced towards the letter on her desk off and on. She always knew her past would come back to bite her and it would be the one time she’s genuinely content. All she could think about is the Volturi and the Olympic coven making their way here. She thought about all the young children that attended this school, amongst others, that would be put in potential danger.

She shook her head and hurriedly packed her things. Bella was doing a once over of the room, making sure she had all she needed. She froze as she heard a knock. Bella swallowed back and looked towards the window. As quickly as possible she lifted the window and leaped, using her telekinesis to lower herself down. Something she wasn’t even aware she could do but once she brought herself down she took off.

Gambit opened the door and reared back seeing everything of hers was damn near gone. He saw something on her desk and picked it up. His teeth were gritted by the time he finished reading the letter. His eyes darted towards the window and he saw Bella with a backpack strapped to her back and she was hauling ass.

“And where do you think you’re going, chere?!”

Bella froze with a grimace. She slowly turned. He tilted his head upon her.

“You’re back…” She said looking ill.

“Dat’s right. I’m back…But it looks like you’re leaving…”

She nodded with a broken expression about her.

“You told me you weren’t goin’ anywhere…”

“You don’t understand. It’s not like that. There’s just something I have to take care of.”

“And what might dat be?”

She drew back a quivery breath.

“I should’ve never got you or Logan involved. Remy… I’m so sorry…”

He takes the letter out from his trench coat. Her eyes widened.

“I think you forgot something, no?”

She staggered back wishing to God he hadn’t seen that.

“Who are they? Dis Volturi?”

She yanks the letter out of his hand.

“Someone I’ll be dealing with, personally.” Bella started to walk off and Gambit nodded. He snatched her and flipped her over his shoulder and pivoted about heading back.

“What are you doing?!”

“Did I not say I’d hunt you down?”



She squirmed about and his hold got more constricting. He took off and bounded up the wall and back through the window. He walked right through her room and straight to his. He flung her on the bed and did, indeed, cuff her just as he’d promised.


She growled out and jerked her hands about.


Remy swallowed back as her eye began to glow.

“Mon amour…” he softly called out with alarm.

Bella broke out of the cuffs and tumbled off the bed. Her body began to hover and she snapped Remy a look of terror. Her body arched back and a golden flare shot from her eye.

“REMY!” she shouted as he dodged it.

“NO!” she hollered in a panic.

Gambit quickly grabbed his staff and slammed it down. She flew back on the bed and he darted over.

“BELLE!” he called out and tried stirring her.

“C’mon, chere!”

He checked her pulse and it was there but faint. He scooped her up and Logan entered the room with Scott.

“What’s going on?!” Logan demanded as they’d heard the commotion from down the hall.

“I don’t fucking know!” Remy uttered with a look of fear and rushed on out of the room.

Remy paced the area as Dr. McCoy got her set up and ran whatever test he could think of. The others were waiting outside of the room. Dr. McCoy drew back a breath and took off his glasses. He rubbed his eyes and placed them back on.

“She’s slipped into coma…. I’m sorry… There’s nothing more I can do from here. Something about her powers… They literally burned her out.”

“But she will wake up… right? She has ta.”

Dr. McCoy wasn’t sure how to answer that.

“Tell me she will wake!”

He swallowed back as Gambit grabbed him and forced him up against the wall.


“Come on, bub…” Gambit gritted his teeth as Logan had his hand upon his shoulder.

He swung around and decked Logan across the face.

“HELP HER, DAMMIT!” he demanded staring Dr. McCoy down.

Logan rubbed his jawline and drew back a breath.

“Fighting us isn’t going to help the little darlin’…”

Three days had passed, Gambit never left her side. For every agonizing minute that passed the more impatient he became. The more impatient he became the angrier he grew. He couldn’t stand the feeling of not being able to do anything for her. He pulled the letter from her ex fiancé out of his pocket once again. He must’ve read it a million times. Gambit thought about everything this vampire had put her through. He wondered who the hell the Volturi were. His lip curled as he stuffed the letter back into his trench coat. He came to his feet and checked over her monitors once again.

“I got you, mon amour. Always…” he said as he kissed her lips.

Gambit went throughout the manor and began tagging certain mutants. Ones he knew hadn’t any problem with what he’d planned on doing. He set up a secret meeting, making a first for him, in a bar not far off. Remy lit a cigarette as he stood before Logan, Colossus, Jean, and Banshee. He took a long drag before uttering a word. Logan already knew where this was going so he simply sat back with his cigar and beer in hand.

Remy let the others in on what took place between the Cullens and Bella. Jean had a look of absolute shock about her. Colossus and Banshee looked just as ill. He took the letter out from his trench coat and passed it around. Logan hadn’t seen it yet but when he did gritted his teeth and his claws made their appearance.

“Yah’ve gotta be kidding. The little shit murdered her entire family! ON THEIR GOD DAMN WEDDING NIGHT!” Logan barked as he slammed his fist down on a nearby table.

Gambit nodded and downed the rest of his beer and put out his cigarette.

“Bella’s not been here dat long but she’s one of us and as X- Men we look after our own and one of our own is lying in Dr. McCoy’s lab, in a coma. Dr. McCoy is doing all he can in order to help her. It’s time for us to step up and do something as well. Let’s show dese fuckers what happens when you mess with one of ours.”

“Going somewhere?”

Gambit calls out as he swung the palace gates open. Irony had it, the Cullens just arrived and they were in attempts to travel along with the Volturi and hunt Bella Swan down. He twirled his bo staff around and drove it into the marble floor. Every vampire within the vicinity went sailing back.

“Which of you is Edward Cullen?!”

A few eyes darted a certain direction and Remy followed those eyes. He smiled upon the rustic haired juvenile vampire. He bounded off a wall and sailed across the room. A few of the others were about to go jump to his defense and Banshee cried out. The cold ones dropped to their knees. Phoenix, however, cocked her head upon a particular blonde.

“That won’t work on us, sweetheart.”

The blondes eyes widened as Phoenix set it up to where every time Jane went to use her abilities on someone it ricocheted back onto her. Jane hollered out in agony and Phoenix smiled. Wolverine sent out his claws as the three kings gazed upon them in wonder. Colossus smiled upon Emmett and Felix, he gave a simple nod as he popped his knuckles. The X-Men kept their eye on the coven and the Voltuiri as Gambit dealt with Edward one on one.

Gambit had Edward pinned to the wall with his staff through his sternum.

“A century old vampire dat played with de life of a 16 year old girl. He swept her off her feet and had dese ridiculous fantasies playing through dat innocent mind of hers! This vampire willingly robbed her of everything by trying to force her into marriage and into a life she’d wind up regretting and it’s not something she could ever take back. When she finally realized HE wasn’t in her deck of cards, dis vampire lost his cool and killed her father. In order to cover up his mistake he then wiped out de rest of their wedding guests! DE GIRL’S ENTIRE FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND DAMN NEAR HALF DE TOWN. Then he had de balls to come and report dis same girl to a bunch of imbecilic vampire kings? Dis sound familiar, no?”

Edward tried to attack but couldn’t move. He also didn’t understand why he couldn’t read Gambit or Phoenix’s minds. Gambit used his kinetic energy to send Edward one hell of a punch to the gut. Hard enough to crack that marble like skin of his.

“Your sister got what she deserved and do not worry, my friend. You see, Edward, I’m here to do you a favor. I’m going to help each of you join your dearly beloved. You think de animals and humans are your prey? Well please allow me to introduce myself. De name is Gambit and I’M DE FUCKING SHARK! AND YOU ARE MINE!”

He curled his lip and ripped the staff out of the wall and flung Edward across the room. He then brought down his staff, using it to spin himself about. Gambit swiftly fetched a new deck of cards.

“Pick a card… any card,” the card shark taunted as he sent them flying about the room one by one.

Jasper and Marcus groaned out as they were hit in the face dead on. Both of them staggered back at the impact, covering their jacked up faces. Edward made an attempt to run for it and Gambit brought his staff down on his shoulder sending a nice charge of kinetic energy behind it.

“I’m saving you for last. Have a seat!”

Edward gasped back as Gambit grabbed ahold of him and hurled him up against one of the thrones.

“Now don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right dere!” Gambit said, rather chipper sounding.

Aro couldn’t believe his eyes as he fixated on Jean Grey-Summers aka Phoenix. To someone of his stature, it was as if watching a goddess in all her glory. He’d never seen such power, such finesse and beauty. She had the vampire king spellbound. She hovered about the room taking his guards out one by one but he was in two much awe to even care. He smiled as she landed before him.

“Lo son in amare!” (I am in love) he declared and put his hand over his heart.

Colossus drove Felix and Emmett through a few of the pillars of the palace. He laughed as they swung at him with everything they had but they were no match in comparison. Their blows were only irritating to someone such as Colossus. He felt as though he were merely being slapped around. Just little stings here and there.

Gambit groaned out as Jasper sent him flying back against a wall. He choked back knowing a few of his ribs were broken.

“Now why’d you go and do dat?”

He twirled his staff about and Jasper dodged the attempted hits. Remy sighed as if getting annoyed. “You can fight and are quite fast. I give you dat.”

Remy rolled his eyes as Edward went to dash past him once again. He sent a powerful wave his way so much so it caused the entire palace to crack right down the middle. Edward hollered out as his foot had been caught by the impact.

“Oops…” Remy called out with a shrug but quickly found himself blocking Jasper’s blows.

Wolverine dropped down from nowhere it seemed and drove his claws into Jasper’s neck.

“I hear ya were a soldier… A major at that,” Wolverine states behind a curled lip.

“What kind of a soldier aids his brother in the killing of an innocent girl’s family. Yah’d put yer life on the line for this country and at the time you were human. Yet, once you turn to be a vampire, you became this coven’s BITCH! What a fucking disgrace!” Wolverine said as he took Jasper’s head and tossed it at the coven leader’s feet.

“How about you doc? Do ya need a trim?” the Wolverine asked seeing the look of shock about his face.

Alec and Jane came to their knees as their bodies began to crumble. Pieces of their agate like skin were landing amongst the floor. Both pleaded for their lives but the Banshee continued to stare them down.

Wolverine grunted out as Caius grabbed ahold of him. He had his hand wrapped around his throat and he drove him through the floor.

“Yer really starting to piss me the fuck off” Wolverine called out as he did it once again.

The youngest king’s eyes widened as Wolverine yanked his claws out of the area of his precious jewels. The vampire dropped to his knees and cupped himself in suffering.

“Well if yer gonna lose one head…” Wolverine utters as he swiftly takes Caius’s head.

Wolverine took Caius’s head and tossed it in the center of the room next to Jasper’s. He nodded as Remy added one to the group.

“STOPPP!” Carlisle shouted seeing as how Jasper and Rosalie’s heads amongst the others.

“There is no need for this!”

“Says the leader of this shit fest ya call a family,” Wolverine grumbled.

Gambit chuckled to himself as he saw Phoenix ending the three kings through the corner of his eye. Parts of their bodies landed amongst the entire room. Wolverine nodded taking notice of this as well.

“I wonder who pissed off Red?!” he uttered with a smirk seeing Aro’s head amongst the others now.

“Not so fast, bub. Didn’t my friend tell ya to sit yer ass down?”
Wolverine dragged Edward back towards one of the thrones and stuffed him into a chair.

“Ya just sit there and look pretty.”

Gambit swept past and took Jane and Alec’s heads with a couple of powerful detonating cards. He gave Banshee a fist bump on the way. Colossus added to the pile and rolled his head about his shoulders as he dusted his hands off. Emmett and Felix’s joined the pile.

“Guess that just leaves good ole pops and the kid…” Wolverine states nodding towards Carlisle and Edward.

Gambit nodded and he used his staff to sit Carlisle down as well. Each of the X-Men stood behind Gambit now as he eyed Carlisle and Edward down. Gambit tossed his bo staff Wolverine’s direction and he swiftly caught it. He pointed upon Edward.

“By de way… did I mention that Bella and I really hit it off?”

Edward sneers at this. Gambit smiled.

“Dat’s right I took care of dat. I am a card shark… and I took care of that little v card of hers. And if I’m ever lucky enough to marry her, it’ll be because of the amazing person mon Belle is… Not because she’s just somethin’ I want, unlike you. You don’t go around claiming others as though they are property. She was never yours to claim and for dat you will suffer the most…”

Gambit shoves an energetic card into Edward’s mouth.

“Hold dat will you?”

Gambit reached over and tossed Carlisle Wolverine’s way.

“Teach him how real leader does things, mon ami…”

“With pleasure…. Come on Red let’s have some fun for old time’s sake.”

She nodded and followed Wolverine out of the Volturi palace. Once Carlisle was out of the building, Gambit cupped Edward’s chin.

“You see those heads over dere? All your friends and family… You know mon amour once said something along the lines of an ‘eye for an eye.’ Now you will die knowing the torment you put her through and I hope you continue to burn even after I’m done with you.”

Banshee and Colossus’s nodded as Gambit sent Edward one hell of an uppercut. The card ignited and blew his head off and just as Gambit had planned it landed amongst the others. But it had a few chunks missing from it.

Gambit, Banshee, and Colossus stepped out of the palace and they froze upon the scene. Wolverine was carrying Carlisle up the roots of his hair. He was nothing more than a torso with a head now. Phoenix tossed the other remains into the palace.

“Did ya bring any marshmallows?” Wolverine witted.

Gambit sighed.

“Dammit, I forgot.”

Wolverine shook his head looking disappointed. He and took out a cigar and Gambit took out a cigarette.

“Light em up…” Gambit said looking to Phoenix…

Phoenix hovered about the air and causes an electrical surge within the palace. Wolverine forced Carlisle to watch as it burned to the ground. Once he was done, he tossed the coven’s leader in as well.

“Dis stays between us…” Gambit makes clear, hinting about Xavier.

Each of them nodded in complete understanding, knowing Xavier would’ve never approved but this was something even Jean Grey knew needed to be handled and correctly. In order to do that, they couldn’t allow pity on a single one.

Gambit, Phoenix, Wolverine, Banshee aka Sean, and Colossus aka Peter entered the room. Each had hopes that Bella would’ve awakened by now.

Wolverine drew back a breath seeing the heartbroken look in Gambit’s eyes. He walked over and took Bella by the hand. Wolverine cleared his throat as Gambit brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. He hurriedly rushed everyone out of the room knowing Gambit was about to have a meltdown. He merely held Bella’s hand and drew back an agonizing breath. Wolverine brought a hand along his shoulder.

“I know what you’re thinkin’.”

Logan cocks a brow at this.

“And what’s that?”

“Dat I barely know her… We haven’t been together that long… But dat’s not how it feels.”

Tears streamed down Gambit’s face and he angrily wiped them away.
“I don’t even know how ta explain it.”

Wolverine nodded.

“That’s not what I was thinking. I was thinkin’ she’s gonna be mighty pissed when she wakes up to find we already took care of her light work.”

Gambit managed to get a laugh out of that.

“She’ll make it through this. We’ve seen how she fights. She’s no quitter and ya gotta remember. I was in a coma for damn near three weeks. The little darlin’s got this and you need to have faith in that.”

Remy nodded.

“I’d bet everything I own and hell, even my Cuban cigars, that she’s gonna pull through this. So ya better be thinking of how yer gonna kiss up.”

“I’ll find a way.” Gambit said with a slight grin.

Wolverine nodded and patted him on the shoulder once again before giving him his privacy.

Another two days past, a total of 7 days. The only times Remy left her side was to tend to his bathroom needs. Logan took it upon himself to bring Remy some food. The Cajun brought her a fresh batch of red roses, tossing out the withering ones he’d gotten a few days ago. Like usual, he’d talk to her as if carrying on conversation.

“Got you some more roses, mon Belle. Logan got you some sort of mixed flowers but dere not as pretty. I don’t think he cares bout’ you dat much, chere. De cheap bâtard. It’s a good thing you got with me instead.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him that when he’s my second husband.”

Gambit fell as he was kicked back in a chair beside her. He groaned out as he hit his head. He quickly came to his feet and rushed over. She smiled upon him and Gambit put a hand to his heart. But he reared back for a moment as he took her hand.

“Second husband? Who’s your first?”

Bella sighed.


“Yes, mon amour?”

“Remind me to hit you when I gather my strength.”

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22 thoughts on “How It All Began”

  1. The banter between Remy and Logan was fun to watch! I hope this story continues because I’m curious to see what Xavier knows about Bella.

  2. Holy shit!
    Needs more!
    I want to read more!!!!!
    I need to know who her biological parents are and how does Charles know?
    I can’t wait for more😄

  3. Amazing story! I agree with everyone else, you need to continue this!
    Loved Logan and Remy’s witty banter. Loved Bella coming into her own. Poor girl had everything taken from her but she pulled through and found love and friendship again.
    Curious to Charles knowledge of her ‘real’ parents?

  4. Thank you everyone! This story is now on my FF and WP site! I truly appreciate all the wonderful comments/reviews and support and YES I will be continuing this story!

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