Thirsty for Your Love

Currently, Thirsty for Your Love is getting many amazing reviews at and it is the main reason for my migration here as Damon is positively demanding lemons – and who am I to deny him?


Thirsty for Your Love

Summary: (Crossover, Twilight/Vampire Diaries, in-progress): AU New Moon. Bella’s lost herself to despair after being abandoned by Edward and finds herself on the cusp of giving up. Meanwhile, Damon’s been drifting aimlessly since opening the tomb and discovering Katherine’s betrayal. One day Laurent corners Bella in the meadow, but it’s not Jake who appears to the rescue… Damon/Bella.

The Vampire Diaries is property of LJ Smith and CW. Twilight is owned by Stephenie Meyer. I claim rights to original characters and original plot points.

Thanks to Surfgirl1 for this cool teaser trailer…

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Chapter List:

13 comments on “Thirsty for Your Love

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  2. How often do you update I am new to reading this story but I liked it so much i got to chapter 11 in one day so yeah how oiften do you update?

    • Thanks for your comment – so happy that you like the story! It’s so much fun to write. To answer your question, I try to update every other week, but as I was pregnant up until Thursday (an early, but healthy little boy!) I’ve been behind. I hope to update by the end of the week though :)

      • That’s great i wish you and your newborn son the best and while I haven’t had any kids myself my cousin had a baby and I understand if you take your time updating adapting to being a mother and all.

  3. This story is amazing on Fanfiction but I think its even better here because you don’t have to cut out anything that you have written I can’t wait to see where this story goes from here :)

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