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Kol on the Edge…

Hey guys, wanted to pop in and apologize for the chapter delay… At first, I was feeling unmotivated after receiving a couple more insulting messages regarding ‘being late,’ and while I was all set to ignore them, luck ran out and I finally caught my daughter’s cold. My son is also sick, and some of you know, a sick baby is never fun or easy so it’s been hectic/stressful here. I hope to bounce back before the weekend, but there is a small teaser on my facebook page, so please kip on over there and give the page a like…

And also, the lovely Cuinawen has posted a Kol interlude chapter for Step to the Edge that is just simply magnificent. Hopefully, these will hold you over until I get to feeling better… 🙂

Happy reading!

Kol on the Edge…. and he’s about to break! *cue Linkin Park*


Story Recs

This is just a quick post featuring my go-to blogs for when I feel like procrastinating and want to read instead of write…

All of the stories featured on these blogs are amazing so I won’t waste your time going through all of them – in that respect, I suppose this is more of an author rec 😉

I’ll be adding to this periodically… and I’ll get around to adding some details and making it more pretty…

In no particular order:

Hanging By A Moment Chapter 01

Hard at work on Alight and it’ll be out soon, but I simply had to share this awesome new story by Cuinawen… such a delicious tale with so many possibilities! Click below and check it out!

Hanging By A Moment Chapter 01.

via Hanging By A Moment Chapter 01.

PS… Some of you may know the lovely Kittyinaz has hosted another writing challenge. Stories will be up on her site within a couple days and I can tell you that yours truly entered – it’s part of the reason for the Alight delay but it was a fun distraction. As per the rules, I won’t tell you which one is mine so have fun reading them once they’re up. I’ll post more info as it is available 🙂