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Calling All BB Superhero Fest Participants!

Y’all did SUCH an amazing job with your stories that I am being asked about possible continuations for them… Now some of you I know are already posting them and others plan to soon, but if you could drop me a line (either comment on this or email me at: and let me know for sure – I’d love to link to them so readers can find you! Just give me a yay or nay and if you plan to post more, let me know the site/link it can be found at.

Thank you all so much again for your participation – this was definitely one for the books! ❤


Eternal Glory!

Not only did our authors survive the three dangerous tasks set before them… they indeed surpassed ALL expectations and made this contest one for the books! Last night I watched as voting surged, places swapped and was so excited I fell off my chair – you all kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. But the end, alas, has arrived…

So it is with great pleasure I announce our contest winners. CONGRATULATIONS!

Dreamweaver name

Second Chances name

We Were Soldiers name

To all our entrants:

It was an honor to host your stories on my site! Thank you so very much for your participation and the awesome stories that will live in infamy here and beyond. For your use, I’ve added your author names to your story banners. Click on your banner to see the full size image, then right click it and save for your personal use! Thank you for making this contest another close race!

Thus concludes the second run of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Fest! As ever, thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


It’s the Final…

COUNTDOWN! *cue music*

Remember – ! You have until midnight (PST) Friday to get your votes in… Currently we have a tie for second place and 1st and 3rd have narrow leads. Another close one as predicted, so make sure you vote for your favorites today! Voting is allowed once a day, so if you’re torn between multiple stories feel free to stagger your votes accordingly!

Thanks everyone for their participation and for making this one of the best contests ever!


Holy Ravioli, Batman!

Y’all are blowing up this contest with comments and votes and it is PHENOMENAL! I know the participants are joining me as I give a huge thank you right now – thank you for reading/sharing/voting/commenting!

There’s still a few days left so be sure to get those votes in for you favorite stories!

Happy reading!


There Can Be Only One…

It is with great pleasure that I announce Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Fest is live and voting is now open! Click the banner below to see the entries and start reading!

BB Superhero Fest 2016

This contest has the distinction of having received the most entries I’ve ever had in any of my contests and I am both proud and humbled to share them all with you. True, it’s a bit self-serving on my part since I love superhero stories and now have FIFTEEN more to read (because I’m greedy that way!) but it truly is my joy to host them here for you all as well.


As there are more entries than ever received before, I will be extending the voting period in order to give people more time to read all  submissions and get their votes in… You may vote once a day. Voting will be open from now until 8/5/16 midnight PST and winners will be announced 8/6/16 – good luck to those who entered and make sure to share the participation banner below with your readers!

BB Superhero Fest Entry 2016

My spidey senses are telling me we’re going to have another close race as these stories are beyond amazing… Have fun and happy reading!


PS… I have it on good authority that several of these stories will be continued after the contest has closed. Stay tuned for more information!

Even Superheroes Have to Sleep…

…and authors too, y’all. Sorry to say life got in the way of banner making today. I have only about four more to do, but alas, it’s time for this author to hit the hay after a long day of taking care of a sick toddler. As these story banners are a gift of sorts to the entrants, I really don’t want to half-ass them so I will be stopping for the night and resuming tomorrow.

Never fear, though! The contest will go live tomorrow (hopefully by about noon PST) and I will be adding an extra day for voting to compensate the lost time. Voting will now be from July 27th noon-ish PST until August 1st midnight PST. Winners will be announced August 2nd.

Sorry for the small delay but remember – good things come to those who wait!

Thanks for understanding ❤