A Call to Arms

So ironic that I am actually making a call to arms after having a chapter titled exactly that…

This post is regarding a very sad and shameful state of affairs. You’ll recall that in September I was a victim of plagiarism, along with Kittyinaz, Cuinawen and Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel (Harley). After a whole childish and tangled mess, including abusive pm’s and nasty messages about me and Harley left on her profile page, the thief (BellaEric27) removed the stories to be re-worked. The ladies and I were, not happy exactly, but satisfied. Content to move forward.

BellaEric27, however, was not.

Even with us ignoring her slandering of us in other groups on facebook… ignoring the distasteful notes STILL up on her profile page… BellaEric27 decided to verbally attack Harley through fanfiction.net pm’s. Of the 7 messages received, all on the same day, two are accounts she has listed on her profile page as being old ones of hers that she’s ‘locked’ out of (hmm, clearly NOT locked out of them), 1 is from someone listed as her friend and beta, and the others I am assuming (rightfully so given the circumstances) were either created by her to attack Harley or are her friends that she’s enlisted in ganging up on her.

Because of this mess, all accounts involved have been suspended… though not BellaEric27’s as she used OTHER accounts for this attack, not her main one. Not only that, but Harley’s stories… the ones she’s work SO hard on… have been deleted. No notice. No warning. She received an email from a reader asking her where they were… and BAM! All that hard work and love, deleted without so much of an explanation from the admins.

lord-of-the-rings-best-quotes-48I write this post and urge you to do two things:

  1. Kip on over to Harley’s wordpress – follow her – drop a comment to make her smile on such a tough day. Her stories are so unique and amazing and truly, the fan in me is just grateful that they’re still up and I can read them. In the end, that’s what’s most important, though it does not make the situation alright. It is far from alright. Give her some much needed love and support by going to her wordpress here: Harley’s Thoughts
  2. It is entirely unfair that BellaEric27 is ultimately not being held accountable for her dirty actions. Yes, old accounts of hers have been suspended, but what does that matter? This person has stolen stories from authors and then LIED about and SLANDERED the authors she’s stolen from… She has refused to let it rest, so much so that she and her pitiful excuse of friends ganged up on someone and had their stories removed for their own sick pleasure. I urge you – implore you – beg you – do not let this injustice stand and join me in reporting her account and stories in EVERY way imaginable. Here is her fanfiction page (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4825579/BellaEric27). Should she start deleting her nasty comments, no fear – I took screenshots of them and am sending them in.

Today it was Harley… who will it be tomorrow? Me? Cuinawen? YOU? That sounds dramatic, but it could very well be the case if BellaEric27 continues to get away with harassment. Please. Follow Harley – send her some love – share this post as far as you can – and let’s report this bitch and take her down. Here’s fanfiction.net’s page including instructions for emailing about abuse, but feel free to report her stories as well – I know I did: https://www.fanfiction.net/support/.

And in the meantime, I’ll work on Alight and a surprise one-shot for you all for the weekend 🙂


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