Hi there and welcome to my WordPress featuring fanfiction stories from various fandoms!

Some of you may know me from fanfiction.net… As you are likely aware, that site is not being too friendly in regards to adult content so in response I created this site as a safe haven for my writing. Here, everything is uncensored and the sky’s the limit for what I can create. Not only that, but I now have the freedom to post pictures, teasers, fan videos, story banners… Really, if I can think it up, I can post it!

Quick tips: Menu at the top is perfect for quick navigating. Generic info can be found under ‘Bertie Bott: A History’ and stories found under their fandoms… Under this post (on the homepage) you’ll find my posts regarding new chapters, new videos etc. all in order of most recent. Side bar is also great for quick navigating – not to mention lots of extra goodies!

So thanks for coming over – be sure to hit the ‘follow’ button in order to get notifications for updates and if you’re an impatient sort, be sure to pop over to my facebook page and hit ‘like’ as I am always posting picture and story teasers along with general goodness.

Happy reading,



2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. Lol – sorry about that! Been working on the site and with the redesign thought it would be nice to pin a post to the top greeting people… an update will be coming soon though, don’t you worry 🙂

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